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If you are having a plan of installing a new shower valve or faucet kit in your shower, you can take longer to become conversant with different models of shower valves out there. The pressure-balance Valve for the shower is designed to channel water to your bathroom shower at an approximately constant temperature, though with pressure variations in the cold or hot channel lines. This denotes, if a user happens to do toilet flushing while you’re showering, it is evident that the temperature of shower water should not rapidly become cold and hot.

However, finding the ideal shower valve can be so overwhelming because there are very many types out there. But, the compiled products below will make shower valve selection easier for you.

List of Best Shower Valves in 2022 | Moen Shower Valves

#10. American Standard RU101SS Shower Valve

American Standard RU101SS Shower Valve

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Have the most efficient and fast installation with the American standard shower valve. It is flexible in each situation. Next, it features a compact body and a flat back. This ensures a simplified and secure process of installation to accommodate smaller spaces. Furthermore, it has a test cap. Therefore this allows you to test, flush, and install lines easily.

Additionally, it features a durable material. In the same way, the material prolongs its contact with water. Besides, it has a stainless steel ring. Thereby, the ring keeps the cartridge and test cap in position without screws. However, they sell the cartridge separately. The plaster guard protects your Valve. Similarly, it acts as your guide when you are installing. On the other hand, it has no adapters; hence it has few leaking points.

  • Efficient and fast installation
  • Compact body and a flat back
  • Has a test cap
  • Flexible in each situation
  • Plaster guard protects your Valve
  • Has no adapter
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#9. Speakman CPV-P-IS Pressure-Balance Shower Valve

Speakman CPV-P-IS Pressure-Balance Shower Valve

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Say goodbye to shower valve of poor quality and complicated installation with Speakman CPV-P-IS. This is because the untrustworthy shower valve may cost more on shower remodeling. It embodies expert designing with hard, all brass construction for unsurpassed durability. Fortunately, this shower valves from Speakman protects the user from pressure spikes, which cause scalding water and thermal shock.

An inbuilt temperature limit stop, you can set maximum preferred water temperature to suit your needs. The Valves meets ASSE 1016 standards for better performance. Each Valve is made to work perfectly with every Speakman Valve Trim.

  • Ceramic temperature regulating & pressure balancing cartridge
  • Anti-scald element for scalding water protection
  • All brass body structure for longevity
  • Adjustable temperature restriction stops
  • Inbuilt check valves

#8. Symmons 261XBODY Temptrol Shower Valve

Symmons 261XBODY Temptrol Shower Valve

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Get a high-quality shower valve with Symmons. First, you can use it constantly with ease. Advantageously, it delivers a comfortable and safe shower at all times. In addition to that, it balances pressure. Furthermore, it has an adjustable screw at the top to limit the handle turn.

On top of that, it has built-in service stops. Then again, it features bronze and brass construction. Also, the pressure-balancing Valve avoids shower scald. Moreover, it has the 1/2-in NPT that is universal. Last but not least, it features direct sweat outlets and inlets. Lastly, they manufacture it in the United States of America.

  • Very high quality
  • It balances pressure.
  • Built-in service stops
  • Direct sweat outlets and inlets
  • Comfortable and safe shower
  • 1/2-in Universal NPT

#7. DELTA FAUCET PTR188700-IP Peerless Shower Valve

DELTA FAUCET PTR188700-IP Peerless Shower Valve

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Getting ready every time is far from reality with a shower valve that goes well with your personal style. And to start with, this shower from DELTA FAUCET is designed for performance, and hence it elegant and understated classic bath series is durable in any setting. The included valve cartridge has a pressure-balanced function for consistent shower temperature.

More importantly, sudden temperature changes are not possible, and also, it is used in running appliances and toilet flushing. Along with that, its connection types include female IPS inlets of 1/2-inch and outlets accept CPVC or PEX or support Back-to-back connection capability for multi-unit buildings

  • Valve cartridge for pressure balancing
  • Female IPS inlets: : 1/2-inch

#6. Moen 2580 Posi-Temp Shower Valve

Moen 2580 Posi-Temp Shower Valve

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Enjoy many years of performance with the Moen shower valves. It is very strong and durable. This is because of the metal construction. The metal ensures heat resistance and strength. Also, it features temperature control. The Posi- temperature valve maintains the pressure of water. Besides, it is very flexible and longstanding.

On top of that, it is long-lasting. Then again, it has a limited lifetime warranty. Most importantly, it has 1222 cartridge. This allows for back-to-back installations. Equally important is the presence of Valve. The Valve is compatible with a common M-PACT valve system. Also, this system is convenient. Therefore, you can upgrade the faucet’s appearance minus touching the plumbing.

  • Strong and durable
  • It is long-lasting
  • Flexible and longstanding
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • It is convenient
  • Features temperature control
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#5. PULSE ShowerSpas 3001-RIV-PB-BN 1/2” NPT Tru-Temp Mixing Valve

PULSE ShowerSpas 3001-RIV-PB-BN 1/2” NPT Tru-Temp Mixing Valve

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This Tru-Temp Mixing Valve from PULSE ShowerSpas is a brushed nickel shower valve with 1/2” NPT. The elegant Brushed-Nickel shower valve utilizes a mixing-cartridge with pressure-balanced to guarantee constant water temperature even if the water pressure changes. It is characterized by adjustable hot limit protection/safety stop to significantly lower possible scalding risk.

