Top 10 Best Wooden Train Sets in 2020 Reviews | Buying Guide

Wooden Train Set
In recent decades up to date, kids have been captivated and enjoyed playing with toy trains for hours, making them tough to beat from generations. Nowadays, there are more options, features, and choices available for train sets and wooden toy trains than ever before. Among the available choices include, wooden train sets and others with a special theme! And to start with, toy train sets are a great companion for young and older kids. These toys can also help in developing their motor skills, creativity, speech, and problem-solving.

And to help you in selecting the right wooden train toy set for your kid, we have gathered a list of superb products for you to pick from. It’s evident that parents only want to purchase the safest wooden train set available for their child. The only wooden train sets you will come across in this review surpass or meet the ASTM and CPSIA requirements for safe use of wooden train sets.

List of 10 Best Wooden Train Sets in 2020 Reviews

#10. Battat Deluxe 102Pc Classic Wooden Train set

Battat Deluxe 102Pc Classic Wooden Train set

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This wooden train set from Battat is a deluxe wooden train that makes you enjoy thrilling vintage train toy action. This retro-style toy railway line features all the cars and trains little ones’ want to create the comprehensive pretend settlement of their dreams! Apart from that, It comes with plenty of splitters and wood tracks to construct multiple different structures in your kid’s background.

The set includes numerous toy cars and magnetic train engines to tug along the dual-sided tracks. The variety of little railroad fixtures, telephone poles, buildings, shrubs, figures, and trees completes your kid’s dreamlike miniature village. Wood toys and toy train sets not only give hours of stimulation and entertainment for kids, but they also minimize screen time.

  • Collectible and detailed retro-style wooden toy train set for collectors and toddlers
  • Antique look: timeless style
  • Miniature toy railway alongside wood train tracks, landscape features, buildings, and traffic signs
  • Compatible with BRIO toys, other Battat wood toy cars, and trains
  • Model train set alongside toy cars and train engines connectable by a magnet
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#9. Tiny Land 60 Pcs Wooden Track & Crane Train Set

Tiny Land 60 Pcs Wooden Track & Crane Train Set

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Are you considering the perfect gift or toy to award a special little kid in your life? Fine, the Wooden Train Set from Tiny Land is a fun, appealing way to stimulate their imagination, stimulate pattern recognition, enhance their social skills, early-learning aptitudes, and more! And more importantly, this train set fits all brands such as Chuggington, Melissa and Doug Thomas, and IKEA many more.

What’s more, removable cargo and a unique crane is also a unique feature of this wooden train set. These towing toys exceed US safety standards to CPSIA and ASTM F963. Apart from that, these 60 pieces of train sets are a perfect upgrade for toddlers, with more Crane & tracks, Oil tank car Truck, and Removable Container. Besides, it includes 135 inches track, which children can comfortably use to form various railway circles! It provides spatial logic thinking and inspires a kid’s imagination.

  • Curved and Flat Tracks for easy assembly
  • Gender Neutral gender
  • Contains 60-Pieces of Beech Toy Wood Train Set
  • Expandable ( support More than 2 Sets)
  • Hand-Sanded Safety Edges
  • Allows Multiple Connection Arrangements

#8. On Track USA 100-Pieces Wooden Train Set

On Track USA 100-Pieces Wooden Train Set

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Train Sets from On Track USA are designed exclusively with toddlers in mind. On Track USA presents precision constructed tracks easy interlock toy set. This train toy super compatible with any major train company. These tracks are constructed with premium materials that ensure effortless building! The collection includes different sizes of Curved Switch Tracks, Straight Tracks, and Curved Tracks.

Along with that, there are different styles of bridges, 12 different track cars, clear plastic containers, bushes, people, houses, trees, and signs for easy packing. The set comprises of 100 pieces that include accessories and 38 tracks. This toy set has undergone a safety test, proven lead free, and hence adhere to ASTM F963.

