Top 10 Best Hand Pallet Trucks and Jacks in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Pallet Truck

Pallet Jacks are the most basic form of forklift and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse. Most of the time if you lift or carry heavy items you will end up hurting yourself. This is why a hand pallet truck comes in handy to simplify the movement of those heavy items. The hand pallet trucks are a low lift that used to move palletized-loads over small distances.

However, it is important to point out that these pallet trucks are meant help you carry your loads for short distances when loading them, unloading, or arranging them. If you wish to transport them for a long distance consider acquiring powered pallet trucks. Choosing the best is a challenge because there are so many options to choose from. Here is a list of some of the best hand pallet trucks and jacks on the market. go through the guide carefully and pick the model that meets your needs.

List of the Best Hand Pallet Trucks and Jacks in 2023

#10. Strongway Pallet Jack, 61″L x 27″W

Strongway Pallet Jack, 61"L x 27"W


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This is a quality pallet jack that comes with a welded cylinder having a 35mm piston rod. These features promote better stability. You will also appreciate the included grease fitting to make sure that maintenance will always be a breeze. With its tapered ends as well as the quality entry rollers, there will be a very smooth and accurate entry into the pallets.

The lifting range for this pallet jack is between 3 inches and 7.5 inches. You will also appreciate that it comes along with a fully-welded and leakproof pump. The poly steering wheels are non-marking which means that they will leave your floors undamaged. With its 3-function handle, it will be easy to lift, lower and even hold luggage according to your expectations.

  • 3 inches to 7 1/2 inches lifting range
  • Spring-loaded and a 3-function handle
  • Features a completely welded and leak-proof pump
  • Comes with non-marking steering wheels
Reason to buy
  • It has a lifting capacity of 550lbs.
  • Comes along with a welded leak-proof pump
  • Accurate and smooth entry to the pallets
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#9. TS 5500 LBs Pallet Jack

TS 5500 LBs Pallet Jack

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Whether you are looking to lift heavy loads in your warehouse or handle simple tasks in your retail business, the TS pallet jack is up to the task. It is made from solid steel that enables it to handle the heavy lifting. This pallet jack has an impressive load capacity of 5500 pounds, which is capable of handling most loads. The unit also features convenient polyurethane wheels that allow for easy and smooth movement on all types of floors.

Another convenient feature that comes with this unit is the three-position handle control modes. This includes the lower, neutral, and rise modes that enable you to carry your loads with ease. The forks of this pallet jack are 27 by 48 inches long and their tips are tapered to enable smooth entry and way out during loading. For safety, the integrated pump has an overload valve that ensures that it carried the right load for enhanced efficiency.

  • Heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for loads that weigh up to 5500 pounds
  • It has three-mode levers on the handle
  • Features long forks that handle oversized loads
  • It has wide wheels for smooth movement
Reason to buy
  • It is reliable since it’s robust with heavy-duty strengthened forks
  • Made from high-end materials to ensure optimal performance
  • Ideal to use in warehouses, home, and office
  • Made to deliver reliable performance for years

#8. EosliftM20Z Hand Pallet Truck

EosliftM20Z Hand Pallet Truck

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This USA made product that you will enjoy using because it offers smooth and quick lowering and lifting loads. Entering and exiting the pallet has been made easier and faster by the tampered rollers. The handle and hydraulic pump give you three controls over the machine; lowering, lifting, or keeping it in a neutral position.

This pallet has been made with robotic welding technology a superior finish to ensure durability and excellent performance. The heavy-duty construction is resistant to corrosion and wear. This galvanized material makes it ideal for use in refrigeration areas and when cleaning up. Your comfort is crucial, and that’s why the handle has an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue while working.

  • Sturdy steel forks that can withstand heavy loads
  • Ergonomically designed handle to offer comfort
  • Poly steer wheels for maneuvering
  • Galvanized materials to prevent corrosion
Reason to buy
  • Ergonomic rubber cushioned handle
  • Non-marking polyurethane wheels
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Galvanized steel construction

#7. Wesco Industrial Products 272148 Pallet Truck

Wesco Industrial Products 272148 Pallet Truck

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Wesco Pallet Truck has a heavy-duty steel construction that is resistant to corrosion and wear. This makes them durable, giving you great value for your money. This accessory has the best load capacity up to 5500 lbs. The trigger on the handle ensures a smooth and quicker lifting, as well as lowering. Another great feature is the adjustable pushrods that can combat uneven wear and also allow you to adjust the height.

