Top 10 Best Lacrosse Goals in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Lacrosse Goals

Lacrosse is one of the fast-growing sports that is loved by anyone from children to old age people. However, without the best lacrosse goal, it is hard to excel in your shooting skills. Lacrosse’s goal lets you safely learn how accurately place your shots on goal past the goalie. These units have a sturdy frame and strong net that will hold the balls inside the interior. Their new designs are versatile to allow placement in your courtyard, garden, lawn, or any other place.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Lacrosse Goals 2020 to help you choose the right one.

List of 10 Best Lacrosse Goals in 2020

#10. SikShot Big Red 6×6 Lacrosse Goal

SikShot Big Red 6x6 Lacrosse Goal

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The SikShot Lacrosse Goal is the perfect choice for your patio gameplay. It is a 6×6 Lacrosse Goal equipped with a 5mm spun woven net and a 1.5 inches reinforced steel frame replicating the real game experience. Ideally, this product is available in six different colors: Navy, Royal, Red, Carolina, Black, and white; hence, you can customize it to match your Favorite College Program, Travel, or town.

This Lacrosse Goal comes in six pieces making it easy to set up. Other than that, it is equipped with stringing loops that save you more time whenever you are stringing up the goal. If you are an aspirant and you want to incest on an affordable Lacrosse Goal but of excellent quality, this is the one for you.

  •  Equipped with 1.5 inches reinforced steel frame
  •  Available in 6 different colors
  •  5mm spun woven net
  •  Comes with 6 pieces for easy setup
  •  Has 90-degree corners
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#9. STX Lacrosse Folding 4 x 4-Feet Orange Backyard Lacrosse Goal

STX Lacrosse Folding 4 x 4-Feet Orange Backyard Lacrosse Goal

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The STX Lacrosse Goal is constructed from high-quality metal materials but accessible in at a budget-friendly worth. This lacrosse goal measures 83.566 cm length by 45.465 cm width by 10.16 cm height, making it perfect for home shooting practice. In addition to that, the package includes 3 mm net and sturdy 1.5-inch steel tubing that has rounded edges, making it easy to setup. It features a lightweight design; hence you can easily transport from one place to another.

This high-density net is super strong, and it will withstand the extreme level of ball shots while it is going to serve you for many years. Apart from easy setup, this Lacrosse Goal can fit into a small bag for convenient storage. Above all, this equipment is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

  •  Comes with sturdy 1.5-inch steel tubing
  •  Perfect for home shooting practice
  •  Lightweight and sturdy
  •  Comes complete with a 3 mm net
  •  Stored easily when not in use

#8. FORZA 6ft x 6ft Lacrosse Goal Target Sheet with Bungee Cords

FORZA 6ft x 6ft Lacrosse Goal Target Sheet with Bungee Cords

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This Lacrosse Goal by FORZA is ideal for young boys or girls, aspiring athletes, and youth league coaches. It challenges your shooting in every way, from top corner shots to ground shots. Ideally, this product is made of heavy-duty woven polyethylene materials with reinforced hem for durability. In addition to that, it is perfect for highly skilled lacrosse players and beginners alike as the 8 different shooting usually targets different challenges on every occasion.

This Lacrosse Goal fits 6feet x 6feet standard-sized lacrosse goals and comes with elastic bungee ties that help you attach to the lacrosse goals. Other than that, it features tough materials construction; hence it can take years of use without any issue.

  •  Bungee cords are included
  •  Made from a heavy-duty polypropylene materials
  •  Target sheet seams are reinforced
  •  Eight different sized goal targets
  •  Fits 6ft x 6ft sized lacrosse goals

#7. Bownet Men’s Bow-Crease Lacrosse Crease

Bownet Men's Bow-Crease Lacrosse Crease

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If you are looking for a great backyard ball game, this Lacrosse Crease goal comes in handy. It boasts a sturdy yet portable structure perfect for coached to use it as amateur training gear. This Lacrosse goal is made from brightly colored and resilient orange nylon to outlast any harsh weather conditions, and it is highly visible on the playing field. Its 18 feet diameter crease follows most Lacrosse standards for the club, high school, youth, and college lacrosse practices.

Setting up this Lacrosse crease is very simple, with no hassle of painting and measuring. No tools required when setting it up hence saving you up more time and is going to fit any make of goal, and it is perfect for any age group.

  •  Constructed from brightly colored orange nylon
  •  Takes less than 30 seconds to sets up
  •  Good for any age group
  •  Comes with free 30 x 1 foot round case
  •  Packed in a durable organized carrying bag

#6. PowerNet 6×6 or 4×4 Portable Lacrosse Goal for Scrimmages or Practice with Carrying Bag

PowerNet 6x6 or 4x4 Portable Lacrosse Goal for Scrimmages or Practice with Carrying Bag

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You can teach your family and children the basics of lacrosse with this Portable Lacrosse Goal from PowerNet. It is an ultra-portable Lacrosse Goal that comes in 4 feet x 4 feet and 6 feet x6 feet sizes to choose from. This Lacrosse Goal is perfect for scrimmages, training sessions, and practicing. Setting up the net is very easy and only takes less than two minutes. Moreover, the net can withstand the most demanding shots, and it can break down into compact size to fit into the included carrying bag.

Ideally, the net is made from 420D Polyester materials for durability, and you can use it for many years to come. It works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor activities. For added stability, the frames have rubber feet. Above all, the metal, frames, and composite parts are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

  •  Ultra-portable net
  •  You can choose from two sizes 4×4 or 6×6 inches
  •  Frame has rubber feet for stability
  •  Easy, quick setup in less than 2 minutes
  •  Covered with a 1-year warranty
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#5. Franklin Sports Youth Deluxe Lacrosse Goal

Franklin Sports Youth Deluxe Lacrosse Goal

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The next Lacrosse Goal in our list is the Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal having a great size of 38 inches x 38 inches x 38 inches. It will help teach your kids, nephews, and nieces the fundamentals of lacrosse sport to your backyard. This goal features a durable pro-style net and ABS frame that are easy to setup. With this product, your kids will improve their throwing, shooting, feet movement, and angling.

