Top 10 Best Toy Houses in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Toy House

Back then, the word toy referred to cars, helicopters, tricycles, dolls, play phones, trains, busses, and many more fun toys kids love. These days, our kids get different kinds of toys that provide endless hours of fun. Technological advancement has made parents buy their kids phones to play all sorts of games that keep them relaxed. However, getting your kid a real toy will help to improve the imagination and social skills within a home setup. One of the practical and real toys you can buy for your kid a toy house.

Depending on your budget, these houses come with everything normal houses have to give your kid a great pretend experience. For you to get a perfect toy house for your kid, below is our guide with the best toy houses in 2022.

List of 10 Best Toy Houses in 2022

#10. UniHobby DIY Dollhouse Kit

UniHobby DIY Dollhouse Kit

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This is a meaningful and perfect gift that you can give your kid for Christmas and Birthday, and you can use it for art collection. The package includes LED light plants and ornament furniture that are well designed and realistic. All the materials used to make that dollhouse are the same, giving you a real beautiful house.

Our dollhouse is recommended for 14-year-old kids, you can play with your kids and built a small room for yourself. It comes with an instruction manual in English, where it has clear steps shown with images that allow you to make it easier. Furthermore, the dollhouse has a lightweight construction, weighing only 4.4lbs and the finished size is 11.41 by 9.44 by 8.46 inches.

  • It is bright and stylish
  • Meets all safety regulations
  • Perfect for 14-year-old boys and girls
  • Comes with an instruction manual in English
  • Weighs 4.4lbs and finished size is 11.41 by 9.44 by 8.46 inches
  • Equipped with LED lights plants and ornament furniture
Bottom Line

What you will love about our dollhouse is the vibrant and beautiful construction that makes it look stylish, and it has numerous rooms to play.

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#9. Spilay Dollhouse Miniature with Furniture

Spilay Dollhouse Miniature with Furniture

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It is simple to assemble dollhouse, where you only need to follow the detailed instructions manual so that you can do it hassle-free. The dollhouse has a miniature of 1:24 scale and the finished size is 9.05” by 3.93” by 7.87”, and the weight is about 3.31lbs. All the materials used to make this dollhouse meets all safety standards and have passed CE certification.

Our dollhouse comes in a beautiful color box that enables give it as a gift to your lover, children, friends, or family during a special occasion. The dollhouse has smooth edges that help to protect your kid from being scratched while playing.

  • Comes with an instruction manual for assembling
  • Has a miniature scale of 1:24 scale
  • Weighs 3.31lbs and has a finished size of 9.05” by 3.93” by 7.87”
  • Passes CE specification and meets all safety standards
  • Comes in a beautiful color box
  • Smooth edges protect your kid from scratches
Bottom Line

Our dollhouse is portable so that your kids can play wherever they want and it creates a thrilling adventure for your kid.

#8. Temi Dollhouse Dreamhouse

Temi Dollhouse Dreamhouse

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Temi Dollhouse is equipped with 4 stories, and 11 rooms that your kid can decorate, including sitting room, bathroom, dining room, princess-themed room, and food toy compilation. It includes home furnishings and appliances, including toilets and clothes racks that are simple to organize. Besides, it has simple to open wide windows on both sides to help with simple viewing of dolls from different sides.

The dollhouse has English assembly instructions with detailed pictures and illustrations. You can assemble it into different stable shapes that can be moved, allowing preschool kids to practice motor skills and increase creativity.

  • It has vibrant and beautiful colors
  • Made of BPA-free and non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Includes 4 stories and 11 rooms
  • It has home furnishings and appliances
  • Features openable windows on both sides
  • Comes with assembly instructions
  • It passes all regulation and safety standards
Bottom Line

It is an adorable playhouse that encourages imaginative play and storytelling, and it helps to promote communication and intellectual thinking.