The forks are built with c-channel formed steel, ensuring that they can withstand great use. You don’t have to worry about changing the wheel because they are made of polyurethane that doesn’t puncture or go flat. Those nose wheels and forks are tampered to facilitate easy loading.

  • Adjustable pushrod to allow height modification
  • Mold-on polyurethane wheels that don’t puncture
  • The high load capacity of up to 5500lb
  • Durable steel construction
Reason to buy
  • It has an impressive load capacity
  • has the Highest ratio lift pump
  • Safe to use thanks to the Overload protection
  • Simple fingertips controls

#6. NEUTRAL BRAND 5,500 Lbs Pallet Truck

NEUTRAL BRAND 5,500 Lbs Pallet Truck

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If you want the best Hand Pallet Trucks and Jack that will serve you for a long time, Neutral Brand is it. The heavy steel gauge construction makes it very durable. Maneuvering with this pallet truck has been simplified by the Polyurethane load wheels that are durable and puncture-free. The 48″ long forks allow you to balance and carry wide load easily.

This item has a capacity of up to 5500lb and comes with tampered fork tips that simplify entry and exit of the pallet. Besides, the ergonomic handle design allows you to shift it to three positions that are; lowering, lifting of a neutral position. This china made product is available in a variety of colors that you can choose from.

  • Available in a variety of colors that you can choose from
  • Durable, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Tampered fork tips for easy entry and exit
  • Long forks for balancing wide load
Reason to buy
  • Fingertip lever controls
  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Reinforced steel for enhanced durability
  • Non-marking polyurethane wheels
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#5. Dayton 36 in Pallet Truck

Dayton 36 in Pallet Truck

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The use of a powder coat makes it have a unique finish that is very durable, while the tapered fork tips ensure that it has a smooth entry into the pallets. The ergonomic handle design ensures that you have a comfortable grip while using it. The handle has a trigger that can be used to raise, lower, or keeps a load steady. The heavy-duty construction is resistant to corrosion and wears and can be used in harsh environments like refrigeration.

This pallet jack has reinforced forks that enable it to move heavy loads of up to 5500lbs. You can move the load in different directions hustle free thanks to the rotating steering arc.

  • Rotating steering arc for easy handling
  • Heavy-duty construction that is corrosion resistant
  • A trigger to control the load
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump
Reason to buy
  • Turning radius of 200 degree
  • Cushioned hand grip
  • Powder-coated surfaces
  • Durable polyurethane wheels

#4. Global 5500-Lb Industrial Pallet Jack

Global 5500-Lb Industrial Pallet Jack

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Global Industrial Pallet Jack is made to last because it has a durable steel construction with a powder-coated finish. It is made to withstand even the harsh environment like the refrigeration areas as it is corrosion-resistant. The sturdy polyurethane wheels ensure stable mobility. These durable, anti-puncture wheels help balance the pallet and move the load smooth and easy.

This pallet jack also offers a rotating steering arch, which is ideal for hassle-free handling. The ergonomic handle gives the user a comfortable experience when using it. The manufacturer makes it with many years’ experience that is why its quality is guaranteed. They ensure that every detail is keenly made to give you a good product that has excellent performance. This easy to use pallet truck will only take you a few minutes to assemble.

  • Easy to use for home and commercial needs
  • Rotating steering for hustle free handling
  • Ergonomic handle that gives a comfortable experience
  • Powder-coated finish for durability
Reason to buy
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Powder-coated surfaces
  • 5500lbs load capacity
  • 3 position spring-loaded pump handle

#3. Source 5,500 Lbs Pallet Jack

Source 5,500 Lbs Pallet Jack

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Source pallet jack is the best-selling product of the Source industries. This high-quality item has a warranty of one year with a return policy that is specified in the manual. Your order will be received, processed, and product shipped to you the same day you make your orders. Therefore you are guaranteed to get your product on time no delays. You can move heavy loads easily without damaging the pallet jack, thanks to the heavy-duty hydraulic pump. It can support a load of up to 5500lbs.

For easy entry and exit, the fork tips have tampered. The ergonomic handle design helps reduce fatigue of the users. It also has three position controls; you can use it to do the dependable lifting, lower, and even holding all together.

