Top 10 Best Hand Winches in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Hand Winches

Hand Winches are mechanical devices used for raising, lowering, or pulling heavy loads. They are simple to use and require less effort. Hand winches are also affordable compared to electric winches. They are versatile and can be used for many different applications.

Unfortunately, there are very many different hand winches on the market, and it can be hard for you to choose the best one. To assist you pick the best product, we have listed the top10 best hand winches in 2021 as well as a detailed buying guide.

List of the Best Hand Winches in 2021

#10. OPENROAD Hand Winch


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OPENROAD is a high-quality and effective hand winch that comes at an affordable price. This winch is perfect for car or boat trailer. The rated weight capacity of this hand winch is 600 lbs. It features a padded handle with a non-slip grip for less user fatigue. It is easy and safe to use making it ideal for beginners.

Moreover, the gear ration of this unit is 3.2:1. It is constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel that makes it durable and sturdy. On top of that, it features Zinc-Plated Finish which prevents it from corroding and rusting. This unit is also compact and lightweight for easy storage when not in use.

  • Weight capacity: 600lbs
  • Rope length: 40mm
  • Construction Material: heavy-duty carbon steel
Reason to buy
  • Has a comfortable and non-slip handle
  • Made from high-quality and durable materials
  • It is super lightweight and compact
  • It is corrosion and rust-resistant
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#9. Hoteche Hand Winch

Hoteche Hand Winch

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This is a reliable and high-quality hand winch with a pulling capacity of 2000lbs. It is ideal for workshops, shipping, cars, trailer, transport, ATV/UTV, boats, and more. This winch comes complete with a 10-meter long steel cable with a hook.

It features a dual gear system to increase the amount of pulling power. The frame and handle are made of heavy-duty steel making it durable and lightweight. Furthermore, it is coated with a zinc finish to protect it against corrosion, so you won’t have to worry about using it in harsh environments. It also comes with an automatic brake system that securely holds the load in any position when the handle is released.

  • Weight capacity:
  • 2000lbs
  • Rope length: 10 meter
  • Construction Material: Heavy-duty steel
Reason to buy
  • Large 2000lbs load capacity
  • Easy to install on most boat trailers
  • Exceptional pulling capacity
  • Comes at a friendly price

#8. OPENROAD 600lbs Winch

OPENROAD 600lbs Winch

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The OPENROAD 600lbs Winch is a great choice for small and medium trailers. It is made from high-quality Carbon Steel for long-lasting strength. This manual winch can easily pull a maximum load of 600-lbs or less. It uses a 3.2:1 gear ratio which ensures a fast and smooth winching operation.

The body of this unit is coated with a Zinc-Plated finish that resists corrosion and rust. It also comes with an 8M synthetic strap that is very strong and durable. Besides that, it comes with an anti-slip coated handle which ensures a tight grip even when wet. Plus, it has a compact design and fits easily in tight spaces.

  • Weight capacity: 600lbs
  • Rope length: 8 meter
  • Construction Material: high-quality Carbon Steel
Reason to buy
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Made from sturdy and durable material
  • Non-slip and comfortable grip handle
  • Reliable, fast, and safe

#7. OPENROAD 600lbs Trailer hand Winch

OPENROAD 600lbs Trailer hand Winch

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This is another great hand winch from OPENROAD. This manual hand has a low pulling capacity of 1600 lbs. You can easily lift or pull small loads with this hand winch. It is for pulling your truck, ATV, pickup, or boat Trailer. It uses a two-way ratchet which allows reverse and forward ratcheting. This winch is made of quality Carbon Steel with a Zinc-Plated finish. It is very sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.

It features a 3.2:1 Gear ratio that allows effortless operation and usage. In addition to that, it is designed with an anti-Slip curved handle for effortless turning. Also, it comes with a steel cord that measures 8-meter in length. Lastly, it is simple to install and use making it perfect for beginners.

  • Weight capacity: 600 Lbs
  • Cable length: 8-meter
  • Construction Material: Carbon Steel
Reason to buy
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Come at an affordable price
  • Portable yet powerful
  • Built using rust-resistant and durable materials

#6. Aceshin Heavy Duty Hand Winch

 Aceshin Heavy Duty Hand Winch

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Are you looking for the best hand winch for lifting or pulling heavy objects, then the Aceshin Heavy Duty Hand Winch is the best choice for you. This manual winch has a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs, making it perfectly suitable for boats, ATV’s, and cars as well as trucks. It is made from high-quality steel for long-lasting performance.

The Aceshin Heavy Duty Hand Winch comes with a steel cable that has a diameter of 0.16 inch and 26.2 feet long. It has a 3.1: 1 gear ration that helps you to crank or load faster. Another nice thing about this winch is that it can be used as a permanent or portable hand winch. It also comes with an anti-slip handle for comfortable cranking.

  • Weight capacity: 600 Pounds
  • Rope length: 26.2 feet long
  • Construction Material: Steel
Reason to buy
  • It is very strong and well made
  • Has a lightweight, portable, and compact design
  • It is easy to use and install
  • Very powerful and durable winch
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#5. Goldenrod 14825 Hand Winch

Goldenrod 14825 Hand Winch

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If you’re seeking for a high-end hand winch, then the Goldenrod 14825 Hand Winch can be a good pick. The Goldenrod 14825 is a reliable hand winch that is made of heavy-duty materials with the potential to last you decades or even years. It has a maximum capacity of 2500 lb making it ideal for multi-purpose pulling and hauling operation.

