Top 10 Best Camping Toilets in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Camping Toilet

The future of camping is here, thanks to the introduction best of camping toilets. These toilets conveniently allow you to bring all the amenities of a private restroom to your outdoor expeditions. They offer you relief anytime you need it without having to trek for miles in search of a communal bathroom. With upgraded features, these units are specially designed to ensure comfortable use.

Boating enthusiasts, frequent travelers, and road-tripping families can now heave a sigh of relief. Yes, the market might be flocked with lots of all kinds of camping toilets, making it hard to buy the best. But we’re here for you. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the ten best camping toilets in 2020 just to help you make the right choice.

List of 10 Best Camping Toilets in 2020

#10. Leopard Outdoor Products Portable product

Leopard Outdoor Products Portable product

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Leopard outdoor products a newly designed portable travel toilet. This T-type toilet comes with a storage bag for easy carriage wherever you want to go with it. This toilet’s three-directional flush is way more efficient than the regular single flush. Its durable polyethylene construction ensures long-lasting use. Carry this toilet when you go out camping, boating, hiking, or RV. The sealed valve feature ensures this toilet is leak and smell-proof suitable for use every time. This toilet comes as a single-piece requiring zero assemblies. It is equipped with corrosion-resistant side latches that serve to secure the tank to the pot.

It is easy to flush with its bellow-type flush mechanism. Leopard portable toilet has a 20L holding tank, which is detachable to make it easy to empty. It has sturdy construction to hold considerable weight. This toilet conveniently requires no power connection or external water. Its overall structure makes cleaning this toilet a breeze. This toilet has a matte finish that comes in handy to conceal scratches. The storage bag is water-proof, washable, and collapsible to your convenience. It protects your toilet from moisture and dust once stored. The seat size, however, does not fit people at a go.

  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Corrosion-resistant side latches
  • Heavy-duty storage bag
  • Safety seal valve
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#9. STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet

STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet

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STANSPORT Portable Toilet is the ideal camping addition. It is sure to bring your home’s comfort away from home in your outdoor ventures, camps, and trips alike. It is sturdily constructed with heavy-duty plastic to ensure longer-lasting use. This portable toilet correctly gives you a cleaner and sanitary alternative whenever you travel. It comes inclusive of a disposable waste bag. The STANSPORT toilet is equipped with a built-in handle that enables you to carry it with ease.

Its stable construction is sturdy enough to hold up to 350lbs; it completes your campsite with this unit. The unit also features a lid with a thick-walled construction that is sure to provide all the support needed when in use and keep it closed when not in use. Its sizing is a perfect fit for most vehicles. This toilet is compact for secure storage yet large enough to ensure comfortable use. Pair this unit with a privacy shelter and go ahead and make your camping adventure more comfortable, keeping your waste out of sight. You may require additional waste bags. These are, however, sold separately.

  • Comfortable full seat size
  • Disposable sanitary bag
  • Sturdy construction
  • Built-in handles

#8. Alpcour Portable Toilet

Alpcour Portable Toilet

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Alpcour Portable toilet is the handy compact commode for your travels. This toilet is efficiently sized for enhanced portability. It is built for durability with its sturdy construction for prolonged use. Carrying this unit is a breeze; it not only has a built-in handle but also comes complete with a sturdy carry bag. The best part is, it only weighs 11 lbs. Alpcour portable toilet has a rotating spout design. This design enables easy pouring of the waste by merely rotating the spout. This toilet has multiple upgraded features such as a tank latch to secure the tank in place, a flush nozzle for easy flushing, a super tight valve for prevention of leaks and build-up, and a waste tank lock.

This portable toilet is easy to use; simply fill the 5.3-gallon tank with water and set out on your camping adventure, be it at the beach, campsite, lake, or even a tailgate party. This toilet is designed reliably for a 360-degree hands-free rinse, thus easy-clean convenience. This travel-friendly unit is made of heavy-duty materials well- selected for rust-resistance, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight qualities. They also naturally minimize odors. It is comfortable for both personal and group use. Despite all these praises, its single flush stream may not be very convenient for complete waste removal.

