Top 10 Best Shower Shoes for Men in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Shower Shoes for Men

Talking some truth, most men find it hard to buy the best shower shoes for men. Yes, the market has all shower shoes, but most of them are designed for women. It’s not that can’t wear them, but the design and personalization portray a woman’s preference. And since you understand how vital the shower slippers can be, finding the right pair for your preferences is necessary. You also need to make sure that the shower shoes for men you buy offer ideal comfort and last long.

With us being in this industry long enough, we do understand well the hassles buyers go through buying the best product. Since the same issues translate to buying the best shower shoes for men, we’ve decided to offer some help. Here we give you the top best products review, and under it is a buying guide to smoothen the process further.

List of 10 Best Shower Shoes for Men in 2022

#10. Pro Club Men’s Shower Slipper Sandal

Pro Club Men's Shower Slipper Sandal

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On this end, we have the Pro Club Shower slippers that come with a non-slip and waterproof design. The product is here to ensure you enjoy your bath and, at the same time, avoid the slippery floors. They come in a quick-drying, slide-in, wide-platform, open-toe, and flat slipper sandal design. The making makes them perfect shower slippers for use in public showers and bathrooms, beach, steam rooms, beach, house, outdoors, and indoors. The sandals have full versatility.

What most of its buyers love is, it protects the feet against germs, fungus, bacteria, and mold on the floors. These shower shoes are ideal for all-day wearing. What’s more, they come with a unique water drains designed to make the drying much quicker. Apart from that, the slippers have a soft contoured footbed that offers exceptional food rest skid resistance. That’s not all; they are quite comfortable to wear and also wash. They are available in multiple sizes, all this for the convenience of the buyer.

  • Injected Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Ample comfort plush cushioning
  • Unique Water Drainage Holes
  • Soft, Contoured Foot Bed
  • Safe Skid Resistant Soles
  • Secure, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and elastic
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#9. EASYANT Men Shower Pool Sandals

EASYANT Men Shower Pool Sandals

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When stepping in and out of the shower, all people need is comfort and safety. That is ensured when you wear the EASYANT Shower Pool Sandals that comes with a synthetic sole. The making ensures you get nothing but a durable pair of shower and poll sandals. It’s available in various sizes, and a sizing chart also provides for natural selection.

Since stepping on a wet floor can be dangerous, especially when wearing sandals, these shower shoes for men come with a non-slip design, both under the sole and interior. What’s more? It does also have a quick-drying, breathable design keeping you comfortable while you walk out of the bathroom or shower room. However, there is a problem; the design employed here might not work with slim legs, and it’s easy for them to slide off.

  • Quick-drying, breathable design
  • Durable, lightweight & Flexible
  • Comfortable massage feet
  • High-quality EVA material
  • Suitable all seasons
  • Safe non-slip design

#8. Xunlong Shower Slippers for Women and Men

Xunlong Shower Slippers for Women and Men

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A synthetic sole with a super soft design is what you get from this next best shower shoes for men, the Xunlong Shower Slippers. They are here to give you a perfect walk out of the bathroom. The sandals are made using highly-elastic EVA material. What is that? This is a highly durable, lightweight sandal making material that keeps the shower shoes flexible and lightweight. Besides that, they will give you ultimate comfort.

What else do you get to enjoy from this shower slippers? Well, there is much! The sandals also have an anti-slip outsole that increases malleability and better friction between the shoes and the ground. On the soles are multiple, well-placed quick-drain holes that accelerate the water drain and fasten the drying. There is a disadvantage with this design, though; when you step on a dirty floor, you’ve had to think about the dirty water getting to your feet.

  • Lightweight, durable and flexible
  • Quick-drying drain holes design
  • Concise style and robust design
  • High-Elastic soft EVA
  • Anti-slip outsoles
  • Wide application

#7. Starter Men’s Performance Slide Sandal

Starter Men's Performance Slide Sandal

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Some good news for the Starter Brand fans – Starter, apart from making hoods and sport cloths, they also make shoes. Today, we’re reviewing one of their high-end products for men, the Starter Men’s Performance slide sandal. As an Amazon Exclusive product, the product has been performing quite well, and that must be the reason why buyers are lining up to buy it. The making employed here is nothing short of excellent.

