Top 10 Best Instant Tents in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Instant Tent

Exploration is a healthy and mind relaxing activity. Spending a single day during weekends is an excellent way to relieve stress and troubling issues. When preparing to go outdoors, you need to have the perfect gear for an unforgettable experience.

Among the unique things to have is an instant tent. The thing that makes these tents unique from others is the time and hassle they save you for setup. Their setup work is straightforward and stress-free. In our review below, we will take you through the 10 best instant tents in 2024.

List of 10 Best Instant Tents in 2024

#10. HIKERGARDEN Camping Tent


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HIKERGRADEN camping tent is a spacious 6-person tent, and it will give you a great outdoor adventure. By purchasing this model, you are guaranteed a waterproof and a tent you can use for years without fading. It has an advanced ventilation system, with 4 mesh windows and 1 large mesh door that allow in and out air circulation.

The tent has a wind-resistant frame with reinforced steel poles that make the tent more stable in rainy and windy conditions. Each tent has a double layer that prevents leaks, and the sturdy pole construction makes it stable than the pop tents. Installing our tent is hassle-free, where you will take 5 minutes with no particular skills required.

  • It comes with a convenient carrying bag
  • Simple to install within 5 minutes
  • Made of thick and durable material
  • It is a 6-person and spacious tent
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Equipped with 4 mesh windows and 1 mesh door
Bottom Line

With this camping tent, you will never have to worry about how to store your small accessories. It has small pockets on the sides that are spacious and convenient to use.

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#9. ALPHA Camp Camping Tent

 ALPHA Camp Camping Tent

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The camping tent is hassle-free to setup, where it comes with poles pre-attached to the tent, helping you set it up in 1 minute or less. You will find 2 large side pockets and ample room to keep all your stuff organized. It has a cable port that gives easy access to the electrical cord, and you will find a reflective tent rope that is ideal for camping at night.

When taking your tent to your destination, don’t worry about carrying hassleas it comes with a convenient carrying bag. It has a spacious interior that can hold 4 to 6 campers and fits one queen air mattress. Our tent features a large D-shaped door and side windows that facilitate ventilation and give you a clear view from the inside.

  • It has high grade steel poles for wind resistance
  • Made of a waterproof and wind resistance material
  • Accommodates 4 to 6 campers
  • Features 2 large side pockets
  • Hassle-free and fast to setup
  • Equipped with a ventilation door and window
  • Comes with a portable carrying bag
Bottom Line

What you will love about this camping tent is how it is easy to set up and bring down within using much time and hassle. Besides, it is spacious enough to accommodate multiple campers.

#8. Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Tent

Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Tent

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Our 12-person instant tent needs no assembly work because it comes with poles pre-attached to the tent. You only need to unfold and extend it. Ozark trail instant tent has large windows on the sides and ample room that gives you the freedom to stand up. It has a large front awning that helps you relax under the shade.

The tent will fit 3 queen airbeds or up to 12 campers in sleeping bags. It has two internal room dividers that enable you to create separate living and sleeping spaces. You will find an oversized ground vent that fits an air conditioner to provide maximum cooling.

  • It has 7 fully closeable windows
  • Setts up within 2 minutes
  • Spacious enough to hold 12 campers and 3 queen airbeds
  • Features a large front awning
  • Equipped with an oversized ground vent
  • It has 2 internal room dividers
Bottom Line

Overall, this is a spacious instant tent that is large enough to hold a group of campers, and the construction makes it reliable during all weather conditions.

#7. Mobihome 6-Person Instant Tent

Mobihome 6-Person Instant Tent

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Mobihome instant tent is simple to setup in minutes without needing any special skills. It is made of polyester material that is sturdy, waterproof, and windproof to give you a good camping experience. The tent has mesh roofs, 3 windows, and a door to provide maximum ventilation.

Our house has a portable and compact construction that makes it easy to set up, and you carry it to your destination without feeling fatigued. It has a spacious design that gives enough space to occupy 2 adults and 3 children. In addition, our tent comes with a carrying bag that allows you to carry your tent hassle-free to your destination.

