Top 10 Best Tactical Shorts in 2022 Reviews | Buying Guide

Tactical Short

If you often get involved in tactical activities, it is important to invest in the perfect tactical gear. Among these gears, we have the tactical short. This ensures that you blend with the surrounding environment. Furthermore, tactical shorts offer protection from various elements. Therefore, whether you are a military operator, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or firefighter, you need to enhance your job performance by wearing this short. These shorts are made from quality materials for durability. Also, they are versatile.

In addition to that, these tactical shorts feature unique designs. However, there are so many tactical shorts models available in the market, but identifying the best is not that easy. But here are a few factors to guide you through your decision making. Choose the one that meets your tactical requirements below.

List of 10 Best Tactical Shorts in 2022

#10. CARWORNIC Lightweight Stretch Tactical Shorts

CARWORNIC Lightweight Stretch Tactical Shorts

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Coming first in this list is Lightweight Stretch Tactical Shorts from CARWORNIC. It is tailored of 10% spandex and 90% nylon, which is breathable, quick-drying, and lightweight fabric. In all honesty, the fabric is designed with superb Water Repellent treatment, greatly repels liquids and stains.

This short is characterized by four-way stretch, elastic for recreational, or operational outdoor activities. The shorts come in tactical performance design. With its elastic waistband, it fit your body comfortably. And more increasingly, the short includes seven utility pockets that hold various equipment and tools. The shorts are great for outdoor sports and summer working. Apart from that, it is also superb for hunting, hiking, shooting, fishing, camping, climbing, traveling, beach, cycling, airsoft, tactical, casual daily wear, and army training.

  • High-strength metallic button alongside durable zipper closure;
  • Includes seven functional pockets that hold various equipment and tools
  • Crafted with 10% spandex, 90% nylon combined quick dry fabric
  • Characterized by four-way stretch, elastic for recreational or operational outdoor activities
  • Has Zipper closure
  • Lightweight fabric with superb water repellent treatment greatly repels liquids and stains
  • Elastic waistband alongside widened belt loops
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#9. Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts

Propper Summerweight Tactical Shorts

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Built for the vicious heat, the propper tactical short provides all 11-inches inseam construction alongside ten total pockets that offer you storage for necessities. Besides, it is tailored to sturdy mesh lining and ultra-lightweight ripstop fabric to provide the nice short to keep your body comfortable, cool, and dry.

More increasingly, its efficient wicking mesh also draws moisture and sweat towards the surface and thus keeping you fresh in the extreme heat. Moreover, a sleek athletic fit provides a comfortable feel and a modern look. Its quick-dry UPF nylon/ poly fabric treatment safeguards you against harmful solar rays.

  • Has hook and loop closure
  • Rapid-access lay-flat pockets
  • Machine washable material
  • The sturdy ultra-lightweight fabric draws moisture away keeping comfortable
  • Made of 6% Spandex, 94% Nylon Ripstop
  • Extra zip pockets for secure storage

#8. Toomett Tatical Short w/ Zipper Pockets

Toomett Tatical Short w Zipper Pockets

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Signature Omni-Shield stain and water repellent fabric is an outstanding feature of this Toomett tactical short for protection against liquids. And to begin with, this short is comfortable to wear, elastic wear, water repellent, breathable and wear-resisting. You can also make it fit by adjusting it to improve your comfort. More pleasingly, its multiple pockets include one key pocket, two front slash pockets, two side pockets and, and two back pockets.

What’s more, the fabric used in making this tactical short from Toomett is of high-quality Stretch with High-performance wicking properties making it suitable for relaxing weekends and outdoor activities. In sum, it’s great for tactical use, mountaineering, skiing, daily wear, traveling, cycling, hiking, casual wear, biking, fishing, hunting, and camping.