  • Has 38 tracks together with accessories
  • This toy adheres to ASTM F963
  • Work with almost all major brands
  • Weighs 8.15 pounds
  • High-Quality Construction

#7. SainSmart Jr. 50 PCS Wooden Train Set

SainSmart Jr. 50 PCS Wooden Train Set

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Happy playing moment is guaranteed with Wooden Train Set from SainSmart Jr. This deluxe train set constructs a high-level rail train unit with parents. It helps in inspiring toddlers’ hand & eye coordination, enhancing their problem-solving ability, and maintaining their mind energetic with this overwhelming flyover overpass toy train set!

Other than that, this train set is compatible with any truck & track because of its high-level rail components. These include wooden track descenders, ascenders, straight & curved track pieces that could act as an expansion fragment to assembling with extra train track set. Non-toxic superior Beech Wood with water-based non-toxic decorate, no pointy edges, all parts are well-designed and smooth. It uses premium beech and birch wood material that withstands the rigors of kids playing.

  • Non-toxic Water-based Paint
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Exceptional Rail high-level Part
  • Has reversible track pieces
  • Flyover Overpass Train Playset alongside five magnetic train trucks

#6. Tiny Land 39-Pieces Wooden track toy Train Set

Tiny Land 39-Pieces Wooden track toy Train Set

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This fashionable train set from Tiny Land includes 39 pieces for building, changing, creating, and shaping their own empire in endless ways. This set is characterized by an easy-to-assemble trackway, train Cars Bridge, and even accessories and people to supplement it; you’ll enjoy watching your kid learning, growing, and creating their custom train station. Moreover, these toy train sets do not require professional skills to assemble it. It is indeed making them a smart present or gift during birthdays or holidays.

Furthermore, these fun train toy sets for toddlers feature curved & flat tracks, people, a bridge, scenery, passenger car, an engine, hauler, and more accessories kids can use to construct their own distinctive track! Additionally, it offers an unprecedented way to promote healthy and active play in young kids

  • Expandable Track Designs
  • Has hand-sanded edges for better children protection during play
  • Polished Beech Wood
  • Premium Wood Craftsmanship
  • They’re also phthalates, BPA, lead-free
  • Made with sturdy beach wood
  • Package weighs 2.51 pounds
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#5. Orbrium 52 Pcs Wooden Train Set

Orbrium 52 Pcs Wooden Train Set

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Run the train on its bridge, maneuver its engine under bridges, pick up passengers at the station, and arrive at the village through its tunnel with Orbrium toys. Also, you can flip over the village tunnel to be a storage box. Furthermore, you can put away all pieces of your track inside the oversized wooden box after the engineer has finished playing.

Most importantly, it is of high quality. This is because of the beautiful premium, solid wood that makes it up. Similarly, they have high durability, thus last for generations.

Additionally, this track train toy is compatible with Brio Railway System, Chuggington, Thomas Wooden, and other leading brands. On top of that, it features Train Station, Long 8″ Bridge, and Railroad Crossing. It weighs 4.76 pounds.

  • It weighs 4.76 pounds
  • Features Train Station, Long 8″ Bridge, and Railroad Crossing
  • Compatible with Brio Railway System, Chuggington, Thomas Wooden
  • Has high durability
  • Adheres to CPSIA and ASTM F963 safety standards
  • Dense, premium wood construction

#4. Orbrium 100-Piece Triple-Loop Wooden Toys Train Set

Orbrium 100-Piece Triple-Loop Wooden Toys Train Set

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Choose this train with endless fun. And to start with, this train keeps young engineers busy for many hours. In the same way, this set comes with coaches and train engines, city buildings, trees, city vehicles, road signs, bushes, and figurines. Also, the track pieces are versatile. In addition to this, beautiful beech wood makes up this train.

Additionally, it is Compatible with Brio Railway System, Chuggington, Thomas Wooden, and other leading brands. Further, these trains meet or might exceed certification requirements and CPSC’s testing. They feature CPSIA compliance. Moreover, they come with 3-way track pieces that help in future expansion as well as layout rearrangement.

  • Versatile track pieces
  • Beautiful beechwood construction
  • Compatible with Brio Railway System, Chuggington, Thomas Wooden
  • Meet or might exceed certification requirements and CPSC’s testing.
  • Come with 3-way track pieces.