  • It is lightweight, weighing 14.3lbs
  • Simple to setup within seconds
  • Made of a waterproof and windproof polyester
  • Equipped with a door and 3 ventilation windows
  • Occupies 2 adults and 3 children
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag
Bottom Line

Mobihome instant tent is designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a great outdoor experience, and the interior is spacious to give you maximum comfort.

#6. KAZOO Family Camping Tent

KAZOO Family Camping Tent

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KAZOO family camping tent has a cabin shaped design that gives ample storage space that can hold 6 adults and 2 kids. Setting it up is simple, where one person can put it up within 30 seconds. The construction of this camping tent is resistant to water damage, wind, and all outdoor elements. You are guaranteed to get a tent that can serve you for years without any defects.

It boasts 19mm aluminum poles that provide you a stable and robust frame that will keep the tent standing even in windy conditions. The tent has mesh walls and ceiling that allow for maximum ventilation, and it has 2 dual-zipper doors that give easy in and out access.

  • Has a cabin-shaped design
  • It holds 6 adults and 2 kids
  • Easy to setup within 30 seconds
  • Made of waterproof and durable material
  • Equipped with 19mm aluminum poles
  • Has mesh walls and ceiling for ultimate ventilation
Bottom Line

Our camping tent can be used for hiking, camping, fishing, outdoor BBQ, surfing, family parties, surfing, and field trips.

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#5. OT QOMOTOP Waterproof Camping Tent

OT QOMOTOP Waterproof Camping Tent

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This is a quality instant camping tent that sets up within 60 seconds without any unique skills or tools needed. It is recommended for two persons to build it together, but one person can set it up hassle-free. Furthermore, it measures 13 by 9 feet with a 6ft center height, allowing you to move inside the tent without bending.

The interior is spacious enough to hold 2 queen air beds and your extra camping gears. It has an electrical cord port that is fully closable when not in use, and it features gear pockets for storing your accessories. Our tent comes with a carrying bag that enables you to carry it outdoors with less effort. It has an advanced ground vent and mesh roof that allows for maximum ventilation than the normal tents.

  • It is 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Sets up within 60 seconds
  • Measures 13 by 9 feet with a 6ft center height
  • Has a fully closable electrical cord port
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag
  • It has a mesh roof and advanced ground vent
Bottom Line

If you want a compact instant tent that sets up without taking much space, invest in this tent, and you will love the affordable price.

#4. Hewolf Waterproof Instant Tent

Hewolf Waterproof Instant Tent

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The tent is made of flysheet, and it has good resistance to water damage, wind, and all extreme weather elements. It has 2 large doors and a mesh window that offers enhanced ventilation, and the inner gauze net will protect you from bites in summer. Moreover, it is hassle-free to popup and takes down without using much effort.

It boasts heavy-duty poles that help to attach the tent safely to the ground, and they keep the tent stable during all weather conditions. Our tent has a hexagonal shape with a 5ft center height to allow you to move in the tent without bending.

  • It is constructed of flysheet material
  • Equipped with 2 large doors and a mesh window
  • Simple to setup and takedown
  • Boasts heavy-duty poles for stability
  • Features a hexagonal shape with 5ft center height
Bottom Line

Overall, what you will love about this tent is the spacious interior space that 2 persons and still occupy your camping gear and have some space to spare.

#3. MOON LENCE Pop Up Tent


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It is a roomy camping tent that can occupy 4 adults, and it weighs 4.9kgs so that you can carry it easily. The tent comes with a spacious carrying bag that holds the tent and some camping gears, and it does not occupy much space for storage. Furthermore, it has 2 large doors with zippers and 2 ground vents that offer enough ventilation.

This tent comes with 10 lightweight pegs and 4 guys ropes; these features allow your tent to resist wind and keep it secure. It is made of quality construction that is resistant to UV and water damage to serve you for years. In addition, it has a pop-up mechanism that makes it simple to set up the inner tent within 60 seconds.

