Top 10 Best Electric Tillers in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to prepare soil, plant and maintain your lawn, flowerbed, or kitchen garden is provided by a good tiller/cultivator. Just like a plow, a tiller turns the soil and breaks it apart allowing air to get into the soil. Soil that is aerated is full of nutrients that are essential to your plants. From casual gardening, tending to flowers, or dealing with stubborn weeds the best electric tillers should suffice.

When you go shopping for an electric tiller, you will notice that they have similar features. However, remember to go for the one that best suits your soil type and the kind of plants you intend to plant. The electric tillers have no emissions, save fuel bills and have less noise when compared to gas powered models. They also come with variable tine speed options allow you to set the speed you want to till your garden. Below is a review of the top 10 best tillers to help you choose a good tiller.

List of the Best Electric Tillers in 2023

#10. Powerworks TL60L2510PW Tiller

Powerworks TL60L2510PW Tiller

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As every gardener knows, soil preparation and maintenance is crucial to ensure your plants reach maximum yields. The PowerWorks TL60L2510PW electric cultivator will enable you to create the ideal soil conditions for your vegetables and flowers. With a powerful motor, this unit will break up earth, aerate the soil, mix fertilizer, and eliminate the stubborn weeds. And, thanks to the high capacity battery you can expect an extended runtime that boosts your flexibility.

With an 8-inch cutting path and adjustable tilling depth, this unit makes a perfect choice for individuals with small to medium-sized flowerbeds and kitchen gardens. For enhanced convenience, this unit is also equipped with a brushless motor, which is not only energy efficient but also operates silently. Moreover, thanks to the rapid charge battery, the battery reaches full charge in only 75 minutes!

  • Comes with a decent 8-inch cutting path
  • Energy-efficient thanks to the brushless motor
  • Rapid Charge battery reaches full charge in only 75 minutes
  • It has five-inch tilling depth
Reason to buy
  • It has more power, silent operation, and long runtime
  • Three-position height adjustment
  • Made to last for years
  • The handles are foldable for easy storage and portability
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#9. AAVIX AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller

AAVIX AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller

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Using forks, rakes, and machetes to till your garden is not only tiring but also takes a lot of your time. Save your time and energy with the AAVIX AGT307 electric tiller. This unit boasts of an ergonomic and user-friendly design, which makes it super easy to use. The combination of tough construction with a powerful motor also enables it to loosen even the hardest soil without any difficulties.

Unlike other models, this unit comes with 12.6 inches tilling width and steel blade that cuts through the toughest weeds and soil without being stuck. Equally, the system is equipped with an ergonomic handle that minimizes user’s fatigue. It is also equipped with all-terrain wheels that are easy to raise or lower to meet your needs. What’s more, when compared to gas-powered models, this unit doesn’t emit any emissions and is convenient to use even in silent neighborhoods.

  • It has a powerful 10Amp motor
  • Decent tilling path of up to 12.6 inches
  • Equipped with dual 4, eight-inch blade tines
  • Has an adjustable tiller depth of up to 8.7 inches
Reason to buy
  • Powerful and doesn’t produce much noise
  • Environmentally friendly as it doesn’t produce any emissions
  • Comes with large wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Easy to use and maintain

#8. Atom 6-Tine Electric Tiller

Atom 6-Tine Electric Tiller

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Hard soil and stubborn sod is no match for the power and durability of an Atom 6-Tine Tiller. One of the keys to this tiller matchless performance is the solid worm gear transmission set within a one-piece cast aluminum housing that turns the tines. This allows such a lightweight tool to perform with so much power and efficiency. This tiller covers larger ground because it is 13 inches wide compared to the industry standard of at least 9 inches. Anyone in the family can use it in their garden because it is lightweight and the handles are adjustable.

If you have a large garden this is the tiller to go for. This is because it uses fuel therefore; it does not have a cord restriction like the electric ones. Using the wrong design of tiller could cause back strains that is why this tiller has a patent ergonomic design to reduce the back strains. The wheels are adjustable to reach different levels of soil depth. The best thing about this tiller is the self-sharpening tines that last over four times longer than other brands.

  • Soft-grip handle is extremely comfortable
  • Tines counter-oscillate to prevent tangles
  • Patent ergonomic design reduces back pain
  • Self-sharpening tines last longer than other brands
Reason to buy
  • Highly adjustable to meet your needs
  • The wheels move smoothly for easy maneuver
  • Lightweight and compact than other models
  • Silent operation with no emissions

#7. TACKLIFE Classic Electric Tiller

TACKLIFE Classic Electric Tiller

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With a powerful motor of 12Amp, this tiller provides high-speed rotation of up to 400 rotations per minute. This kind of power will enable you to work on a considerable size of the garden in a short time. The efficiency is multiplied by the six high-hardness steel blades that go up to eight inches deep to turn and crush the soil. This tiller doesn’t occupy a big space in your garage because the foldable handles enable you to fit it into your space. It is also equipped with transport wheels that make carrying it a lot easier.

This lightweight design can be lifted with just one hand making it convenient to operate by women, children, and men. Because women and children are considerably shorter than average people, the length of the handles is adjustable to meet the needs of different people. This TACKLIFE Classic Tiller has a cutting width of sixteen inches and a depth of eight inches ensuring maximum soil aeration. The land prepared by this tiller is perfect for seed bends because it turns and grinds the soil making it soft.