#7. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse

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This is a portable dollhouse that features practical doors and it has 11 pieces of wooden furniture and 2 dolls. It has a working front door and a garage that opens and closes smoothly to give your kid an active play. Our dollhouse includes sturdy handles that enable parents to take the house wherever kids want.

It is a perfect gift for kids aged 3 years and above, and it gives your kid a great pretend play experience and more engaging options. The dollhouse will help to promote imaginative play, resilience, self-confidence, cognitive skills, and many more.

  • It has 11 pieces of wooden furniture
  • Equipped with 2 play dolls
  • Features a working front door and working garage
  • It has sturdy handles for portability
  • Great for kids aged 3 and above
Bottom Line

Overall, our playhouse provides your kid with endless hours of pretend play, and it is a great choice to improve imaginative thinking and social skills.

#6. Borey Pretend Play Doll House

Borey Pretend Play Doll House

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This is a child-friendly and safe dollhouse, where it adheres to ASTM standards for child safety. It is made of BPA-free and non-toxic materials that help to enhance safety and keep your kid safe. The miniature dollhouse includes a collection of beautiful wallpapers for decoration, pet figurines, cute family, furniture, play mat, and a ringing doorbell.

Cleaning this dollhouse is simple, making sure it stays organized, neat, and tidy. Furthermore, the dollhouse includes the front door, shelf drawer, functioning window, doorbell, and many more fun features that will give your kid a pretend play. The playhouse has stylish and vibrant colors that make it look stylish in your home for decoration.

  • It includes 21 pieces
  • Adheres to ASTM standards for safety
  • Made of BPA-free and non-toxic materials
  • Simple to clean and organize
  • It has stylish and vibrant colors
  • Offers endless hours of play and fun
  • Helps to develop imaginative skills
Bottom Line

Well, the fun thing about this dollhouse is that it has a mum, dad, and a baby to invite your kid inside and bring hours of imaginative play.

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#5. Calico Critters Home Gift Set

Calico Critters Home Gift Set

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This is a stylish doll house that comes with a great price tag that will cater to your budget needs well. It is equipped windows, two rooms, a door, and a removable top roof to give your kid the best experience. Furthermore, it has other accessories such as a ladder, bed, table, and a small cooking pan.

The playhouse comes when fully assembled, and for safety reasons, it is recommended for children below 3 years. By looking at the dollhouse from any angle, you will see the picture of a wonderful and stylish home. In addition, our dollhouse is designed to improve the imagination skills and it gives your kid an active pretending experience.

  • It comes when fully assembled
  • Designed to improve imagination skills
  • Features doors, windows, rooms, and a rooftop
  • It has colorful and appealing colors
Bottom Line

It is stable and fun to have dollhouse that will give your kid the best playing time and the ample features will give your kid more fun.

#4. All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse

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It is a classic wood dollhouse that encourages imaginative roleplay with friends and helps to imagine different domestic situations. The dollhouse features 6 rooms, including kitchen, media room, sets of a master bedroom, and family bathroom. Moreover, it has home furnishings and household appliances that are simple to move and arrange the way you want.

The doll house is built with a solid wood construction with a child-safe paint that helps to prevent scratches. Our wood construction will withstand tough and every day plays without experiencing damages. It has two double-sided roofs that give you all-season plays and they encourage storytelling.

  • It has reversible roofs for all-season play
  • Made of a solid wood construction
  • Equipped with home furnishings and appliances
  • It has 6 spacious rooms
  • Features a child-safe paint that prevents scratches
Bottom Line

Overall, our dollhouse is designed to give your child endless inspiration to imagine various domestic situations and help improve role-play skills.

#3. KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

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Our playset comes with a detailed instruction manual that helps you to finish assembly within 1.5 hours. It is built with a foldable design that allows you to fold it conveniently after your kid is done playing for hassle-free storage. Furthermore, it is a spacious play set that can fit a number of kids and play together safely.