It has a 2-speed operation which allows you to wind it faster or slower. Furthermore, this winch comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle. It is also straightforward to use and mount. It weighs only 6 pounds making it easy to carry anywhere you want. Finally, it compact and doesn’t take much space.

  • Weight capacity: 2500 lb
  • Two-speed operation
  • Dimensions: 7.94 by 10.13 by 6.88-inches
Reason to buy
  • Easy towing and lifting
  • Affordable yet durable
  • It offers a two-speed operation
  • Ergonomic and comfortable cranking handle

#4. Pit Bull 1200Lb Hand Winch

Pit Bull 1200Lb Hand Winch

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Our next product is the Pit Bull 1200Lb Hand Winch. This winch is quite strong with a maximum traction capacity of 1200lbs. It comes with a 10 meters cable that is very strong and durable. The cable features mooring hooking with safety paw to ensure a secure and firm grip on the load. Another feature that makes this product stand out that it is completely weather-resistant. That means that you can use it in any weather condition.

Along with that, it uses a 3.4:1 gear ration for effortless and easy manual operation. This 1200Lb capacity winch is ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. Interestingly, it comes with all accessories requires for installation. It measures 13.2 by 10.8 by 8.5-inches and weighs 1.11 pounds.

  • Weight capacity: 1200 lbs
  • Construction materials: Rust-free metal
  • Cable length: 10-meters
Reason to buy
  • Has a comfortable and non-slip handle
  • Made from sturdy and durable material
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy towing and lifting

#3. ABN Hand Winch

ABN Hand Winch

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ABN is well-known for making high-end tools and their ABN Hand Winch is no exception. This model is available in two size options 600lb or 2500lb capacity winch. The ABN Hand Winch can be used on trucks, trailers, ATVs, boats, or to lift heavy equipment. It has a 4:1 gear ratio which ensures smooth and effortless cracking. Plus, it features a single-speed gear which makes it easy to super easy to operate. This winch supports both reverse and forward ratcheting

It is constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel with an anti-corrosion finish for maximum strength and durability. It is also compact, lightweight, easy to transport, and straightforward to mount. The winch does not come with a cable; you need to purchase it separately.

  • Weight capacity: 600lb or 2500lb
  • Construction materials: Heavy-duty carbon steel
  • Dimensions: 7.75 by 4.5 by 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.89 pounds
Reason to buy
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Comes with unique features
  • It is pocket-friendly priced
  • Can be used as a permanent or portable winch

#2. TR Industrial Trailer Winch

TR Industrial Trailer Winch

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The TR Industrial is one of the top-rated and best-selling hand winches on the market. It is made out of premium steel material that keeps it resistant to tear and wear. On top of that, it features a high-quality zinc finish that gives it a great protection against elements and harsh weather. It has a capacity of 600lb making it perfect for a wide range of pulling and lifting tasks.

This Winch has a versatile drum design that lets you straps, steel ropes, or steel cables. Furthermore, it has a 3.2:1 gear ratio that helps you to load faster. Plus, it comes with an ergonomically designed handle for easy cracking. Another great thing about this winch is that it is easy and ready to use out of the box.

  • Weight capacity: 600 lb.
  • Construction materials: Premium steel
  • Dimensions: 5.5 by 4.2 by 7.5-inches
  • Weight: 4.14 pounds
Reason to buy
  • Easy to use and mount
  • Works well and good quality
  • Ergonomic rotating handle
  • It is completely weather-resistant

#1. Korie Heavy Duty Hand Winch

Korie Heavy Duty Hand Winch

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On top of our list is the Korie Heavy Duty Hand Winch. This tool is solidly constructed with Heavy-duty steel for longevity. It is also coated with an anti-corrosion finish to protect it from corrosion or rusting. It has a capacity of 600-lbs making it ideal for lifting huge loads. This winch comes with a 26.2 feet meter long steel rope with a diameter of 4.2-mm.

What’s more, it has a safety pawl that allows reverse and forward retching. It also comes with a rubber-coated handle that it more easy and comfortable for you to operate it. Lastly, it has a portable small design and doesn’t take a lot of space.

  • Weight capacity: 600-lbs
  • Construction materials: Steel
  • Rope length: 26.2 feet
Reason to buy
  • Very easy to use and mount
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Lightweight and Compact design
  • Comes at a friendly price
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How to choose the Best Hand winch-Buyer’s Guide

There a few things that you should consider before buying a hand winch so that you can choose the best product. Below we have listed these factors that you should consider. Let’s take a look.

  • The size of the winch: Hand winches come in different sizes and shapes options. The size of the winch you choose determines the size of the load that it can lift or pull. For example, if you are using the winch in a tight space or different places, then you should get a compact size winch. Nevertheless, if you want to lift or tow heavy loads or cars, then need a large hand winch.
  • Construction Materials: Another important thing you should consider is the type of construction materials used. You should make sure that the winch you should is constructed using high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials so that it can serve you for a long time. Some of the best materials you should consider include steel and aluminum. These materials are lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant.
  • Type of Rope: There are two different types of ropes used in hand winches: Synthetic or Steel rope. Steel slopes are strong and perfect for pulling or lifting large weights. However, they are pricey and very dangerous to handle with bare hands. Synthetic ropes are ideal for light pulling jobs and are easy to use.


To make sure you pick the best hand winches, you need to consider the thing we have listed above. All the hand winches that we have reviewed above are currently the top-rated and best-selling products currently on the market. We hope that you will find a winch that will suit your needs. Good luck!

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