Top 10 Best Tripod TV Stands in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your TV appearance and viewing as well as your interior décor, then you need to consider investing in a Tripod TV Stand. With the current advancement, you do not need a large unit to support your TV or have to install a wall TV mount. Today, with the help of a Tripod TV stand, you can mount your TV any spot in the house that you feel fit.

Unfortunately, you’re likely to face challenges while choosing the best tripod TV stand because of the many types and brands available out there. You might see a cool-looking Tripod stand, but it might not offer the necessary support. Luckily, we are here to help. Within this article, you will find a list of aspects that you need to consider as you buy and a buying list of products to fasten your process.

List of Best Tripod TV Stands in 2021

#10. PERLESMITH Portable TV Tripod Stand

PERLESMITH Portable TV Tripod Stand

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If you’re searching for a universal swivel tripod TV stand for your TV, here is the first option you can invest in, the PERLESMITH TV Tripod Stand. It comes as a portable stand designed to fit 23-55-inch LCD, LED, or OLED flat-screen televisions and also compatible with multiple VESA patterns. As a space-saving, it does come with a 360-degree swivel that performs flawlessly.

The stand is ideal for use at home, during a gathering, or in a home theater. It also brings games outdoor for everyone to enjoy. However, you should know that even though it’s portable, the weight might not be comfortable to carry for some users.

  • Flexible pole w/adjustable viewing height
  • Swivel 360° and Saving Space
  • Lightweight portability
  • Durability and robust
  • Super Easy to set up
  • Holds up to 88lbs

#9. Elitech Steel Portable TV Stand

Elitech Steel Portable TV Stand

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Elitech Steel tripod stand is another great model you can buy. But why trust it? The position is portable, durable, and firm. It features an all-metallic construction, which makes it long-lasting and super sturdy yet lightweight for portability. It’s designed to fit flat screen LED and LCD Televisions. It’s also an ideal tripod stand for carrying around, especially for presentations, trade shows, and portable advertisement displays.

Another thing, this super-strong tripod stand can turn your Flat TV toward different angles quickly to face you to wherever you’re in the room. Its tripod stand is well-designed to ensure it stays stable but must be placed on a flat level surface. However, you need to know that the assembly and TV mounting can be somehow complicated for some.

  • The anti-scratch powder paint finish
  • 77lbs max loading capacity
  • Steel pole of a center pole
  • Aluminum tripod legs
  • Easy adjustment

#8. Rfiver Portable Tripod TV Display Floor Stand

Rfiver Portable Tripod TV Display Floor Stand

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If you want a tripod stand that you can mount your flat or curved screen TV, then this Rfiver portable tripod TV display stand might be what you need. It’s a tilting and swiveling TV stand compatible with plasma LCD, LED, and OLED TVs. Another thing, it does come with versatile VESA mounting hole patterns for easy mounting and broad compatibility. Durability and construction are unmatchable.

Everything on it is metallic and powder-coated to ensure it doesn’t scratch or rust. It’s foldable and movable, making it perfect for home, classroom, studio, office, school, trade show, and commercial use. The assembly and mounting directions are a little wonky, but you can easily set it up.

  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch rubberized legs
  • Swivel and Tilt Mount System
  • Height Adjustable Stand pole
  • Easy transfer and storage
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Great Stability

#7. TAVR Flat Screen TV Tripod Portable Floor TV Stand

TAVR Flat Screen TV Tripod Portable Floor TV Stand

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Here is another durably made flat-screen TV tripod floor stand, but this time from TAVR. It’s a high-durable and robust stand designed to hold your LCD and LED flat or curved screens. It has a capacity of holding up to 100lbs and has a wire management solution allowing you to organize and conceal any wires connected to the TV easily.

As a universal TV stand, it comes with adjustable height allowing it to meet different TV sizes or your seating requirement. When you want to change the view direction, you quickly rotate the stand with its 360-degree swivel and tilt it for an optimal viewing angle. Note some buyers complained of the unit coming without the instruction notes.

  • Non-slip and anti-scratch protector
  • Portable and foldable construction
  • Comfortable mount swivel and tilt
  • Black powder-coated steel legs
  • Adjustable viewing height
  • Hold up to 100lbs
  • Easy installation

#6. Mount-It! LCD Flat Panel TV Tripod

Mount-It! LCD Flat Panel TV Tripod

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Mount-it! Wants you to enjoy the best view anywhere in the house or during an outdoor event with their LCD Flat Panel Tripod TV Stand. It’s a durably-made stand featuring versatility and highly durable construction. The position is designed to fit LED and LCD screens TVs of size between 32-inches and 70-inches.

Its adjustable height pole and the adjustable TV bracket allows it to be universally compatible with different TV models and brands. Another thing, the construction features solid steel pole strong enough to support up to 77lbs. Its legs are easily folded and come with a broad base and non-slip rubberized feet for stability and safety of your TV.

  • Portable and universal compatibility
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Height-adjustable telescoping pole
  • Non-slip, rubberized feet
  • Solid steel construction
  • Foldable tripod legs
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#5. 5Rcom Tripod TV Floor Display Stand

5Rcom Tripod TV Floor Display Stand

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If you’re yet to be pleased, this next model, the 5Rcom TV Tripod Stand, might catch your eye. It comes as a portable and foldable TV stand ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. As a universal mount stand, it’s made to fit TVs between 37-inches and 70-inches. It’s also ideal for Plasma, LCD, LED, and OLED flat panel or curved-screen TVs.