The dollhouse has a helicopter, a fire truck, and a police motorcycle to provide your kid with endless fun. It is fitted with 3 floors and 12 rooms, where all the rooms are spacious enough for your kid to move around. In addition, it has different household appliances and furnishings to provide the best pretend experience for your kid.

  • It has 3 floors and 12 rooms
  • Features a helicopter, police motorcycle and a fire truck
  • Folds up in minutes for simple storage
  • Includes a detailed assembly manual
  • Spacious enough for kids to play together
  • Features bendable firefighters and dogs
  • Made of non-toxic and BPA-free materials
Bottom Line

Despite the high price point, it is a versatile and stylish dollhouse that is worth investing plus the beautiful construction adds some decoration to your home.

#2. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Deluxe House

Peppa Pig Peppa’s Deluxe House

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The deluxe house has 4 spacious bedrooms to play: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. It comes with 15 play pieces including a barbecue, fridge, washing machine, dinner table, bunk beds, and a bathtub. To enhance proper use and safety, our deluxe house can accommodate kids of 3 years and above.

It is built to fold closed to help you store all the pieces together without taking much space. This house has bright lights that provide your kid with an illuminated house when in low light areas. In addition, the lightweight and portable construction allow you to carry the house outdoors and allow your kids to play wherever they want.

  • Folds all the pieces for convenient storage
  • Equipped with bright lights
  • Construction is lightweight and portable
  • Great for kids of 3 years and above
  • Comes with 15 play pieces and 4 rooms
Bottom Line

Apart from providing maximum play and comfort for your kid, the dollhouse has quality craftmanship with bright colors that give your kid enough confidence when using it.

#1. KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage

More Detail on Amazon

This is a stylish and adorable dollhouse with 17 pieces of furniture and it makes a great gift for different occasions from birthday to weddings. It is fitted with windows that open and close smoothly for a great experience. In addition, it has a sturdy wood construction that offers the best durability, even when used every day.

All the edges are perfectly smoothened to protect your kids from injuries while praying. It comes with detailed instructions that guide you step by step when doing the assembly. The dollhouse has 3 levels, a balcony, and 5 rooms to give your kid ultimate fun. Moreover, the house is spacious enough for multiple kids to play at once and it accommodates 4” mini-dolls.

  • It features 17 pieces of furniture
  • Well-smoothened to prevent injuries
  • Comes with an instruction guide for assembly
  • Features 5 rooms, 3 levels, and a balcony
  • Accommodates 4” mini dolls
  • It has a sturdy wood construction
Bottom Line

Well, this dollhouse will give your kid with endless hours of pretend play as they develop their social, creative, cognitive, and imaginative skills.

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Toy House

  • Size: Dollhouses are available in a wind range of different sizes. If you want a large dollhouse, you need to have a spacious room in your house and vice versa. Besides, consider the size of the dolls that your child will enjoy using. Make sure it has enough rooms and accessories that will offer your kid the best pretend play. However, keep in mind that large toy houses a bit pricy.
  • Assembly: Like almost all toy houses, they need some assembly work. Some may be simple while others can give you a hard time. The simplicity of assembling a toy house is always determined by the provided instruction manual. If the steps are not well outlined, you may find yourself doing it the wrong way. The instructions should be clear and simple to understand to help you finish the task within 1 or 1.5 hours.
  • Accessories: When you hear of the word accessories, it means the furniture and appliances in the dollhouse. All doll houses come with different accessories, and the more the number of accessories, the more you will pay. You can buy some extra accessories separately to give the best pretend play. It should have or at least have working bells, lights, garage, bed bunks, dining table, toilet, garden area, sound effects, extra playing toys, swimming pool, or some kitchen appliances.


By purchasing a toy house, you will make your kid’s childhood unique and memorable. Dollhouses provide your kid with hours of endless fun to help improve social and imaginative skills. Toy houses are available in different shapes and sizes, giving you ample options to choose from. In our review above, we have the best toy houses that will suit any gender and they are safe to use. Take your time and choose the best dollhouse for your kid.

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