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If you work in a chemical-prone or dusty place, a full face respirator comes in handy. It protects you against the smallest particles and gases that may harm your respiratory system. The unit features a filter that allows in fresh air but stops bad elements. Besides that, they come with goggles or glasses to protect your eyes. It is not surprising to watch some employees in many factories and industries suffering from breathing issues that are caused by inhaling dangerous gases while at work. That is the reason why you need to find the best Full Face Respirators to shield harmful gasses.

With so many Full Face Respirators in the market, finding the best option can be hard. However, in this article, we have dug deep and discovered the following Top 10 Best Full Face Respirators in 2019 for you.

List of Best Full Face Respirators in 2019

Bestseller No. 6

#10. BearHoHo Full-Facepiece Gas Mask Respirator Reusable Respirator

BearHoHo Full-Facepiece Gas Mask Respirator Reusable Respirator

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The BearHoHo full face respirator features a soft and comfortable fitting facepiece to ensure superior comfort and protection. It is a reusable Respirator that helps to protect against airborne contaminants. What’s more, this Respirator has a large lens that offers a wide field of view, ensuring more natural visibility; hence, the worker can see better. This Reusable Respirator is lightweight and only weighs less than 1.5 pounds promoting better worker compliance.

Ideally, this Respirator works with several gas/vapor cartridges, 3M particulate filters, and supplied air respirator systems. This allows you can use it in multiple applications. With its silicone face seal and well-balanced design, this enhances its durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. Lastly, the center adapter usually directs the exhaled breath downward to minimize fogging.

  • Lightweight well-balanced design
  • Large lens provides a wide field of view
  • Mesh fixed headband
  • Allow cool and comfortable breathing
  • Ensures wearer comfort

#9. HXMY Anti-Dust Face Mask Paint Respirator Reusable Goggles Set

HXMY Anti-Dust Face Mask Paint Respirator Reusable Goggles Set

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HXMY Anti-Dust Face Mask is a respirator mask with different and unique characters. It is a full-face respirator that combines comfort, lightness, and protection functions. The product is constructed using high-quality silica gel, and the goggles are made of PC lens and TPU frame. Following this, the goggles are highly impact resistant, and the lens has the effect of preventing fogging. This Multi-purpose Respirator are ideal in most environments and occupations, making you to have healthy work.

When the filter cartridge losses the protective effect, you can replace them with a new filter cartridge. After you remove the filter cartridge, you just need to wash them and dry it with a towel.

  • Multi-purpose Respirator
  • The Respirator is made of high-quality silica gel
  • goggles are highly impact resistant
  • easy to wash and maintain
  • goggles are made of PC lens and TPU frame

#8. Induschoice Organic Vapor Gas Mask Full Face Respirator Mask

Induschoice Organic Vapor Gas Mask Full Face Respirator Mask

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Induschoice is one of the top manufacturers well known for producing high-performance respirators or dust masks for workers. This Full Face Respirator Mask is made of high-quality silicone materials, making it durable, soft, and easy to clean. In addition to that, it has a double filtration system that offers reduced breathing resistance. Its lens uses a full-screen design with anti-friction and anti-fog features allowing it to have a clear view.

This Respirator Mask includes dual filter cartridges and a breathing valve that protects you from toxic gas. Moreover, you can effectively use it when applying chemicals, paint, pesticides, firefighting, metallurgy, mining, and more.

  • Professional, efficient filtration system
  • Made of soft and durable silicone material
  • Double filtration system
  • Large clear view area
  • Anti-virus respiratory protection

#7. BearHoHo Full Face Silicone Respirator for Painting, Pesticide, and Chemicals

BearHoHo Full Face Silicone Respirator for Painting, Pesticide, and Chemicals

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BearHoHo Full Face Respirator could protect you from different toxic substances such as acidic gases, chemical vapors, and more. It is a 360 degree fully sealed mask that is made from durable and comfortable high-quality silicone. In addition to that, the Respirator features an adjustable mesh fixed headband that eases the pressure on the wear and minimizing fatigue due to long-term wear. This Full Face Silicone Respirator has a standard filter element interface that can be equipped with a dust filter and a 3M filter box.