On top of that, the metallic pole and broad base ensure the stand stays in shape for a long time. Another noticeable feature is, it’s convenient in portable use thanks to its sturdy yet lightweight construction. The rubbers on its fit offer ideal anti-slip support, but the rubbers wear out quickly.

  • Multiple vertical height adjustments
  • Tool-free knob and security pin
  • Convenient in portable use
  • Swivel and tilt functions
  • Universal mount stand
  • Mount swivel and tilt

#4. EleTab Easel Tripod TV Display Portable Floor Stand

EleTab Easel Tripod TV Display Portable Floor Stand

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Here is another well-designed tripod TV stand suited for home theaters, exhibition hall, office, and more, the EleTab Easel Tripod Stand. It’s also a portable and foldable structure that allows natural movement and storage. That’s not all; it does also have an artistic design with an elegant presentation enabling it to improve any décor look.

Its versatility and compatibility allow this universal tripod mount stand to fit most TVs of size between 45-inches and 65-inches with VESA mounting hole patterns. The EleTab Easel height adjustability on the pole and the legs allows easy change of the view height depending on the seating arrangement. It also has a 180-degree swivel for optimal viewing angle.

  • Artistic design and elegant presentation
  • Portable and foldable structure
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Tripod Mount System
  • Height Adjustability

#3. Pyle Premium Flat Panel TV Tripod

Pyle Premium Flat Panel TV Tripod

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Pyle Premium TV Tripod Stand is yet another high-quality, durable TV stand you can buy. It’s a universal VESA mount TV stand compatible with most of today’s latest TVs. Its unmatchable sturdy construction features heavy-duty, reinforced metal steel alloy gives you peace of mind while supporting your TV.

Besides that, there are rubbers feet to provide slip-resistance and keep the setup stable. The height adjustability and the 360-degree swivel allows you to set ideal viewing height. Another thing that its customers loved is its natural placement and easy setup. The weight capacity, however, is quite low, at 22lbs and the screen fitness could be better.

  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • 360 degrees tilt adjustment
  • Portable, convenient design
  • Adjustable viewing height
  • Easy setup and storage
  • Foldable tripod design
  • Universal VESA mount

#2. VIVO Black Tripod TV Display Floor Stand

VIVO Black Tripod TV Display Floor Stand

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In the second place, we have the high-performing VIVO Tripod Stand. It a lightweight, portable yet super durable stand made to give you a versatile TV mount. It features a design that allows it to be ideal for LED and LCD flat-screen TVs. It’s a solidly constructed tripod stand with incredible stability. With this model, you get to enjoy your TV experience from an ergonomic, convenient viewing angle.

Furthermore, the stand has five points of adjustments with a simple forward and backward adjustment and a secure tilting mechanism. It’s capable of holding TVs of size between 32-inches to 55-inches and up to 77lbs. You should know, the pricing is a bit high, but considering what it offers, it surely worth it.

  • Effortless storage and transportation
  • Convenient and ergonomic angle
  • Five height adjustment points
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • Suitable a-frame design
  • Durable metal security pin
  • Sturdy steel design
  • And easy setup

#1. Audio2000’S AST420Y Portable TV/Monitor Stand

Audio2000'S AST420Y Portable TV/Monitor Stand

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If you need a robust, high-durable tripod stand with outstanding service and quality, then you might want to buy this Audio2000’S AST420Y TV stand. It features superior construction, which makes it robust and super reliable.

Another thing, as a heavy-duty, sturdy and high-quality TV stand, it does feature a metallic pole and legs, which are also powder-coated to ensure they are rust-resistant.

The unit comes with hangers where you get to hang your mic during a presentation. It’s also great to note that it’s quite easy to set up, assemble, and disassemble. Note that, the stand plate is too small to fit some TV screens.

  • Heavy-duty, sturdy, and portable
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Outstanding great assembly
  • Professional-looking design
  • Convenient mic placing
  • Perfect set up

Best Tripod TV Stand Buying guide

The first thing you need to know before you embark on the Best Tripod TV Stand hunting is how to choose the right model for your needs. To do that, you have to consider a set of considerations that will make it easy for you to select the best model. They include:

  • Capacity: While making your selection, you must make sure that the model you’re about to buy has the right dimensions to fit your TV. And since TVs are getting bigger each day, you might want to pick a larger model with full versatility. You need a tripod TV stand that can fit multiple televisions. Also, check if the tripod stand can support your TV weight plus all the gadgets you use with it.
  • Style: A tripod TV stand can be handy and also decorative depending on the type, design, and style you decide to buy. Different models bring different styles to the table. If you pick the ideal form, then it will improve your interior décor substantially. Make sure your pick coordinates with the room’s décor.
  • Construction integrity: Durability and structural strength is something you must never to double-check while buying a tripod TV stand. You need something you can trust to hold your expensive investment well and firm. Check the joints, the welding, and also the quality of the materials. The stand needs to have a durable and sturdy structure resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Portability: Now that you know the size, capacity, and durability, next, you need to check the portability, especially if you will want to move your TV around the house. Mostly people prefer the tripod stand for its movability, and if you sacrifice that, then you might not enjoy its functionality.
  • Safety: Lastly, you have to consider the safety features on the tripod stand like the tightening accessory and the anti-slip base. The tight accessories will offer the necessary support and balance. While still on this, you might also want to check on the rotation and the tilting of the stand. If you need a tripod stand, the tilts, rotate, or both, then you need to make sure the right safety measures are in place.


With the info provided here, it’s for sure the process is more natural, straightforward, and time conscious. Every product listed here deserves its praise. The reviews are from customer testimonies, which means you now know how it performs in real life. Remember to consider your budget while making your purchase.

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