It features durable, lightweight construction that makes it ideal for carrying and all-day wear. What’s more, it’s all synthetic. That means it’s something you can expect to last a lifetime. With the maker being a renowned brand, you’re buying something built with the user and durability in mind. It’s available in multiple colors and sizes for the convenience of selection and preference.

  • The contoured and textured footbed
  • Firm yet comfortable construction
  • Excellent traction and durability
  • Logo across bandage upper
  • Authentic STARTER logo

#6. Nike Men’s Air Max Camden Slide Sandal

Nike Men's Air Max Camden Slide Sandal

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When talking about quality shower shoes for men, you cannot leave out the Nike Men’s Air Max Camden Slide Sandals. They are designed to give you the comfort you need in and out of your bathroom. They have a classy design that makes them ideal for wearing outdoors too. With these shoes, you can now slip into air comfort and expect nothing but utmost comfort.

This pair of shower sandals are here to help upgrade your after-practice style. The Air Max Camden slides from Nike has a futuristic Air Max unit built into its heel to keep them fresh and modern. What more, the use of EVA upper together with an athletic slide sandal style give you the best wearing convenience you might need form a slide shower shoes.

  • All-day, cushioned support
  • Stylish Max Air unit
  • Snug, dynamic fit
  • Durable outsole
  • Slip-on entry
  • Gore strap
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#5. Finleoo Shower Sandal Slippers w/Drainage Holes

Finleoo Shower Sandal Slippers w Drainage Holes

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Change how you walk out of your bathroom, public shower, and walk around a swimming pool with the Finleoo Shower Sandal Slippers. They are uniquely designed to offer exceptional comfort and safety while walking on slippery floors. Another thing you get to enjoy with this shower slippers is quick to dry. They have drainage holes that allow the water to drain through to the floor, leaving your feet and the shoes dry.

There is an anti-slip dot design in the shoe interior to ensure that the shoe grips to your foot correctly without sliding out. The making of these shower sleeper is additionally exceptional. They are made to make you feel comfortable and safe. Apart from that, they are kept lightweight, soft, and flexible.

  • Bulge and small little dots
  • Distinctive convex design
  • Drainage holes design
  • Anti-slip design

#4. Amoji AM1702Unisex Garden Clogs

Amoji AM1702Unisex Garden Clogs

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If you’re searching for clogs instead of slide-in slippers, we give you the Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs. The AM1702 comes with a design that allows you to shine both indoors and outdoors. With these shoes, you get to enjoy a comfortable, safe way out of a shower room. The clogs are made using lightweight, durable EVA materials. That allows them to stay flexible and soft too.

They also feature drainage holes that facilitate better shoe drain and quick drying. What’s more, the shoe bed bump has a design that will give you a gentle foot massage. It’s everything you might need from durable, cozy shower slippers. And to make everything better, this pair is available in multiple colors for a stylish, colorful life.

  • Suitable for outdoor or house activities
  • Lightweight EVA material
  • Cute and stylish style
  • Shoe bed bump
  • Drainage holes

#3. Vertico Shower Sandals

Vertico Shower Sandals

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Next in the list is the Vertico Shower Sandals. They come as a pair of slide-on, comfortable poolside shoes ideal for use as shower slippers for men. As an adaptive pair of sandals, you can also use them in a gym or walk around the block. Their high-quality, durable, modern design allows you to use them wherever your life or journey takes you comfortably. It’s the best form of comfort and protection you can get from shower shoes.

Unlike those cheap shower and pool sandals, the Vertico shower shoes for men are made from quality materials. That is why they are praised for being durable, lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear. Something different from the other product in the list is, this pair has comfortable insoles with anti-slip dots. Apart from offering excellent grip, you also get to enjoy safe, non-slippery insoles.