On top of that, the Respirator has a high flow outlet valve that will ensure you exhale more smoothly while reducing heat accumulation. The users will be satisfied with this product as the nose and mouth cover are soft.

  • Adjustable mesh fixed headband
  • 360 degree fully sealed the mask
  • High flow outlet valve
  • Standard filter element interface
  • Double-layer anti-fog PC screen

#6. North 54001 Medium/Large Full Respirator Facepiece

North 54001 Medium/Large Full Respirator Facepiece

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North 54001 Full Respirator is used for certain paint spraying, solvents, and pesticides. It will provide protection and comfort that you would expect and comes at an unbeatable price. Furthermore, this Facepiece features an Oral, nasal cup that lessens dead air space and reduces fogging to improve the worker’s comfort by minimizing re-breathing exhaled air. On the other hand, these Full Facepieces are compatible with all North filters, cartridges, and accessories.

Each Facepiece usually comes with six respirator wipes, three peel-away windows, and a storage bag. Its facepiece seal is constructed from pliable and soft elastomer material with high chemical resistance assuring excellent performance, fit, and comfort. Above all, the product comes in 2 overlapping sizes, large and small, to comfortably fit users.

  • Oral nasal cup reduces fogging
  • Weighing only 14 ounces
  • Provides the comfort and protection
  • Chin cup helps to position face-piece properly
  • Available in Two overlapping sizes small and medium

#5. Holulo Organic Vapor Paint, Polish Chemicals Full Face Respirator

Holulo Organic Vapor Paint, Polish Chemicals Full Face Respirator

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Holulo Organic Vapor Respirator is constructed using high-quality material, mainly silicone and will allow you to exhale air efficiently. Besides that, it has a lightweight design and ensures the weight distribution is fair to every surface. You can apply the Respirator in paint, polish, chemicals, fire inspection equipment, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, protection Chemical laboratory, and more. Subsequently, it will helps reduce exposure and ensures enhanced visibility and comfort making it more enjoyable

The Respirator features Spherical surface screen that has a wider field of view to ensure more convenient work. Moreover, it will protect you from organic gases and vapors such as carbon dioxide, chlorine benzene, chloroform, and 1000 kinds of gas.

  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Double side offer proper sealing and is anti-fog
  • Lightweight design and more relaxed
  • Helps reduce exposure to many contaminants
  • Lifetime guarantee

#4. 7 Piece Suit Painting Full Face Facepiece Respirator Gas Mask

7 Piece Suit Painting Full Face Facepiece Respirator Gas Mask

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Are you working in areas that emit harmful gases? Using a Respirator Gas Mask is extremely essential to keep your respiration and health safe. The 7 Piece respirator has particulate Cotton Filters for elevated working experience. This full-face Respirator features a large lens that ensures a wide field of view and better visibility. Moreover, it has Silicone face seal that provide durability and comfort when wearing the Respirator. Ideally, this product is recommended in applications like Painting, Masonary, Machining, Laboratories, Furnace Operations, welding, and more.

The Facepiece Respirator provides 4 point Harness Type and has Bayonet Connection Type. When properly fitted, this Respirator Gas Mask helps provide protection and comes with a very affordable price.

  • Large lens for a wide field of view
  • Has a lightweight and balanced design
  • Full Facepiece Reusable
  • Silicone faceseal for durability and greater comfort
  • Bayonet Connection Type

#3. Trudsafe Dust Mask Full Face Chemical Gas Mask Respirator, Filters Included

Trudsafe Dust Mask Full Face Chemical Gas Mask Respirator, Filters Included

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Now you can have ultimate protection even whenever you are working in contaminated areas with this remarkable respiratory mask from Trudsafe. The Respirator is equipped with particulate cotton filters and organic vapor cartridge that will filter down all the oily and non-oily particles. In addition to that, the mask respirator has gone through a series of lab testing to ensure safety for you. Besides, it comes with two kinds of connection types; RD40 thread connection and Bayonet connection.