Moreover, the brass valve-body ensures long-life and offers high-quality, long-lasting performance. It is much easier to replace your current Valve in minutes. With a convenient Plaster Guard, you are well guided during installation. Also available in oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome finishes. The manufacturer also allows limited lifetime warranty.

  • High-quality brass valve-body
  • Pressure-balancing valve-cartridge
  • Brass nipple: 1/2” npt
  • Convenient plaster-guard
  • Limited lifetime warranty

#4. KES XB6210-BN Shower Valve

KES XB6210-BN Shower Valve

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This shower valve is long-lasting. This is because of the brass faucet body. Next, it is easy to use. Also, it has a standardized connection of half NPT Tapered Threads. Also, it features a very long shower arm. The arm is stainless steel. Similarly, this arm measures 15.4 inches.

Additionally, it has a valve material brass. Moreover, it has a showerhead, which is 8 inches large. Advantageously, it is easy to spray and clean holes. It also features a wall mount method of installation. Last but not least, it features a brushed nickel finish. In conclusion, it has a square showerhead design.

  • It is long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Wall mount method of installation
  • Very long shower arm
  • Arm measures 15.4 inches
  • valve material brass
  • Brushed nickel finish

#3. KES LB6700-ORB Shower valve Faucet Set

KES LB6700-ORB Shower valve Faucet Set

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Shower faucet kit from KES is faucet body is constructed with a premium grade that ensures longevity and quality. This anti-scald & cUPC certified shower valve. It comes with handle and trim. Handle, and faceplate are better-polished chrome finish, which is built to resist day-to-day corrosions and scratches. Increasingly, the KES shower valve kit features faucet lever, rough-in Valve, and faceplate.

Additionally, the temperature limit stop can be readjusted to cater to seasonal changes in inlet water temperature. Besides, KES shower faucet works perfectly with a water temperature of between 90°F to 110°F. From the floor, the installation is height is 100-150 cm.

  • Brass valve construction material
  • Finish: oil rubbed bronze
  • Installation: wall mount
  • Connection size: ½-inches npt
  • Temperature limit stop adjustment
  • Cupc certified

#2. Pfister 00131XA 3-Handle Shower & Tub Rough-In Valve

Pfister 00131XA 3-Handle Shower & Tub Rough-In Valve

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This product is of very high quality. The trendsetting finishes and advanced manufacturing techniques satisfy the needs of all customers. Further, it features very modern designs. In addition to that, it features a three-hole installation. Also, it includes union nuts. Again, it has 1/2” I.P. Outlets and 1/2” Union Inlets.

On top of that, the Pforever has a lifetime warranty and has a cover finish. To add to that, it features the best faucets and accessories. This delivers exceptional style, innovation, and value. Besides, this shower valve is long-lasting. Consequently, it is strong. Get yourself this showerhead and enjoy its services.

  • Very high quality
  • Includes union nuts
  • It is long-lasting
  • Features modern designs
  • Has a lifetime warranty

#1. Delta Faucet Shower Valve

Delta Faucet Shower Valve

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When you choose a shower valve from delta faucet, you can easily upgrade the functionality and style of showers without interfering or altering the valve body connection behind the wall. The reason for this is that it has Delta’s dual-function, dual-function thermostatic, or single-function trim kit compatibility.

In addition to that, the shower valve is characterized by universal connection options, and these options include 1/2-Inch Universal Inlets adopts 1/2-Inch Copper, CPVC or PEX Adapters, and 1/2-Inch Iron Pipe as well. Square plaster guard is yet another special feature that enhances 90-degree cuts. Delta also allows Limited Lifetime Warranty on this MultiChoice Universal Valve.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Square plaster guard
  • Universal Connection Types: PEX & IPS
  • Single-Function Pressure
  • Dual-Function thermostatic
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How to choose the best shower valve

  • Number of Controls: In general, shower valves feature in three varieties based on the incorporated number of control. If you wish to have a beautiful shower experience, then consider the one with the highest number of controls. The shower faucet kit with three controls enhances for better temperature adjustment and pressure balancing.
  • Construction Design: It is hard to understand your reason for searching for an ideal shower valve for that matter. Possibly, it can be used as a replacement for leaking or faulty Valve. So, you need to check a shower valve that is leak-proof and well-design. What’s more, it must be sturdily constructed and well-sealed. Check if the shower valve you want to purchase is certified tried leak-resistant.
  • Material: The material utilized in making shower faucet is another essential consideration. Honestly, the commonly utilized materials are soldered metal, brass, and plastic. High-quality plastic and brass are suitable material for shower fittings. Regardless of your selection, the material must be rust, tarnish, corrosion-proof. You can also ensure that the material of your choice should be durable and strong.
  • Outlets: The shower valve is available in 1-to-3 outlets. In all honesty, multiple outlets will also help you in different ways, like providing an attachment for body jets and a hand shower with it. Based on personal preference, choosing the one with multiple outlets.


In summary, the shower valves are the best and reliable product you can ever find out there. Virtually all of these are designed for performance, durability, and compatibility in mind. You can easily identify the best shower valve that works best for you. There are numerous great brands of shower valves. But you are expected to check on product usage and durability. Choose your favorite today!

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