  • Convenient rotating spout design
  • Convenient piston pump flush
  • Amazing 50+ flush capacity
  • Sturdy travel bag
  • Safety latch

#7. Thetford 92860 Porta Potti 135 Toilet

Thetford 92860 Porta Potti 135 Toilet

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The Thetford 92860 is a best-selling original toilet. It is exclusively designed to feature a modern appearance. It is also equipped with a rotating pour-out spout to enable easy dumping of waste. Transporting this portable toilet is easy, thanks to the ergonomic handle feature. Thetford 92860 comes complete with a lid to keep it closed when not in use and minimizes odors.

It is well suited for RV, camping, and hiking. It’s stable and sturdily constructed to extend durability. It offers an average of 27 flushes with its 2.6-gallon tank. Its sizing fits perfectly in most cars. This toilet has a large comfortable seat, yet it is compact enough for secure storage. It works superbly even for your potty-trained toddler. The sitting height, however, does not fit people at a go.

  • Convenient rotating pour-out spout
  • Refreshed modern appearance
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Effective lid latch

#6. Dometic 301197406 Portable Toilet

Dometic 301197406 Portable Toilet

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If you are looking for simplicity as well as comfort, then Dometic 974 series is the portable toilet for you. It incorporates the latest technology in the designing of the touch-button flush as no batteries or pumping is required. The push-button technology also ensures a hygienic and powerful flush making it easy to use. Its adult-sized seat gives you untold comfort. It is portable and conveniently lightweight hence perfect for smaller tents and vehicles. Moreover, it offers a unique space-saving capability with its size.

Dometic 974 series is constructed with high strength ABS giving it the ability to withstand harsh environments prolonging its use. It has a smooth finish that makes cleaning this toilet a breeze. The prismatic tank level indicator feature allows you to monitor the tank level so that you can refill it at the right time. What’s more, the latching lid provides security and keeps the toilet shut when not in use. This toilet has a massive waste holding capacity and requires minimal pump action. Materials used in its construction are high-density and high-strength for the surety that it will serve you for a long time. However, the sitting height could be better.

  • High strength ABS construction
  • Prismatic tank level indicator
  • Easy push-button flush
  • Large tank capacity
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#5. ZIMMER Portable Toilet

ZIMMER Portable Toilet

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ZIMMER Portable toilet is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. This high-quality product is sure to offer you the comfort and convenience you desire. This toilet is specially designed, taking off any limits such as power and water source requirements; what then is stopping you from purchasing this unit? This toilet is constructed with durable, heavyweight polyethylene assuring long-lasting use, making it an excellent choice for hunters, fishers, and campers. Also, the seal valve feature ensures this toilet is leak and smell-proof suitable for use every time.

This portable toilet is equipped with a waste tank cap to pour out waste quickly. It is also conveniently fitted with handles for easy transportation. The side latches secure the tank in place. This compact portable toilet is sturdy enough to hold considerable weight. This toilet has a fantastic 70+ flush capacity. Another thing, the container is detachable for easy cleaning. This toilet has a clean and robust flushing system. The removable caps on both the waste tank and fresh water tank makes dumping waste and filling of freshwater an easy task. In spite of all these high remarks, its single flush stream may not be very efficient.

  • Large waste holding capacity
  • Convenient removable caps
  • Strong flushing system
  • Safety seal valve

#4. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

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SereneLife portable toilet indeed gives you the tranquility of an indoor restroom. This toilet comes complete with a high-density carry bag for easy transportation. It also features a no-splash rotating spout for convenient emptying of the waste tank. The easy-to-view level indicator allows you to monitor the tank level to refill it at the right time. SereneLife portable toilet requires no power connection and external water source. With rugged and durable construction, this toilet is sure to give you extended service use.

The best part is, the materials used are also resistant to corrosion. This compact toilet does not occupy much space; neither does it weigh you down because it is lightweight. It is designed with a piston pump flushing system that is efficient in ensuring a clean bowl. The drain valves are double sealed, protecting the toilet against odors and leaks. This toilet has a large waste holding capacity, so you need not empty it frequently. It is sure to make your boating, traveling, and camping experience more enjoyable. The seat size is, however, somewhat small; it does not fit all people at a go.

