Top 10 Best Bikini Swimwears in 2022 Reviews | Buying Guide

Bikini Swimwear

With the summer months upon us, what better way to cool off than by going for a swim? It’s time to put on your favorite bikini swimwears and get ready to hit the beach or the pool. This is why we have prepared this list of the top 10 best bikini swimwears in 2022. These gorgeous bikinis will flatter your curves and make you feel confident. Check out these fine options for you and show off some style as you have fun in the sun!

We understand that the best bikini swimwears are hard to come by. You need to be sure that it’s not only stylish and cute but it must be the right fit for you, too. It is important to take into account your body shape and build when choosing the perfect bikini to buy. This is why this list of the top products in this category should help you out. Whether you’re pear-shaped, hour-glass, top-heavy, or somewhere in between, you should be able to snag the right item you need. Have a look below.

List of Best Bikini Swimwears in 2022

#10. Zando Two-Piece Swimsuit

Zando Two-Piece Swimsuit

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The Zando swimsuit for women is one of the top 10 best bikini swimwears in 2022 for a lot of reasons. First, it comes with a soft, smooth, and quick-drying material. This makes it great for your skin while providing a decent amount of snugness. You will find this bikini absolutely ideal for your water sports and just when lounging at the pool. The V-neck design is flattering to your curves while the top has a push-up feature to enhance your body. We also love the elastic bottom that gives your hips a fuller and sexier look.

Overall, this is a great swimsuit to wear on the beach, your trip, or at a pool party. It is easy to clean, too, and the fabric is durable to last a long time.

  •  Push-up halter top
  • Athletic and cute design
  • Quick-drying material
  • Breathable and versatile
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#9. Century Star Tankini Two-Piece Swimsuit

Century Star Tankini Two-Piece Swimsuit

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Next up, we have this cute tankini from Century Star. We love so many things about this product. For instance, it has an adorable floral design that exudes your feminine charm. The padding is replaceable and removable. This offers great comfort while providing a more customized fit that suits you. The chest is also supported well while hiding the tummy. Thus, it comes with a slimming effect to make you ooze with confidence each time.

We are impressed with the quality of this swimsuit. This features a tankini style, which is perfect for enhancing your curves. No matter what body shape you have, you can be sure that this style will suit you perfectly.

  • Extra support for the top
  • Chinlon material for optimum softness
  • Removable padding for a customized fit
  •  Breathable material for comfort

#8. Imily Bela Off-Shoulder Ruffle Bikini

Imily Bela Off-Shoulder Ruffle Bikini

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The Imily Bela swimsuit offers so many things you will absolutely love. For instance, it has an off-shoulder top. This is truly gorgeous and ideal for those who want to show off their curves while remaining stylish. The floral print is catchy and girly, which women of all ages would love. Plus, with a comfortable fabric, this swimsuit is gentle to the skin.

Be sure to check the size chart carefully before you make a purchase. The sizing chart allows you to determine the right pair to purchase based on your measurements. This way, you can ensure the right fit that would be comfortable and ideal for your needs.

  • Two-piece swimsuit for women
  • Comes with an off-shoulder ruffled top
  • Floral bottom design
  • Skin-friendly fabric

#7. CUPSHE Adjustable Lace Up Bikini

CUPSHE Adjustable Lace Up Bikini

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The Cupshe bikini allows you to feel and look great while out on the beach or the pool. It is a well-fitting swimsuit that is comfortable and gentle to the skin. The lace-up back is attractive and adds support to your body. This is a triangle bikini that simply never goes out of style. It is practical, yet elegant at the same time.

There are so many things to love about this bikini set from Cupshe. The straps come with an adjustable design, which helps you to have a customized fit. It also comes with a good amount of padding for the bra top, which flatters your beautiful curves.

  • Includes a padded bra top
  • Comes in a triangle design
  • Supportive and comfortable straps
  • Two-piece swimsuit set

#6. SEASELFIE Halter Swimsuit

SEASELFIE Halter Swimsuit

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The SeaSelfie swimsuit has so much to offer in terms of design and functionality. It is an absolutely beautiful swimsuit that you can wear on the beach, at camp, or at the pool. This product comes with a lace-up style for closure. Thus, it should be easy to tie up and secure on your body. The chinlon fabric is smooth and soft on the skin while the Spandex adds some stretch for your comfort. We also love the bottom design with a high-leg style. This helps to make your legs look longer and slimmer.

For the most part, we think this swimsuit is a must for every fashion-forward woman. It is elegant, yet adds a hint of sexiness to your physique. You will love flaunting your curves while staying in style with this swimsuit.

  • Made of Chinlon and Spandex
  • Comes with a lace-up design
  • Available in different sizes
  • Padding included for the top
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#5. zeraca Surplice Neckline Monokini

zeraca Surplice Neckline Monokini

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The zeraca swimsuit makes it easy for you to flaunt your curves while having loads of fun in the sun. It is a polyester swimsuit with elastane, which adds some stretch and breathability to the material. The padding is ample enough to show off those beautiful curves. As for the overall design, we love the moderate coverage you can get for your bottom. You will feel and look great in this monokini fit just for you.

