Top 10 Best L-Shape Corner Desks in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

L-shaped desks
In modern days, the office situation has changed and need for more systematic arrangements have become essential. Computers and other peripheries revolving around them have advanced and need to be well arranged to keep the working environment neat. Also, other office items such as books, pens and all other stationary materials will need a good home. For this reason, the L-Shaped desks have been designed to provide the best and convenient setting. Interestingly, these desks can be used at home besides the work offices.

As it has always been, market comprises of competition and by this, the l-shape desks comes in various designs and materials. The different designs that have emerged might suit you in regard to your needs even though all are meant to serve the same purpose. We did our research extensively over these products and today we are obliged to bring you clear a breakdown of the top 10 best of the L-shaped desks in the market.

List of the Best L-Shape Corner Desks in 2022

#10. Soges Large L-Shaped desk [59 by 59 inches]

Soges Large L-Shaped desk [59 by 59 inches]

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A spacious working area could be very useful and of course keep you comfortable as you work on your desk. The Soges l-shaped desk comes with the dimensions of (59+59) L× 21.7W×30H inches which appears large enough for computers as well as for your arm rest. You can put like 3 computer monitors, stationeries and still remain a free working space for your arms. With these dimensions, typing and writing will be amazingly easy throughout your working hours without kicking and dropping items from the desk.

The manufacturer has put up a pc holder right under the desk so as to prevent your computer from collecting moisture that would harm it. Additionally, the metal frames of the desks are a bit than the ordinary ones and crafted with two diagonal braces to make it firm and strong. This kind of construction will keep your desk going for ages without wobbling and squeaking. However, you should not be afraid to assemble this desk on arrival as it is just so simple with a help of the instruction menu. When it comes to the body, the desk is crafted with a wide E1 wood that highly resists scratch and friction.

Reason to buy
  • Scratch as friction resistant
  • Durable and sturdy framework
  • Has ample working space
  • Easy to install and bind
  • PC holder for preventing moisture attachment

#9. Best Choice Products L-Shaped Workstation

Best Choice Products L-Shaped Workstation

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If you are looking for ergonomically crafted desk to suit various activities, here is the one. The Best Choice Products L-shaped desk has been constructed in a very relaxing model. With it you can use for play station, study, and more other office work. The left to right L-shape design helps the desk fit your room as well as to provide a large enough working area. The desk’s legs are designed adjustably for the table level regulation as well as to prevent scratching the floor while moving it from one location to another.

Some other standing out features of the desk is such as slide out keyboard drawer and the additional PC stand. The keyboard drawer acts as a working area extension as well as an additional peripheral storage that will definitely save space and provide comfort and precision in your work. Right in the mid-joint and under the desk, there is a very specially designed PC stand which can be readjusted in regard to the size of your PC’s CPU. The stand helps to prevent the CPU from harboring intense dust and moisture directly from the floor.

Also, the Best Choice Products L-shaped desk’s every piece of construction makes it appear modern and elegant, from the framing, tabletop, and ergonomic features. The desk is made to last as the tabletop is made of sleek wood and the framework is made of steel

Reason to buy
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Made to last
  • Strong and sturdy framework
  • Under-desk keyboard tray
  • Elegant and modern appearance

#8. Sauder-Harbor View Corner Computer-Desk

Sauder-Harbor View Corner Computer-Desk

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When we speak of L-shaped desk with ample storage, the Sauder Harbor should fit in the top position. Your files don’t have to lay on the tabletop while not in use as the bottom drawers are good storages for that. It consists of four drawers, three of which you can store files, books and other stationeries while the other drawer acts as a CPU tower. The CPU tower with a door effectively minimizes the dust and moisture that may access your machine. The lower document’s drawers not only store them but keep them properly organized for easy retrieve and longer document shelf life.

