Top 10 Best Personal Ultrasonic Humidifiers in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Personal Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The air tends to be quite dry in the winter, which can cause discomfort to most people. Those who are suffering from respiratory issues need moisture in the air to alleviate symptoms. This is what an ultrasonic humidifier can offer. Allow us to help you choose the perfect item to buy as you read our top 10 best personal ultrasonic humidifiers in 2020 reviews. We have scoured the internet and found these highly-rated products that are sure to give you the results you need.

With a great-quality humidifier in your home, you can achieve numerous benefits to your health and even to your budget! For instance, a humidifier relieves asthma and allergy symptoms. It also soothes itchy and dry lips and skin. If you suffer from sinusitis, a humidifier can help by keeping the air you breathe more moist and gentle to your sinuses. And did you know that it also helps insulate your home and keep the warm air in, which is excellent during the winter season? That can reduce your heating costs while ensuring your comfort in the frigid months.

List of Best Personal Ultrasonic Humidifiers in 2020

Let us go over our 10 best personal ultrasonic humidifiers in 2020 and choose the right one that matches your needs and expectations.

#10. LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier

LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier

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This ultrasonic humidifier from Levoit has a capacity of 2.4 liters, which should be fine to use in an average-sized room. The reservoir is BPA-free, so you can place it in your baby’s room without any worries about health risks. As this unit operates quietly, it is soothing and gentle to support your sleep. When positioned at the lowest setting, you should be able to run this unit for 24 hours and keep your indoor air clean and light the whole time.

Just one thing to note about this humidifier – it does not come with a filter. You also need to be careful when refilling the tank to prevent leaks.

  • Quiet operation
  • BPA-free water tank
  • Runs up to 24 hours at the lowest setting
  • No filter included

#9. LEVOIT 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

LEVOIT 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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If you need an ultrasonic humidifier that can run for several hours, the Levoit 4-liter humidifier should be perfect for you. It comes with a spacious tank, so it should be good to go for a maximum of 40 hours at the lowest setting. This is a great humidifier to use for your bedroom, living room, or nursery. As the unit is BPA-free and ETL-listed, it is perfectly safe to use in your home. The mist is also adjustable, allowing you to select the speed setting that matches your needs and preferences the most.

Keep in mind that the light does not remain on for over one minute. So you may want to press the button to check if it has been turned on and to know the power level it currently has.

  • Suitable for a medium-sized room
  • Elegant aesthetics
  • Silent operation
  • Refilling the tank tends to be a bit messy

#8. Homech Ultrasonic Cool Mist Bedroom Humidifier

Homech Ultrasonic Cool Mist Bedroom Humidifier

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By: Homech

Enjoy breathing clean and light air in your home with the help of the Homech ultrasonic humidifier. This unit comes with a rotating nozzle, which evenly distributes humidity in your home. It comes with a large reservoir that can hold up to 4 liters of water, so you can use this unit for up to 60 hours. With whisper-quiet operation, it will help you sleep peacefully through the night.

We recommend that you use a mild water and vinegar solution to clean the tank to remove any mineral buildup. But as for the cleanup process, it is very straightforward and easy.

  • Long-lasting and large capacity reservoir
  • The guide tube for the mist prevents molds
  • Auto shut-off when the tank runs empty
  • Requires vinegar and water solution to clean thoroughly

#7. Homasy 2.5 Liter Cool Mist 7-Color Lights Humidifier Diffuser

Homasy 2.5 Liter Cool Mist 7-Color Lights Humidifier Diffuser

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By: Homasy

Perfect for your child’s room, play area, and your bedroom, the Homasy humidifier keeps your indoor air quality clean, fresh, and light. You can also diffuse essential oils using this unit, which adds a nice, soothing fragrance in your room. Filling the tank is easy – all you need is to twist down the cover, pour the water in, and seal it back. There is a sleep mode that turns the light off, or you can keep the mood light on for a gorgeous ambiance in your indoor space.

Be sure not to overfill the tank to prevent spillage and leaks. Otherwise, everything else about this unit is well-designed and straightforward.

  • 7-color ambiance light
  • Includes 2 levels for the mist and a sleep mode
  • Comes with a diffuser for essential oils
  • Does not last for several hours because of a smaller tank

#6. Honeywell Easy-Fill Cool Mist Mistmate Humidifier

Honeywell Easy-Fill Cool Mist Mistmate Humidifier

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By: Honeywell

Enhance the air quality indoors with the Mistmate humidifier from Honeywell. This unit is a cool-mist humidifier, which produces a cool and fine mist that keeps your home comfortable and less dry. You will find this humidifier greatly beneficial for dry skin and nasal congestion. Perfect for the allergy season, winter, or whenever the air is dry, this unit offers outstanding health benefits.

We love how easy it is to use this humidifier. But do make sure to clean it weekly to prevent bacteria and buildups from settling in the tank.

  • Good for a maximum of 20 hours
  • Ideal for a small room or office
  • Easy to refill
  • Requires weekly cleaning

#5. TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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By: TaoTronics

Packed with numerous features, this ultrasonic humidifier is quite impressive and a true value for your money. It features a spacious tank that holds up to 4 liters of water, so it should be able to run for a maximum of 30 hours when full. There is a sleep mode and a nightlight, and you can easily turn the LED light off to help you sleep through the night. Plus, with a humidistat, you can check the RH to know the humidity level and adjust it when needed.

