Top 10 Best Kids Desks in 2020 Reviews | Buying Guide

Children's Desk and Chair

A home is a safe environment where kids play and study. The kid’s room needs to have an ideal space to do their homework and other creativity like drawing and painting. For that, we need to gift the kids a perfect kid’s desk for all the work is support to what they are doing.

For that, we’re here to make sure you get it right while buying. Our article is here to give you the top best, high-quality sets you can buy today and a buying guide to make it a smooth process. It’s a well-organized piece that you’ll love to go through. In the end, we’re hoping you will be able to settle on a perfect item.

List of Best Kids Desks in 2020

#10. Baby Joy Kids Desk and Chair Set

Baby Joy Kids Desk and Chair Set

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Baby Joy Kids Set, which comes as a Desk and Chair set, is here to give the best solution for your search for a sturdy table for your kids. As a functional children table set, it’s designed to provide fun and safety to kids of different ages. The unit is made from premium materials that are sturdy and super safe as well as lightweight for easy portability when necessary. And to ensure the seat and the desk have the best stability, the maker uses a flat foot designed with the foot fitted with a non-slip foot.

Children grow fast, and for that, the model features an adjustable height design to fit the various height changes. Another thing, the table has a considerable tilt tabletop and some sliding-out drawers providing unparalleled convenience and helping keep the learning supplies organized. The chair is designed in a way that promotes the correct posture while encouraging the development of a good position. According to the buyer’s rating, it’s one of the best kid’s desks you can buy today.

  • Tilted Tabletop w/Anti-pinch Plug
  • Flexible and soft backrest
  • Ergonomic Chair Design
  • Perfect Gift for Children
  • Multi-Function Storage
  • Multi-angle twist
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#9. UNICOO Bamboo Kids Desk and Chair Set

UNICOO Bamboo Kids Desk and Chair Set

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The next best kid’s desk is a bamboo-made set that comes with a height-adjustable chair and desk. Everything about this model is high quality and super safe. If you look at the style utilized here, this desk set has a unique design that features a clean, flat, and smooth table with easy to reach shelving. It also has a decorative model that makes the whole setup welcoming. Additionally, the construction is well thought of with everything having been put firmly together to create a sturdier unit that supports various kid’s weight and abuse.

As you well know, bamboo is natural wood and eco-friendly material. Apart from that, it’s super sturdy, with a smooth and elegant appearance. And to better that, the maker does also gives it a beautiful polish to make it durable and more refined. The table and the chair heights are adjustable to coop with the rapid growth in kids. The construction of the table and desk wide legs area allows the setup to stay stable and safe.

  • Sturdy Bamboo Construction
  • Fit for age 3-10 years old
  • Smooth, elegant finish
  • Functional design
  • Storage shelves

#8. Mecor Kids Desk and Chair Set w/Bookshelf

Mecor Kids Desk and Chair Set w Bookshelf

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Mecor Kids Desk and Chair Set is yet another high-quality and well-built desk that you can gift to your baby and expect the best performance. It’s a sturdy desk set featuring E1 grade MDF board, high-quality steel legs, and updated leg reinforcement design. Under the legs are non-slip pads put in place to prevent the desk and the chair from sliding or tilting back. As you can see, durability and safety are well highlighted here. With kids growing fast, the table has you covered.

It comes with height adjustability to keep up with the fast growth. Another thing, the desk table is tilt-able to provide a better painting or drawing angle. It also promotes good posture for your kids. On top of that, help in reducing the reflection surface, protecting your kid’s eyesight. The bookshelf equipped on this unit delivers additional space for the kids to get organized while the compartmented drawer provides an ideal place to store pens, books, papers, utensils, and other little things to reduce clutter.