This full-face Mask Respirator has good fitness ensuring perfect sealing and will effectively relieve wearing pressure. You can conveniently use it when doing chemical clean-up, chiseling, chemical splash, furnace operations, pouring/casting, welding, machining, and more.

  • Has RD40 thread connection and a bayonet connection
  • Comes with trustable filter
  • It meets CE and EU standard
  • Full Facepiece and wide-angle
  • Silicone faceseal for more comfort
  • Lightweight, balanced design
  • Made by durable material

#2. UOPASD Organic Vapor full-face Respirator gas mask with Carbon Air Filter

UOPASD Organic Vapor full-face Respirator gas mask with Carbon Air Filter

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A lot of workers that frequently work in areas with toxins and airborne contaminant find UOPASD respirators highly beneficial for shielding themselves against many airborne illnesses. It wears a firm and comfortable, ensuring tightness. Moreover, it has a large anti-scratch lens that has an anti-fog layer that offers excellent visibility. Following this, the facemask has a reasonable airflow design preventing fogging in the window for clear sight.

Another thing, the product meets ASTM E2952-14 standard and has high impact levels ensuring eyes and face protection. On top of that, the gas mask is widely applied in firefighting, metallurgy, mining, laboratory, spray paint, chemicals, etc. In short, the product comes with a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Large anti-scratch lenses
  • Premium quality with reasonable price
  • Made with Non-toxic material
  • Meets ASTM E2952-14 standards
  • Has a high impact level
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

#1. 3M Personal Protective Equipment FX Full FF-402 Facepiece Respirator

3M Personal Protective Equipment FX Full FF-402 Facepiece Respirator

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3M Personal Protective Equipment is the first-best respirator mask in this list. The Respirator has a flexible facepiece; so, it got a better seal. Its durable head harness features a six-strap configuration allowing secure fit. The Facepiece Respirator has cool flow valves that to provide dry and cool comfort. On the other hand, the product features a soft silicone face seal and nose cup that offers durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. Also, it has a large lens that offers a wide field of view.

The product features cartridge attachments and respirator filters that twist on and off easily. This allows fast assembly and disassembly. The product combines chemical cartridges and 3M particulate filters, providing respiratory protection against particulates paint, mold, fumes, dust, etc.

  • Paint and stain-resistant lens
  • Durable and long-lasting head harness
  • Soft silicone nose cup and face-seal
  • Easy to use
  • 6-strap configuration for a secure fit
  • Passive speaking diaphragm promote clearer communications


Factors to consider when purchasing the best Full Face Respirators

  • Comfort when wearing respiratory masks

If you want to work with a respirator for a long time, then you should look for one that is comfortable to wear. Go for the skin-friendly one and distribute the pressure evenly on your skin. With that, you will feel comfortable and you can wear the masks for a long period. In addition to that, you should consider for a lightweight respirator, especially if you are planning to use it for a longer time.

  • Breathing resistance

The respirator mask must be well supplied with air. Also, the air that you exhale must be able to escape from the Respirator. You need to check whether the Respirator has low breathing resistance to allow you to breathe easier, and the supply of the oxygen is maintained.

  • Material

To maximize the durability of Respirator and comfort, then look for a respirator made of high quality material. This is very crucial as there are some low-quality respirators masks in the market. The best Respirator is usually made from silicone, neoprene, and rubber. Many people prefer silicone material as it offers superior comfort, and it is easy to clean.

  • Adjustability

It is also advisable to check whether the Respirator is adjustable. You need to check the straps are fully adjustable o allow you to have a proper fit and offer a good seal. Besides, you also need to know the types of contaminants you need protection and also the level of toxicity. You need to figure out what kind of Respirator that will fit the type of protection you require.


Getting a premium quality full-face respirator mask has never been an easy task. Thanks to the above 10 Best Full Face Respirators reviews. The respirator mask is beautiful yet functional and allows you to breathe in and out air conveniently. In addition to that, they have large anti-scratch lenses that will enable you to view broad areas. Take into account your and then choose a respirator that fits your needs.

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