Our verdict is out – this monokini from Zeraca is truly stunning. We cannot help but fall in love with its stunning appeal. You will surely stand out from the rest with this swimsuit that is fashionable and functional at the same time.

  • Comes with a surplice neckline
  • One-piece design
  • Includes a tie closure
  • Polyester material

#4. SHEKINI Floral Bathing Suit

SHEKINI Floral Bathing Suit

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The Shekini swimsuit has so much to offer in terms of style and practicality. One, it is comfortable to the skin. We love the ample coverage it gives to your body while showing off your curves. The bottoms offer a cheeky look while the bandage top is absolutely chic. We love the adjustable straps and the tie closure to keep things simple. The padding is fixed, so you can achieve an additional shape that you need.

We are truly well-pleased with the style and comfort that this swimsuit from Shekini has to offer. The design is perfect for various body shapes. Just make it a point to check the size chart to achieve the right fit for you.

  • Floral print for the bottoms
  • Halter design
  • Includes a padded top
  • Two-piece swimsuit design

#3. zeraca Racerback Bikini

zeraca Racerback Bikini

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If what you look for is a more modest swimsuit, then this racerback bikini is for you. It offers a practical pullover style. However, the back has a strappy design to add a touch of elegance. This is a fully-lined swimsuit, which makes it perfect for water sports and lounging. The bust has a detailed design while the neckline is V-neck for your ease and comfort.

There are indeed a lot of things we love about this swimsuit. For the most part, it is practical, which makes it reliable to wear during your beach trip or camping. It looks absolutely good on you while providing the functionality it promises.

  • Made of 100 percent polyester
  • Comes with a V-neck design
  • Strappy back and pullover style
  • A moderate amount of coverage for the bottom

#2. Tempt Me One-Piece Women’s Swimsuit

Tempt Me One-Piece Women’s Swimsuit

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When you need a swimsuit that is not just functional but stylish, look no further. The Tempt Me swimsuit is just the right one for you. It comes with a vintage design, which is truly stylish and charming. We love the off-shoulder style with ruffles for chic elegance. The straps are removable and adjustable to give you the perfect fit you want. As for the bottom, it is slimming and elongating for your legs.

With a comfortable fabric, this swimsuit is truly great for the skin. We love how it makes you feel and look amazing while wearing it. Definitely a bang for your buck.

  • Off-shoulder design
  • One-piece women’s swimsuit
  • Helps to elongate the torso
  • Offers a slimming effect

#1. Tempt Me High-Neck Monokini

Tempt Me High-Neck Monokini

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Last but not least, we have this one-piece high-neck swimsuit from Tempt Me. It is our favorite among the rest because of the amount of coverage it offers while maintaining a chic and sexy vibe. The neckline is pretty high, yet it has a mesh see-through design to accentuate your beautiful curves. The ruched style is also flattering while concealing any imperfections naturally.

If you prefer a one-piece bikini that hides your flaws, this product is what suits you best. We think it is chic, yet the reasonable coverage you get is a plus point, too.

  • Ruched mesh top
  • High-neck design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Shapes your body
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Guide to Buying the Best Bikini Swimwear

When buying swimwear, you need to keep in mind a few important things to ensure the right purchase. Here are among the top features you should look for to make the best decision you deserve.

  • Size: First of all, be sure that the swimwear is your size. This is why you need to follow carefully the size chart to prevent making a mistake with your purchase. You need to consider the sizes since different manufacturers offer various styles for the swimwear. Thus, you should consult the size chart and match it with your particular body measurements.
  • Style: There are different styles when it comes to swimwear. For instance, there are tankinis, bikinis, monokinis, and so on. You should think about the style you prefer, which also suits your body shape. If you want to hide some imperfections, then a monokini is a suitable option. However, if you prefer a top and a bottom separately, then you can find a tankini and bikini. Make it a point to choose a style that is flattering and appropriate for the body shape you have. By doing so, you can be sure that it is truly suitable for your needs.
  • Material: The next thing you should think about is the type of fabric used. Is it polyester? Is it cotton? Or perhaps, does it have a bit of stretch to it? These are important things to consider since the fabric impacts your comfort. Choose a material that is breathable, supportive, comfortable, and gentle to your skin. Additionally, the fabric of choice also impacts the care techniques required by the manufacturer when cleaning the swimwear. You should determine if it is safe to put the item in the washer or if it is hand-wash only.


Now that the summer heat is upon us, it is definitely the right time to go to the beach and cool off. So, be sure you have the perfect bikini swimwear to put on, which will make you feel and look amazing. Browse through our recommended products and be sure to take into account the different features to look into when shopping for the perfect swimwear. As a result, you can expect nothing but satisfaction from your purchase a great value for your money.

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