The melamine tabletop always keeps the desk a site to behold in your office since it hardly gets scratched, affected by heat or even stain. Also, the desks melamine surface is smooth and reflective and that makes it easy to clean. These are some of the features that extend this desk’s life to a remarkably long life. All the edges and corners of the desk are well curved and smoothened to keep you, your workmates or family members safe from cuts and bruises. To offer more comfort during your working time, the manufacturer attached to it a slide-out keyboard and mouse tray.

Reason to buy
  • Has a durable anti-scratch, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant tabletop surface.
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Has ample storage space
  • Protects CPU from dust and humid
  • Safe to use at home and at work

#7. Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner-Desk

Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner-Desk

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Are you looking forward to save your room’s space and yet have a good working area? If so, then you should consider purchasing the Le Crozz SHW L-Shape Corner-Desk. As the name suggests, this desk best fits at the corners of the room. The desk is a three piece corner desk best for desktop computers as well as laptops and you can also study on it. The corner desk features in multiple room set ups like home offices, dorms, business organizations and other office layouts.

The desk is entirely made of environmental friendly materials. The flames are made of steel with a powder coating. In case your floor surface is uneven, the desks comes with glides that can be adjusted in order to balance it. Across both right and left desk’s extensions, there are each provided with foot rest bars to keep you more comfortable and relaxed as you work. You can easily assemble the desk by the help of the instructions’ menu provided in the package.

Reason to buy
  • Environmental friendly materials
  • Foot rest bar for comfort
  • Can be used in multiple places
  • Built with a sturdy frame structure
  • Adjustable glides for balance on uneven floors
  • Cannot damage the floor while dragged

#6. Monarch Specialties corner desk [ left or right]

Monarch Specialties corner desk [ left or right]

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Are you ready to for a modern as well functional L-shape desk? The Monarch Specialties corner desk which comes with multiple storage compartments and spaces. The hollow core design makes its appearance even more outstanding and also has a storage benefits. The desk consists of one legal/standard document and one standard document drawers. Storage has been massively stressed on this desk as you can see the chubby and hollow spaces for placing frequently accessed documents and stationary. It is so obvious that the more the storage a desk is, the simpler your work becomes

With 60 inch of length, a lot of stuff needed in an office situation can be accommodated on this desk and yet leave a space for your hands’ mobility. On this desk’s tabletop, you will accommodate a laptop, a printer, coffee cup, writing materials and some other stationery. Last but not least, the desk ensures you optimal convenience since you set the drawers and those adjustable shelves to the right or left sides.

Reason to buy
  • Ample storage spaces
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Large work area
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to clean

#5. Z-Line Belaire designs Glass Computer Desk

Z-Line Belaire designs Glass Computer Desk

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If you are the artistic kind of a person upon everything, here is a gorgeous work souvenir for you. As the name suggests, the desk table top is made of hard glass. The metal flames that support the glass are firmly and inventively joined together with reinforcement plates on the welded joints. The L-shaped glass is ideal for corner placement in any room and we can assure you this design is all about economy of space.

The table has one high and lower shelf where you can put your computer monitor and the keyboard and mouse respectively. This design keeps your work a lot easier as the rest of the table top is left for your other equipments and work area. Not to mention, the below shelf has a pullout tray for your keyboard and the mouse. The flame is finished with a modern coating of the glossy powder.

Reason to buy
  • Extended shelf life
  • Fancy and elegant
  • Creates more working space
  • Enhances comfort and precision at work
  • Easy to assemble

#4. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

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Are you looking for a modern yet simple model computer desk for you work or home office? The tribes design L-Shaped desk is available in the market. You can use the desk for gaming, laptop, desktop or just a normal workstation. The framing network of the desk is made firmly with a thick metal and the table top is wide and well designed for various kinds of office and entertainment activities.

The stability and durability offered by this desk is unbeatable as the frames are rugged and made of steel. Dragging the desk around will hardly destroy your or make annoying sounds since the legs bottoms have plastic protective feet. Another attribute that makes this desk a reliable resource for your office is that it comes with a very secure stand for your CPU to shield it from destructive moisture.