One great thing about this Lacrosse Goal is that it folds flat, and it is lightweight for easy transportation. Therefore, if you are at home, you can mount it in your backyard or carry it to the field for practice. Lastly, it is ideal for ages 6 years and up.

  •  The goal is extremely easy to set up
  •  Measures 38 x 38 x 38 inches
  •  Has durable abs frame
  •  Ideal for ages 6 and up
  •  Extremely easy to set up

#4. GoSports Regulation Portable 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net for Adults and Kids

GoSports Regulation Portable 6' x 6' Lacrosse Net for Adults and Kids

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If you are looking for heavy-duty and sturdy Lacrosse Net, then look into this product. It is a portable and lightweight in its design for easy transportation. Ideally, this product measures 6’ wide x 6’ tall x 7’ deep, and it is built tough for collegiate athletes, high school programs, and youth leagues. The package includes a net, foldable frame, and storage carrying case. Setting up this Lacrosse Net is very easy, and it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to mount it.

This Lacrosse goal features high-density heavy-duty netting and a 17-gauge tubular steel frame that offers better stability. The net is going to withstand all competitive levels of shots and games. It is a must-have Lacrosse goal for both coaches and players.

  •  17 gauge tubular steel frame
  •  Heavy-duty high-density netting
  •  Easy to setup and breakdown
  •  Comes with storage carrying case
  •  Measures 6 x 6 x 7 inches

#3. Franklin Sports Backyard Training Equipment Lacrosse Goal for Recreation and Youth Training

Franklin Sports Backyard Training Equipment Lacrosse Goal for Recreation and Youth Training

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Why not improve the way you spend your free time with this Backyard Training Equipment from Franklin Sports. This Lacrosse Goal has a perfect design and size suitable for youth training and recreation. It measures 48 inches x 48 inches x 48 inches, and it is 1.25 inches in Diameter; hence it takes minimal space. The frames are made of steel frames for durability and will serve you for many years. Other than that, it comes with 2.5mm all-weather polyester net that withstands even the heavy shots and wears & tear.

This Lacrosse Goal is included with rope ties that allow stress-free assembly. Moreover, this goal is ideal for beginners to get used to the game and practicing shooting skills. And yes, this Goal is lightweight; hence you can easily take it from one place to another.

  •  Measures 48 x 48 x 48 inches
  •  Lightweight and easy to move around
  •  Comes with steel frame and rope ties
  •  2.5mm all-weather polyester net
  •  1.25 inches diameter steel frame

#2. Franklin Sports 50 x42 inches Steel Goal Backyard Goal

Franklin Sports 50 x42 inches Steel Goal Backyard Goal

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Franklin Sports is among the top manufacturers for action gear that offers maximum durability. This Lacrosse Goal comes with all the necessary accessories to enhance your scoring skills. It features durable steel construction with fit locking pins allowing you to snap it quickly into place while the extra fasteners allow improved performance. It is perfect for youth leagues, backyards, club soccer practices, street and roller hockey, soft toss-baseballs, etc.

The nettings are tight enough to prevent the ball or puck from flying through the net holes. What’s more, this net will withstand all weather, and it is designed for dependability and rugged use. This goal measures 50 inches by 42 inches by 26 inches, and it can be used on any field or lawn.

  •  Easy and fast to set up
  •  Designed for dependability and rugged use
  •  Durable steel construction frames
  •  Extra fasteners for improved performance
  •  Perfect for backyard training and coaches on-field practices

#1. Rukket Rip It Foldable Portable Lacrosse Goal for Backyard Shooting

Rukket Rip It Foldable Portable Lacrosse Goal for Backyard Shooting

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The Rukket Rip It Lacrosse Goal is designed to be an easy setup and lightweight, allowing you to practice anywhere, anytime. It comes with 5mm Rukket tough netting, metal u-joints, and solid fiberglass poles that create a rigid and strong goal sure to withstand even the intense games. In addition to that, it features proprietary flex technology that enables the goal to absorb the ball’s impact, and this makes it exceptionally durable.

Something else, this goal usually folds down in three motions, and it is included with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. You can either use it indoors or outdoors as it withstands all weather. Finally, the net is firm and tight.

  •  Folds down in 3 motions
  •  5mm tough netting that withstands intense games
  •  Carry bag is included for easy transport
  •  Lightweight yet stands up even the hardest shots
  •  Comes with 4 metal anchoring stakes
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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Lacrosse Goals

  • Netting Quality: Not all nets are created equally. Some lacrosse goal nets will fray easily or not attack to the frame easily. Others only work with younger players. Therefore, it is essential to look at the materials used in construction and the net thickness when buying a lacrosse goal. Get the one that can withstand the extreme level of ball shots.
  • Frame Quality and Design: The next thing you need to put into consideration is the frame quality. If the main need is portability, get a lacrosse goal with a lightweight frame to be easily be moved around. The frames should also be collapsible for easy storage.
  • Assembly: Since every lacrosse goal will come in a box, then it is always good to look for the one that is easy to setup. Some lacrosse goal comes with bolts and nuts while other comes with a snap-on design for easy mounting.


If you love playing lacrosse and want to enhance your skills, finding the best Lacrosse Goal is quite helpful. It enables you to practice without the need for assistance on somebody else. The Lacrosse Goals listed above are easy to set up and features quality construction to withstand intense games. We hope that this comprehensive list of products has helped you find the right lacrosse goal that you were looking for!

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