  • Made of well blended 100% cotton, polyester material for durability & soft feel
  • Sturdy Seams assist in ensuring long-lasting wear.
  • They feature an elastic waistband for comfort fit
  • UPF 50+ protects the wearer from UV ray
  • Six pocket design alongside mesh liners that provides enough storage options for phone, multi-tools & extra gear
  • Machine washing or hand washing recommended
  • Part elastic waistband alongside belt loops allow for adjustability
  • Breathable Texture material assists in assuring body comfort

#7. Hiauspor Tactical Shorts w/ Zipper Pockets

Hiauspor Tactical Shorts w Zipper Pockets

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Say no to discomfort by acquiring this usable and versatile tactical short from Hiauspor, which is suitable for traveling, mountaineering, cycling, fishing, climbing, camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Moreover, it features adjustable Velcro straps and Elastic waistband design, making your tactical wear fit you better for ultimate comfort. This short makes you feel comfortable with its incredibly breathable material and will keep you cool and stay dry.

Additionally, it features four deep zipper pockets for holding your wallets, mobile gadget, and keys. Along with that, these tactical shorts are tailored to highly durable fabric, which provides vital protection while scratching against the rock. Also, this short has 4-way stretch material with sturdy stitching and best artistry.

  • Button plus YKK zipper closure
  • Its highly breathable material aid in drawing sweat away
  • Made with stretchy, durable quick-dry and lightweight fabric
  • The adjustable velcro & elastic waistband for the shorts the best fit
  • Versatile and usable
  • Characterized by four spacious pockets comprising two side flap zipper pockets

#6. 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

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A top option among tactical operators & law enforcement, TACLITE Pro tactical shorts are tailored to provide unprecedented performance in humid & hot climates. It is durable, lightweight tactical shorts. More increasingly, it’s ideally sewn & stitched to provide you with the utmost functionality and comfort. Its general structure provides easier movement and lightweight feel.

Besides that, this tactical short is tailored with multiple pockets to maximize its tactical use. It includes strap-and-slash pockets, additional deep front pockets, & thigh-mounted functional pockets. Its construction blends 6.14 oz cotton & polyester Taclite ripstop fabric.

  • Double-stitching for improved functionality and comfort
  • Characterized by Button Fly & YKK Zipper
  • Thigh mounted function pockets
  • Durable, lightweight tactical shorts
  • Extra pockets sized enhance tactical use
  • Teflon finish for added durability and wear
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#5. CQR Tactical Shorts

CQR Tactical Shorts

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Are you serious hiking fun? If yes, then you need to acquire this lightweight tactical short from CQR. To start with, it has a snap closure. On top of that, these tactical shorts by CQR are tailored with a mark of law enforcement & military performance design. Then again, the high-density, high-strength metal alloy zipper, and button alongside durable mounted stopper make this tactical short classic and sturdy.

What’s more, the material used in construction combines polyester, ripstop/ cotton. The combination of quick-dry fabric material makes it hard to shrink or fade. Lastly, it has Multi-purpose cargo and multi-functional configuration pockets for various equipment and tools.

  • The material used in construction combines polyester, ripstop/cotton
  • The high-density, high-strength metal alloy zipper, and button alongside durable mounted
  • Quick-dry fabric material
  • Multi-functional configuration pockets

#4. Lee Men’s Performance Tactical Short

Lee Men's Performance Tactical Short

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Presented to you is this ultra-lightweight tactical shorts by Lee. This short is characterized by 100% Polyester snap closure construction with six pockets. These pockets provide quick access to storage and cargo storage for any of your needs. In addition, there is also a media pocket for storing and accessing your phone without fumbling to find it. It also has comfortable and roomy fit pockets to give a roomy and comfortable feel

With a desirable combination of no-iron technology and moisture-wicking fabric, Lee men’s performance tactical short guarantee ultimate performance. The other nice thing with tactical shorts is that one can wash it using a machine.

  • Made with 100% Polyester & snap closure
  • Ultra-lightweight with a roomy fit pockets
  • Machine Washable for easy cleaning
  • Combines of no-iron technology & moisture-wicking fabric for ultimate performance
  • Made of six pockets for quick access storage

#3. Helikon-Tex Outdoor/Urban Tactical Shorts

Helikon-Tex Outdoor Urban Tactical Shorts

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The Helikon-Tex tactical short is highly versatile. They can stay cool when the weather is hot. Furthermore, it features a functional design, modern style as well as tactical convenience. Therefore, you will be comfortable throughout the summer. Its flat, multiple, and large utility pockets have heavy-duty YYK zippers. In the same way, the front pockets have a flap cover. So you can use them to carry any mission-related essential. These include AR-style magazines, Pistol magazines, knives, smartphones, or keys.