  • Evenly-dispersed W-style cushion
  • Additional Space Bookshelf
  • Embedded pull out drawer
  • Anti-pinch Safety Design
  • Ergonomic back design
  • Updated legs design

#7. Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center

Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive art station for your budding artists, this Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center is a perfect unit. As a complete art center, it features an ample tabletop featuring cutout design. The design allows the neat and accessibility of the paper rolls. The spacing is perfect for two articles to work together on a project. Another thing, the setup has two stools that store under the table conveniently while not in use.

It’s everything you need for a drawing and painting table for Kids with all the craft supplies storage shelves, paper roll, and canvas bins. If you need a preschool or toddler learning furniture, this is it. With plenty of storage, sturdy wooden construction with a sanded smooth and laminated surface. The best part is, setting the whole thing up is simple and straightforward; the package comes with easy-to-read and follows assembly instruction.

  • Solid wood legs w/laminate surfaces
  • Durable UV polyurethane finish
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Complete deluxe art center
  • Replaceable art paper roll
  • Easy to assemble

#6. DC Super Friends Kids Wood Desk and Chair Set

DC Super Friends Kids Wood Desk and Chair Set

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Are you looking for the best kid’s desk to animate the playtime, mealtime, or study time of your little one? Well, Delta Children has you covered. With this perfectly sized DC Super Friends Kids desk and chair set, you’re able to give your little superhero a uniquely designed sturdy desk. The unit features some vibrant, stylized graphics of the Superman, the Flash, and Batman; it’s inspirational and entertaining artwork. Additionally, the art adds plenty of adventure and fun to any activity planned or drafted on it.

It’s a perfect space for the little angel to do homework, eat, and do art projects. Under the chair is a cleverly designed storage bin providing easy access to the art supplies, games, toys, or books. It’s also a smart study option for the kid’s bedroom or playroom. It’s durably-constructed with wood to stand any abuse for years. Even though it requires assembly, the process is quite easy and well-directed in the instruction manual.

  • Engineered wood and fabric
  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Colorful graphics
  • Built-in storage
  • Wipe clean
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#5. POTBY Kids Desk and Chair Set

POTBY Kids Desk and Chair Set

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Another deserving recommendation is the POTBY Kids Desk and Chair Set with superior, durable construction, and height adjustability. As a high-quality and safe, stable desk and chair set, it’s here to give your little angel something beautiful and super safe for studying, playtime, drawing or eating. It’s made from top-quality MDF panels with sturdy steel frames and parallel anti-slip legs. The construction gives it a stable, safer, and durable structure that will make your kid’s learning process happier and more fun.

Apart from that, the desk set has a reasonable desktop design that allows it to be tilted to better the user’s posture and improve the painting angle. Another thing, there is a full anti-reflective wood panel that easily scrubs and protect your kid’s eye from lights reflection. The rounded corners, anti-pinch safety design, and curved tableside ensure your baby’s hands never get squeezed or hurt, making the sturdy fun and more comfortable. It’s quite easy to put the whole thing together, especially with the explicit instruction manual.

  • Adjustable brightness desk lamp
  • Anti-reflective full-wood panel
  • Multi-function steel hook
  • High-quality MDF panels
  • Parallel anti-slip legs
  • Sturdy steel frames

#4. ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Desk w/Integrated Shelf & Drawer

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX Desk wIntegrated Shelf & Drawer

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A new 2nd generation desk is with a unique and improved design. That is what you will be giving you little one this ApexDesk Little Soleil DX. The set is an elegantly designed piece that will be inspiring the kids to be involved more with the desk for studies and drawing or painting. Everything is done with the kid’s comfort and safety in mind. The full tabletop has well-designed with one side having an inclining mechanism providing a better painting or drawing posture.

Still, on the desktop design, there is an anti-reflective layer put in place to protect your young one’s eyes. The chair, on the other hand, has wheels, a reclining back, and soft padding of the seating providing a perfect seat for your little one. The height adjustability of the desk and chair desk has an improved design, to make it easier to raise and lower accommodating your child’s growth.