  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Convenient rotating spout
  • Extra-large toilet tank
  • Sturdy carry bag

#3. Camco 41544 Outdoor Toilet

Camco 41544 Outdoor Toilet

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This Camco camping toilet is an excellent choice for hunting, camping, boat trips, and road trips. The seat is large enough for comfortable use. The water tank employs a pump flush action that is efficient in ensuring a clean toilet bowl. The detachable container is firmly sealed to keep odors and leaks from escaping. The interior is designed with a slick surface for effective waste removal. The latches securing the flush tank are easy to use, with a spring feature for automatic re-attachment.

This toilet features a lid that is equipped with a latch to keep it closed when not in use for more comfortable transport. It is constructed with durable ABS resin prolonging its use. Moreover, the detachable tank serves to make cleaning this toilet an easy task. This sizeable outdoor toilet is simple to use and maintain. It is well suited for hiking, RVing, boating, camping, and more. However, the single-stream flush mechanism may not be very reliable.

  • Efficient interior slick surface
  • Durable ABS construction
  • Suitable detachable tank
  • Sliding gate valve

#2. Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

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The Camco 41541 is the go-for toilet for a better camping toilet experience. The fact is, it’s sturdily constructed with high-density polyethylene to ensure long-lasting use. This toilet features built-in handles that make transportation easier. The side latches serve to secure the tank in place. The seat is large enough for comfortable use. The waste tank features gate valves to keep odors and leaks from escaping.

This portable toilet is designed for RV, boating, camping, among other recreational activities. It is compact and lightweight for easy portability. This toilet is strong enough to support 350 lbs. The removable caps allow for easy filling of the flush tank and easy emptying of the waste tank. Besides, this toilet employs a bellows-type pump for flushing that ensures complete waste removal. The sitting height could, however, be better.

  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Large waste tank capacity
  • Integrated handles
  • Sealed gate valves

#1. Reliance Control Corporation Toilet

Reliance Control Corporation Toilet

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Reliance Portable Toilet is indeed convenient, reliable loo for campers. You can set up this luggable loo in your tent and use it when nature calls. The Snap-on lid feature and the integrated metal handles transporting this toilet easy. The sizing of this toilet is perfect for anyone. It can be used for both outdoor activities such as hiking and indoor as an emergency kit. What’s more, this bucket-style portable toilet is simple and affordable.

Another thing, the toilet’s lid also serves to minimize odors when shut. This toilet has a waste capacity of up to 5 gallons. Reliance Control Corporation takes the hassle out of late-night hikes in search of a communal restroom or the nearest outhouse. When out on a hunting and fishing trip, this portable toilet sure comes in handy. The luggable loo is highly recommended for survival and disaster preparedness. This toilet, however, lacks an efficient emptying mechanism.

  • Large waste holding capacity
  • Simple bucket-style design
  • Integrated metal handle
  • Suitable snap-on lid
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Best Camping Toilets – Buying Guide

There is a broad spectrum of these products in the market today. Do not make rash decisions that you may regret later. You need to consider a few factors before making the ideal pick.

  • Waste holding capacity: Portable toilets come in different sizes. The waste tanks vary in size as well. The nature of your outdoor activity and the time duration may affect your choice of portable toilet.
  • Usefulness: Some portable toilets may feature outstanding characteristics that increase their degree of utility. These features include integrated handles, detachable waste tanks, travel bags, and type of flush mechanism. Choose one that suits your preferences.
  • Convenience: Several specifications of portable toilets may make them more convenient than the others. The size of the seat, for example. If you need the bath for your potty-trained toddler, you may need to consider a smaller-sized toilet.


Add these to your wish list for your next camping adventure. These portable toilet kits let you go wherever and whenever nature calls. Experience the tranquillity of a residential toilet with the convenience and ruggedness needed for extended days in the wilderness, open road, or ocean. Good Luck!

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