Being made from PolyCotton Ripstop material, it is suitable for outdoor use. Apart from the 60 percent cotton, it features 3 percent spandex and 37 percent polyester. Its coating is 93 percent nylon and 7 percent Elastane. Uniquely, it features the loop and hooks closure. The EU and US patented design also make this tactical short unique.

Moreover, it is outstandingly comfortable. This is because it is made from breathable and lightweight materials. It has large belt loops to allow the use of wide belts.

  • It is highly versatile
  • Made from breathable and lightweight materials for comfort
  • Functional design and modern style
  • Comfortable throughout the summer
  • Flat, multiple and large utility pockets having heavy-duty YYK zippers
  • The front pockets have a flap cover
  • Made from PolyCotton Ripstop material hence it is suitable for outdoor use
  • 93 percent nylon and 7 percent Elastane coating

#2. Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Stone Tactical Shorts,

Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Stone Tactical Shorts,

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The True-spec tactical short is lightweight. This is because it is made from polyester cotton ripstop. To be precise, it weighs 6.5 oz. only. Furthermore, it is suitable for those living in warm climates. It also has a perfect fit for comfort. This special tactical short has a self-adjusting waistband with no visible elastic gathers. Therefore, you do not need adjustable side tabs when using it.

Having the Teflon coating, it is resistant to stain. Also, it is durable. Each of its cargo pockets features double internal magazine compartments, two accessory or knife pockets, and external pockets for the cellphone. Further, these pockets have YYK brass zippers. Apart from a hot climate, they are ideal for EMS and fire personnel. Besides, it is 0.25″ high and 16″ wide.

  • It is 25″ high and 16″ wide
  • Weighs 6.5 oz only
  • A perfect fit for comfort
  • Self-adjusting waistband with no visible elastic gathers
  • Teflon coating to resist stain
  • Double internal magazine compartments in one pocket
  • Pockets have YYK brass zippers
  • Ideal for EMS, and fire personnel
  • Expandable back pockets have hook and loop closure

#1. Unionbay Cordova Belted Tactical Short

Unionbay Cordova Belted Tactical Short

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The Unionbay Tactical short usually hits below people’s knees. This ensures a classic and modern style. Furthermore, it features double side pockets for various uses. At its hem, it has drawstring ties. As a result, it is comfortable. You can wear it the entire day without getting tired because it fits you perfectly.

In addition to that, it is made from 100 percent cotton material. Another unique feature of this tactical short is the button closure. Also, its zipper fly and hook-and-loop flats have buttons. Last but not least, it features adjustable tabs at the cuffs. Finally, it includes one belt.

  • Double side pockets for various uses
  • A classic and modern style
  • Its hem has drawstring ties for comfort
  • Made from 100 percent cotton material
  • Its zipper fly and hook-and-loop flats have buttons
  • Adjustable tabs at the cuffs
  • It includes one belt for a perfect fit
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How to choose the best Tactical Shorts

  • Material: The best tactical shorts should be made from cotton material. This is because it lasts longer and resists harsh conditions. Furthermore, other tactical shorts feature a polyester or spandex material. It should also have a Teflon coating. As a result, it will resist the stain.
  • Durability: When choosing the best tactical shorts to buy, you should ensure that they are durable. The durability of the tactical short is determined by the materials used to make it. Therefore, you should choose the one that is made of cotton, spandex, or polyester. Furthermore, it should be waterproof and resistant to stain.
  • Versatility: The best tactical shorts should feature a versatile design. This means that they need to stay cool even when the weather is hot. As a result, you can use them both outdoors and indoors. Furthermore, you need a tactical short that is ideal for EMS and fire.
  • Storage: Good tactical shorts have enough pockets for storage. This means that they should be able to carry essentials. These include Pistol magazines, knives, smartphones, or keys. Also, the pockets need to have zippers or buttons.


Tactical shorts are versatile outdoor apparels. Apart from putting then on during tactical events, you can use them as your everyday wear. So, you can buy one pair from the above reviewed tactical shorts. With them, you will be assured of flexibility and comfort as you engage in your daily tasks. It doesn’t matter how challenging the task is.

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