  • Easy-to-Clean Laminate Surface
  • Anti-Scratch, Anti-Scuff Top
  • Improved Height Adjustment
  • Built-in individual leg levers
  • Integrated Shelf & Drawer

#3. Simple Living Products Wood Corner Computer Desk

Simple Living Products Wood Corner Computer Desk

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Simple Living Products wants you to utilize the corner space in your kid’s room by getting this simple Living Wood Computer and Reading Desk. It’s a classically styled desk that uses the small space for a functional, stable writing or crafting desk. It creates a useful workplace for not only your kid but also an excellent computer workspace. The desktop has an ample work area ideal for various works.

Besides that, the table has a large bottom drawer that provides additional storage for your kid’s supplies. In between is a large, bench-like shelve providing extra storage space for books and reducing clatter. The construction is sturdy and stable that is works for both kids and adults. The five-leg design is also a plus in making sure the desk stays put without wobbling. The chair is also sturdy and stable. The legs are well-spaced. The height is also average. Even though the sizing isn’t ideal for small kids, it’s a perfect unit for a teenager.

  • Well-sized under-the-table shelf
  • Durable Wood Construction
  • A large, bottom drawer
  • Antique White Design

#2. KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair-White

KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair-White

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If you want your kid to have enough workspace and enough storage, this KidKraft Study Desk is a perfect choice. It provides an ideal spot for your young one to work on art projects or homework. The full desktop offers typical writing, painting, or drawing for your kid. It also has a smart, sturdy design that allows it to provide a perfect, safe, and ideal working space.

Besides that, the cork bulletin board works ideal for papers, hanging pictures, and other crucial keepsakes. Apart from this, the unit has three well-designed storage drawers providing additional storage compartments on the tabletop. The use of composite wood materials makes it durable and stable, with all the safety in mind. The bulletin board surface does also provide a place to pin drawings, pictures, and other crucial notes.

  • Durable composite wood materials
  • Perfect Cork bulletin board
  • Smart, sturdy design
  • One storage drawer
  • Two deep cabinets
  • Paper organizer

#1. VIVO DESK-V303P Children’s Desk and Chair

VIVO DESK-V303P Children's Desk and Chair

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VIVO DESK-V303P, a height-adjustable kid’s desk and chair that brings an interactive workstation with an LED lamp, perfect any kids getting creative. As an affordable solution designed with quality and creativity, this model will offer you little angel comfort deserved. It’s an ideal workstation providing an enjoyable workplace for drawing, writing, or even painting. The construction is something adorable; it’s simplified yet well composed to offer unbeatable stability and safety.

The LED desk lamp features three different brightness settings ideal for kids reading. The desktop surface is unreflective to offer ideal protection to your little one’s eyes. The adjustability of the height on the desk and chair provide perfect convenience as your angel grows. The tabletop tilts, making it easy to offer optimal work position and eliminates risks of unhealthy slouching. Assembly is a breeze, and the package comes with necessary instructions and hardware for the setup.

  • Affordable creativity and quality solution
  • Interactive workstation with led lamp
  • Unreflective desk surface
  • Height adjustability
  • Simple assembly
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Kids Desks – Buying Guide

Now that you’re familiar with the top best kid’s desk, you can buy in 2020; you need to understand that not all of these ten models will suit your kid’s needs and preferences. Here are some of the factors you need to know before you can make your selection.

  • Functionality: While checking out your choices, you have to start by knowing what use you need the desk for. While at it, you might want to consider other applications that might come along while your child grows up.
  • Size: Check on the size available in the kid’s room and the place you want to place the desk. Ensure the unit you’re buying fits the spacing and leave some playing areas.
  • Construction: Durability, stability, and safety is something you don’t want to miss while checking your desk to buy. You need to make sure you’re giving your angel a working and trustable unit to work with and offer the best working space.


An excellent kids’ desk will offer your young one perfect working space for writing, playing, drawing, or painting. And this list will give you an ideal way to settle on the best desk. While at it, you have to decide on the best spacing for your specific function.

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