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump
  • Rotating Polyurethane load wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Multifunctional handle that offers comfortable handling
  • The high load capacity of up to 5500lbs
Reason to buy
  • Reinforced steel for enhanced durability
  • Cushioned rubber grip
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Adjustable pushrod makes it easy to use

#2. Jet PTW-2748 6000 lb Pallet Truck

Jet PTW-2748 6000 lb Pallet Truck

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Are you looking to make hauling heavy loads easy? Investing in the Jet PTW-2748 pallet jack will surely boost your company’s productivity. This is a heavy-duty machine designed to carry heavy loads with ease. Besides being able to handle loads of up to a capacity of 6000 pounds, this pallet jack can be operated in tight spaces. This is made possible by the intuitive wheels with 200 degrees swivel angle. Another main advantage of this pallet jack is that it is made of solid steel allowing it to handle heavy loads.

This pallet jack’s wheels are made of poly-over-aluminum steel, which makes the pallet move with fewer difficulties on uneven floors. Jet PTW-2748 pallet jack has a handle well padded to ensure a firm grip and easy operation. The ergonomic design makes it ideal to use using one hand. The pallet jack also has a ball valve that prevents overloading the jack beyond maximum capacity. Moreover, to protect the cylinder from extending above the maximum height, it is instilled with a top stroke release valve.

  • Heavy-duty construction coupled with a decent load capacity
  • It is corrosion resistance hence it can withstand cold temperatures.
  • It has cushioned handle for easy operation
  • The oversized wheels roll easily even on uneven grounds
Reason to buy
  • It has a decent load capacity of up to 6000 pounds.
  • It is durable as it is made of solid materials
  • Has a turning radius of 200 degrees for easy maneuverability
  • Well-cushioned handles allow for a firm and comfortable grip

#1. Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All-Terrain Pallet Truck

Vestil ALL-T-2-48 All-Terrain Pallet Truck

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Moving and manhandling things can be tedious when you do not have the right equipment. However, with the Vestal ALL-T-2-48 All-Terrain Pallet Truck at your service, loading, offloading, and packing heavy loads is pretty easy. Designed to handle small to medium-sized loads, this unit will serve you well. It boasts of a lightweight tubular frame that is designed to handle loads weighing up to 2000lbs.

For enhanced convenience, this unit is fitted with oversized pneumatic wheels that allow it to move over many types of surfaces smoothly. It also comes with cleverly designed folks that have an adjustable width of 12 inches to 26 inches and 50 inches inside straddle. This enables it to handle different sized loads with ease. Moreover, the strong steel frame that is welded for heavy lifting.

  • Heavy-duty wheels roll very easily even on uneven grounds
  • It has three-mode lever handle allows for simple operation
  • Solid, welded steel tubular frame ensure maximum strength
  • It can handle heavy and oversized loads
Reason to buy
  • Sealed bearing wheels ensure a smooth and long-lasting performance
  • Despite the impressive load capacity, this unit is super lightweight
  • Decent sized inside straddles
  • The multipurpose design makes it ideal for home, office and warehouse use
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The Best Hand Pallet Trucks and Jacks | Buyer’s Guide

With the above-detailed reviews, we are sure that you are not a step closer to picking your best pallet truck and jacks. However, our goal to ensure that you find something that serves you diligently for years. The following tips should help you in making an informed decision on exactly what you want.

  • Construction materials: As with any other tool, it is crucial to ensure that you pick a model that comes with rugged construction. However, the sturdy construction shouldn’t compromise its portability. The key here is to select a model that is not only sturdy but also lightweight. We recommend going for models that are made using steel material, as they tend to offer the best durability.
  • Check the design: Additionally, your pallet truck and jack should delvers a smooth performance. Here you need to choose a model that comes with an ergonomic handle. Ensure that the handle is well padded to ensure optimal comfort and grip. Remember, you are handling a large load; therefore the unit should be easy to maneuver.
  • Ensure that the unit has maintenance free wheels: One of the reasons why we recommend going for pneumatic wheels is that they never go flat. Besides, the wheels should come in a decent size that allows for an easy maneuver even on uneven surfaces. Additionally, swivel front wheels also allow for easy and smooth maneuvers.


Whether you are looking for hauling heavy loads at your home, office, or warehouse, the best pallet truck and jack should suffice. This unit enables you to move heavy and oversized loads with ease. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have reviewed the top-selling models on the market. Go through each model, compare the features, and pick a model that meets your need best. Happy shopping!

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