  • It has quality SBS zippers for security
  • Occupies up to 4 adults and weighs 4.9kgs
  • Comes with a spacious carrying bag
  • Equipped with 2 large doors and 2 ground vents
  • Features 4 guy ropes and 10 pegs
  • Resistant to UV and water damage
Bottom Line

The construction of this popup tent will give you all-around protection, and spacious design gives everyone enough room to stay comfortable.

#2. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

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Our instant cabin tent is designed to setup within 60 seconds with no tools required, and it can be installed on different surfaces. It comes with a reliable carrying bag that makes it hassle-free to carry the tent to your destination. The cabin tent has an adjustable ground vent, windows, and a door to facilitate ventilation.

It is a spacious tent that can occupy up to 9 people, two queen air mattresses, and some extra camping gears. Core 9-person cabin tent has a room divider and wall storage pockets that help keep your items neat and off the floor. The tent comes with tent stakes that allow you to install the tent on different surfaces.

  • Has an electrical cord access port
  • Features a room divider and wall storage pockets
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag
  • It has tent stakes for enhancing stability
  • Equipped with an adjustable ground vent
  • Sets up within 60 seconds
Bottom Line

What you will enjoy about this cabin tent is the removable rainfly that allows you to enjoy the sky views through the mesh ceiling panels. Furthermore, you will have maximum protection from wind, rain, and harmful UV rays.

#1. Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent

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Coleman cabin tent has a darkroom technology that blocks 90% of sunlight coming into the tent so that you can reduce the temperature build-up in the tent. The poles come already preassembled with the tent, helping you set it up within minutes, and it has patented corner welds and covered seams that keep the water out.

When your camping adventure is over, you can pack this tent into the included carrying bag until you are off your next adventure. The tent gives enough room for two queen size air beds, and it has integrated storage pockets that keep small items organized.

  • It features a dark room technology
  • Poles come preassembled to save you assembly hassle
  • Equipped with covered seams and corner welds
  • Has an included storage and carrying bag
  • Fits two queen size air beds
  • Made from waterproof and thick fabric
Bottom Line

Overall, this is a performance-oriented tent worth investing in, and the price will match those with tight budgets.

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Things to Consider when Choosing an Instant Tent

The thing that determines which instant tent to purchase is your needs. Before you make your purchase, there are some crucial considerations you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Check them below.

  • Assembly: Assembling an instant tent should be simple. The task only becomes complicated if it is your first time to do it. Consider buying the tents that come with a user manual that will guide you step by step on how to finish the task. Besides, if tools are needed, they should be simple to use. A good instant tent should be easy to assemble within 60 seconds or less.
  • Construction: Instant tents are constructed from different materials. The choice you make will determine how long the tent will serve you. Other than durability, the construction material determines how good you will be protected from extreme weather conditions. Consider choosing the tents made from polyester fabric that resists wind, water, UV, and fading. Tents made from fabric provides all-round protection no matter the weather condition.
  • Ease of use: We have already talked about assembly. A good instant tent should be simple to use and accessible at any time. It should be fitted with dual-zippers that are sturdy and simple to use. The zippers should give you simple in and out access to your tent. Furthermore, go for tents with a carrying bag to help you carry and store the tent easily.
  • Size: The size of an instant tent you want to purchase is determined by the number of campers and camping. Previously, tents were only built to accommodate at least 3 or two people. Nowadays, tents are designed to accommodate from 4 to 12 persons. Depending on the number of persons, you will know the size of the tent you want to purchase. Furthermore, it should have a good center height that will enable you to move inside the tent comfortably.


From the above guide, we hope you have found a perfect instant tent that will be suited for all your outdoor adventure needs. The tents are of different sizes, and each model is unique in it’s way. All we hope is that you have enjoyed going through our guide and we were helpful. Good when going for your next outdoor adventure.

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