One thing to mention about this unit is the tank’s opening. It is slightly on the small side, so it is difficult for anyone to wipe the inside down. Other than that, everything else about this product works.

  • Silent operation
  • Works up to 30 hour
  • Comes with a humidistat, LED light, and sleep mode
  • Small opening for the tank

#4. VicTsing Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

VicTsing Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

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By: VicTsing

Whether you need to enhance the humidity in your home or diffuse essential oils in the air, this unit can make both things possible. The VicTsing humidifier features a 150 ml tank that ensures operation of up to 10 hours on a low setting. There are 8 color lights to add a nice ambiance, and you can also turn it off if it gets too distracting. With an automatic shut off feature, it is safe and worry-free to use.

The unit seems well-made and has good functions such as the essential oil compatibility, mood lights, and safety features. The total run time is not too long, though, but it performs quite well.

  • Includes mood lights with 8 colors
  • Automatic shut off
  • Works as an essential oil diffuser
  • Not very long working time

#3. Crane Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Crane Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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By: Crane

When you require lighter and a higher humidity level in your home, the Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier should be excellent for this purpose. It helps to relieve flu and cold symptoms, as well as dry hair and skin. There is a clean-control material to this unit, which prevents bacteria and mold from building up. With a removable water tank, it is easy to empty and refill each time.

Overall, we think this humidifier works for the purpose it serves. There are instances that it tends to leaks, though, so be sure never to overfill the reservoir.

  • Spacious 4-gallon tank
  • Hygienic and prevents bacteria formation
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • May leak sometimes when full

#2. Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier

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By: Pure Enrichment

Breathe in light and fresh air each time with the help of this well-made ultrasonic humidifier. It includes a 1.5-liter tank that you can fill up to the designated amount, then it should be good to go for 16 hours. The unit also comes with an auto shut off safety feature, so it turns off immediately once the tank runs empty. Lastly, there are two-speed settings to help you select the desired mist direction and humidifier speed suitable for you.

For the price you pay, this unit is indeed worth it. It is perfect for a smaller room and it is easy to fill. But if you prefer a humidifier that lasts for several hours, this unit may be too small for your needs.

  • Ideal for a smaller room
  • A breeze to clean and refill
  • Safety feature added
  • Small tank

#1. InnoGear Aromatherapy Upgraded Version Ultrasonic Humidifier

InnoGear Aromatherapy Upgraded Version Ultrasonic Humidifier

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By: InnoGear

Last but not least, we have this well-made and feature-rich ultrasonic humidifier from InnoGear. This is an excellent humidifier that is compact, practical, and great-looking. There are 2 modes for the mist, as you can select the speed at the same time. As the material is sturdy and free from chemicals, you should be able to use this humidifier in the nursery. There are mood lights (8, in total) that you can switch from bright to dim. With a compact size, this humidifier is portable and easy to take with you anywhere.

The light that shows the humidifier is working can be distracting for some people. Otherwise, the rest of the features work great and it truly keeps the air clean and fresh longer.

  • Freshens up the air and improves the humidity level
  • Comes with mood lights
  • Switchable modes for the mist function
  • The power light stays on all the time

Buying Guide for the Best Personal Ultrasonic Humidifiers in 2020

Now that you know the best items in stores, let us go over this quick buying guide to help you come up with an outstanding purchasing decision.

  • Noise Level: You should choose an ultrasonic humidifier that performs silently. A desirable level is 40 dB or under, which should help you sleep peacefully through the night. Anything that is higher than that can disrupt your sleep.
  • Pre-Programmed Setting: Choose an ultrasonic humidifier that comes with a number of settings. The mist level and speed should be adjustable. This allows you to select your preferred setting that can effectively address your health concerns. With the changing humidity levels throughout the year, a humidifier with varied settings can prove to be beneficial to your health and needs.
  • Operation: The larger the tank, the longer the hours of operation. There are ultrasonic humidifiers that can run for up to 60 hours while others do not last that long. But keep in mind that with more hours of usage, this means the tank is larger, too. If you do not have enough space on your desk, this may be an issue.
  • Ease of Cleanup: Consider buying an ultrasonic humidifier that is a breeze to clean. It should not require intensive brushing or scrubbing but perhaps just the use of a gentle cleaning solution. There are units that only require weekly cleaning with a water and vinegar solution. Also, check the design of the tank. If the opening is larger, it should be easier to clean up the interior parts.
  • Humidistat: You want to make sure that there is a means for you to determine the existing level of humidity in your room. This is why a humidistat is a great addition as it detects how moist the air is and switches the unit off when the desired level is achieved.
  • Safety: It is essential that you buy an ultrasonic humidifier with safety features to ease your worries each time you use it. A BPA-free tank and an automatic shut off are good safety features, particularly if you are planning on using this unit in the nursery.


An ultrasonic humidifier is indeed a must-have in every home to keep the air and humidity level beneficial to one’s health. After learning more about the features to look for, as well as having an idea on highly-rated items in this category, you should be well on your way to making the best purchasing decision that you will not regret.

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