Reason to buy
  • Built with environmental friendly materials
  • Steel frames prolongs the shelf life of the desk
  • Built with a simple but sturdy and convenient method
  • Safes space and can be used for various activities
  • Legs plastic feet for noise minimization and floor protection
  • Easy to assemble

#3. SHW L Shaped Home/Office Wood Corner-Desk

SHW L Shaped Home/Office Wood Corner-Desk

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Have you been looking not for too large desk but practicable for your home office? The SHW L shaped desk is reliable in many ways. It is well designed for monitors, keyboard and couple of files. It has compact but well arranged shelves for books and document files. Supposedly you have a desktop computer or a laptop; you should be worry free of wires spreading allover since it comes with two cord grommets for proper arrangement.

Most part of thus desk is made of wood. The environment particle board has been laminated by wood grain and espresso to come up with this desk. Binding the parts of the SHW L-shaped is not that complicated, it will consume less of your energy and time especially when using an instruction manual. The budget of the desk is quite friendly and its service leaves you satisfied given that you got no much office equipments to put on the desk.

Reason to buy
  • Compact yet ample storage
  • Built with all environmental friendly materials
  • Smooth easy to clean
  • Very easy to setup
  • Stain resistant

#2. Walker Edison L-shaped desk

Walker Edison L-shaped desk

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Here comes another modern and sturdily built L-shaped desk for your study room, workplace or even your gaming area. It is made of powder-coated steel and a thick safety glass. As it is the ultimate reason, the design of this desk well fits at the room’s corner and against the wall. The table top has a large enough space for a couple of screens. As you can see, you can turn it into a game spot.

Your CPU should not keep you going back to your computer technician due to moisture and damage. To curb this, the desk comes with a universal CPU stand connected at the bottom close to the ground. Also, it features a removable keyboard tray; with the desks flexible configuration, in regard to your needs, you can mount this tray on either sides of the desk.

Reason to buy
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy to clean
  • Ample storage and work space
  • Space for decoration
  • long shelf life

#1. Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves

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Advance your home office space with the Dakota L-shaped desk today. This desk optimally provides you with ample storage and free working area. It comes with two open shelves at the edge where you can systematically arrange books, magazines and files for easy and quick retrieval. If your room is small, don’t worry about space consumption because the desk perfectly stations at the corner or against the wall.

You might require computers and other electric dependent peripheral devices; this might bring with it a number of cables. Don’t worry about the wires ruining your desk arrangement since there are two provided built-in grommets for proper cord organization. The table top can support up to 200 lbs since the frame structure is sturdy enough.

Reason to buy
  • Sturdy structure
  • Non-stain and easy to clean
  • Plenty of storage shelves
  • Easy file/book/stationary retrieval
  • Easy to assemble
  • How to choose the Best L-shaped desks-Buyer’s Guide

The following are the qualities you should consider before you purchase the L-shaped desk

  • Size: Size is an important factor to consider in regard to your needs. For example, your room space may be too limited so you are required to choose a desk that would fit there without trouble. Another need for the size of the desk is the mass of things you need to put on this desk. The more items you have, the more tabletop space you need.
  • Material: It’s quite obvious that the quality of the item begins with the type of the material. Most activities that do happen on desk may involve dragging and thudding. So with this kind of situation, the table should be able to endure hard impacts and scratches so as to extend its shelf life. Additionally, you need a clean working environment and that’s calls for an easy-to-clean surface.
  • Stability: Stability depends on the material of the frame and the method used to join them. A good frame network enhances a stable desk. Of course an unstable desk initiates an uncomfortable working condition and no one would like that. Find a desk with a study framework and you will not experience wobbling and squeaking sounds.


Being in possession of one of these L-shaped desks, you are rest assured of space and comfort maximization at your job. Mostly, what they come to do is to add ease on dealing with computers, stationeries as well as enhancing storage of office equipments that are not in use; and that’s why some may come with additional storage drawers. As you can see, the L-shaped desks well feature at the corners of a room as well as against the wall which greatly save your room’s space at work or home office. Make your mind on what desk to buy from the list above and you will have a great time at work with it.

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