#3. ToysOpoly Deluxe 55 Pcs Wooden Train Set

ToysOpoly Deluxe 55 Pcs Wooden Train Set

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Enjoy using high quality and awesome ToysOpoly train track. First, they help complement early learning of different shapes, matching Parts, and motor skills. Secondly, the real beech wood makes up this train. Therefore, they last for many generations without chipping or wearing away. Also, they don’t flutter even if kids throw them as they play. Most importantly, this track train toy is child safe and environmentally safe.

Additionally, this train has positive psychological effects on developing young ones. Again, the wood material that makes it up is 100 % safe for the environment. Furthermore, no dangerous Phthalates and plastics craft it. The bundle includes four trains, one red bridge, one car, three destinations, and other accessories. Harmonize and improve the mind of your child by making them creative and active with this truck train toy.

  • High quality and awesome train track
  • Real beechwood construction
  • It is environmental safe
  • No dangerous Phthalates and plastics materials
  • package includes 55-pieces
  • 100% environmentally safe trucks
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

#2. Melissa & Doug 130-Pieces Wooden Railway Set

Melissa & Doug 130-Pieces Wooden Railway Set

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Get everything you need to be included in this amazing railway set. It features many dozens of straight and curved track pieces, workers, trees, traffic signs, and roundhouse engine shed, among other things. This wooden railway set also includes a four-piece passenger train, as well as a three-piece flatbed truck containing cargo. Buy your kids aged three and above this railway set.

Besides, its dimensions measure 17″ H by 5″ W by 28″ L. In the same way; it weighs 17.1 pounds. This toy nurtures the hearts and minds of young ones. Further, you can easily mix and match with different trains. It is compatible with every wooden railway system.

  • Dimensions measure 17″ H by 5″ W by 28″ L.
  • It weighs 17.1 pounds
  • Mix and match with different trains
  • Compatible with every wooden railway systems
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Highest-quality standards guaranteed

#1. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set Table

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set Table

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Make learning fun with KidKraft table and train set. This toy comes with a generous and wide children’s play table. It ensures creative hours of play for kids. In addition to that, it is accompanied by one hundred and twenty durable play pieces. These pieces make a KidKraft train suitable for imaginative and creative play.

And to add on that, this toy features three red plastic bins, which easily slide under the table for easier storage. Moreover, it features special T-molded edges that prevent chipping. Also, it features sturdy construction with Dimensions measuring 48.75 “L by 34.38 “W by 16 “H. to conclude with; it weighs 47 pounds.

  • It weighs 47 pounds
  • Three storage bins
  • Three long-lasting red plastic bins
  • Special T-molded edges which prevent chipping
  • Silk-screened play board landscaped
  • It features Sturdy construction
  • Measure 48.75 “L by 34.5 “W by 16 “H
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How to choose the best wooden train sets

  • Level of complexity: Wooden train sets features in various difficulty levels based on your toddler’s handling skills. Your kid’s interest level, abilities, and age should all be aspects to check on when shopping. Besides, ensure you consider a set that’ll capture their attention and interest without getting bored. The model of your choice should hold their interest even as they grow.
  • Themes: Many children go through grow cycles with all their interests in toys, their colors, theme, style, and more. Getting a wooden train set is also a fantastic experience. So, the train track with a favorite color theme will always impress your kid. For instance, toy-themed wooden train sets are popular and famous as children are best acquainted with the character and can use such themes to create imaginative scripts. You’ll also come across other thematic options, such as travel-focused, construction work, farmland, forest, and more. With this in mind, choose themes that suit your kids.
  • Size: If your playroom is large enough, then buying a large wooden train set is advisable, but if your playroom is not that spacious, then you need to buy a small size model. Also, the size will determine the ease of storage, so choose the right size.


In summary, the above review outlines all information regarding how to choose the right wooden train set for your kid. In all honesty, you might have also noticed that all products listed above are well-designed with toddlers in mind and therefore have surpassed all safety standards. So, order one of the above today!

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