  • Durable, closed-cell EVA insole
  • Hard, waterproof rubber
  • Open-toe, slip-on design
  • Heavy-duty tread
  • Footbridge strap

#2. Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide Sandal

Under Armour Men's Locker III Slide Sandal

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The second highest-rated best shower shoes for men are from the Under Armour brand. You know what that means. Right? Well, if you don’t, let’s shed some light. Under Armour is a renowned brand well known in making high-quality products with exceptional durability. So, when buying the Locker III Slide Sandal be sure you’re buying nothing but long-lasting, comfortable shower slipper. The general design employed here is to welcome you to comfy, slide-free wear around the pool, beach, and out of the shower.

The shoes are made using Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. That translates everything to the lightweight, robust construction. Its rubber sole is high-quality built to deliver high-traction floor walking. Another thing, quick-drying one-piece performance, and the molded EVA slide offer you the perfect wear for the locker room or poolside use. The shoe’s strap, footbed, and the outsole are all made to transport water away from the foot.

  • One-piece synthetic upper
  • Lightweight and durability
  • Unbelievable traction
  • Outsole water Ports
  • Cushioned comfort
  • Molded EVA

#1. Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slides

Adidas Men's Adilette Shower Slides

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And in the first place, we have none other than the Adidas Adilette Shower Slides. With a rubber sole and the shaft measuring approximately low-top from the arch, these premium shoes are the ideal showering shoes for trading with those cheap, unsafe sandals you have. If you want to experience safety, comfort, and flexibility in one pair, then you got to try this product.

According to customer reviews, no other brand has managed to deliver good showering shoes like Adidas. It’s a friend brand for the athletes, and you can understand why. Everything Adidas does is all connected to the sport. And that’s why the design employed on this pair is to ensure your feet get an ideal massage while you wear. The curved interior gives your feet a better grip to ensure it never slid off. Yes, the price is a concern for many.

  • Smooth lining w/Cloudfoam™ EVA cushioning
  • Traction outsole w/EVA injected foam
  • Slide sandal style w/open toe
  • Classic 3 stripe detailing
  • Synthetic upper
  • Slip-on entry
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Best Shower Shoes for Men Buying Guide

Buying the best shower shoes for men might seem like a walk in the park after giving you the options above. However, that’s not the case. You might buy today and get a pair that doesn’t match your preferences or something that isn’t for your style. If you decide to buy something not listed here, there’re other sets of factors that you have to check out. Here they are:

  • Comfort: Before you can buy your best shower shoes for men, you’ve to make sure you’re buying a product that gives you everything you need form shower sandals. One of these things is comfort. Everyone wants to step out of the shower in comfortable, safe shoes that won’t slide off or make you slide on the floor. The interior design must have a soft insole. It would be best if it got slid-resistance dots. The wearing also needs to be natural –you don’t need to wear shoes, slid-on sandals are the best for the shower.
  • Durability: When checking the durability, you need to understand the material use and flexibility. Most of the high-end shower shoes for men are made from synthetic rubber or EVA. These two materials are highly durable, soft, and flexible. So, if you need high-quality shower shoes for men that will last and stay lightweight and flexible, you must make sure the material is durable.
  • Versatility: No one would want to have a nice pair of shower shoes for use in their private bathroom alone. Would you? At times you would want to walk around the pool, carry them with you when going for a swim elsewhere when sharing a gym shower, or any place that requires you to wear shower shoes. That’s why you need to ensure the shoes’ build allows you to wear them both indoors and outdoors. The shower slippers’ style also needs to be classy if you want to wear them in a public place like a pool.


Now you have all the info you need to buy the best shower shoes for men. Nothing should stop you from getting nothing but the best. Considering the list above will make your process easier and smoother. What’s more, the buying guide will ensure that you buy your best items that best match your needs. Good Luck!

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