  • Hard manganese blades tear through any hard soil
  • The foldable handles make storage and transportation easier
  • This lightweight design can be lifted with one hand
  • Safety button on and off provide double protection
Reason to buy
  • Easy to maneuver and operate
  • Takes lesser storage space
  • Delivers a performance you can rely on
  • Have height adjustable wheels

#6. Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator

Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator

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Are you looking for a tiller with easy maneuverability when cultivating? Earthquake Mac tiller is the one for you. The wheels are removable to facilitate the cultivation in the drag state. The U-turn handlebar design gives you control of the tiller and cultivation by reducing the vibration. Handling this tiller does not require professional expertise because it is easy to assemble and use thanks to its manual.

The handlebar grips have been designed to give you total control of the tiller. You can easily control the direction that the tiller takes. It also protects you from sudden jerking when you encounter roots or hard rocks. The upright sitting position enables you to park it in compact storage. The best feature of this tiller is the hardened tines; it can rotate in both directions. This enables you to cultivate going forward or in reverse.

  • The U-turn handle gives you more control by softening vibrations
  • Handlebar grips also give overhand control
  • Parks in upright position occupying less space in the storage
  • Lightweight and compact design simplify transportation
Reason to buy
  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • The ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue
  • Made using superior materials for heightened durability
  • Sturdy enough to tackles tough weeds
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#5. WEN TC0714 Electric Tiller and Cultivator

WEN TC0714 Electric Tiller and Cultivator

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Make your gardening work easier and faster. An electric tiller is the fastest way to get your ground ready for planting. The tillers also simplify garden weeding. This tiller uses electricity saving you fuel bills. If you love a quiet working environment this is the machine for you as it is very quiet. In areas, with uneven ground, this tiller works without issues because the overload protection automatically stops the motor. This happens when you hit a rock, hard object, or tree roots protecting the tiller from damage.

The tines have a reinforced steel construction that is durable hence usable for a very long time. These tines are fitted with sixteen blades that make cultivation easier. Transporting and storing this tiller is very convenient because the handles are adjustable and the wheels are removable to fit a small space. Using this tiller has been made easy to suit people with different intellectual capabilities. Its lightweight also makes it easy to use by men, women, or children.

  • Large tilling path of up to 14.2 inches wide
  • Overload protection stops the motor in case you hit a hard object
  • The wheels are removable for easy transportation
  • The reinforced steel tines have sixteen blades for easy cultivation
Reason to buy
  • Two removable wheels for easy transportation
  • It is very easy to use and maintain
  • Highly customizable
  • Silent operation and safe to use

#4. Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

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Unlike most brands, Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller goes dipper into the ground to turn the soil. It goes up to ten inches deep giving the soil maximum aeration. With the press of a button, the tiller starts instantly. This electric model has a three-speed 540watt motor that is powerful than most of the other motors. You can use this tiller any time even if you live in strict neighborhoods. This is because this tiller has no emission of carbon footprints. After all, it doesn’t use fuel. The electric motor that it operates on is quiet; giving you a peaceful working environment.

This lightweight design is easy to carry to the garden and back. The wheels also simplify the moving because you can push it to the garden and back. These wheels are also removable for convenient transport. The foldable handles make storage easy as it can fit into compact storage. Fatigue is a challenge cultivator’s face that is why Mantis has ensured that the grips are comfortable enough for fatigue-free use.

  • Starts instantly with the push of a button
  • The 3-speed 540-watt motor is powerful
  • Compact design allows the tiller to enter tight spaces
  • The foldable handles make storage and transportation easy
Reason to buy
  • Sturdy construction makes it durable
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Silent yet efficient to handle demanding applications
  • Perfect for small to mid-sized gardens

#3. Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Garden Cultivator

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If you want to till your garden or you have stubborn weeds that you need to be removed, Sun Joe tiller is what you need. The powerful 13.5 amp motor cultivates up to eight inches deep. It also powers the blades until at a speed of 370 rotations per minute. The more blades a tiller have the more convenient and fast it is. With six rotation blades, Sun Joe is one of the best tillers there is.

Unlike other gas-powered tools, this tiller is electric-powered saving you fuel bills. It powers up instantly with the push of a button; you, therefore, don’t have to waste time waiting for it, to be ready for use. Another great feature about this tiller is the fact it does not produce smoke or fumes that could eventually cause health complications. Finally, the handles fold for convenient transport and storage.

  • Powered by a 13.5 Amp motor
  • Height adjustable wheel with three positions
  • Foldable handles make it easy to store
  • Made by a reputable brand
Reason to buy
  • Doesn’t require any expertise as it is easy to maneuver
  • Electric-powered saving you fuel bills
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • The tines have a durable steel construction

#2. Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Cultivator

Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Cultivator

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Prepare your kitchen garden, lawn, flowerbed properly before planting with this innovative electric cultivator from Earthwise. As expected from this brand, this unit brings you enhanced features and technology that makes soil preparation a breeze. The TC70001 corded cultivator comes with a decent cutting width of about 11 inches and an adjustable depth of eight inches.

Besides aerating the soil, this unit is also useful in getting rid of weeds. We love the compact and lightweight design that allows for easy maneuverability and transportation. Also, it is equipped with various safety features such as automatic shut down when the handle is released. Speaking of the handle, it boasts of an ergonomic handle that is well cushioned for extra comfort.

  • Equipped with 8.5Amp motor
  • The 11-inch wide with 8-inch depth enables you to till your land quickly
  • Lightweight design equipped with large wheels makes it easy to maneuver
  • Comes with ergonomic handles for comfortable operation
Reason to buy
  • No emissions as to compared to gas-powered models
  • Equipped with four durable steel tines
  • Also ideal as a weed control tool
  • Perfect for midsized flowerbeds and kitchen gardens

#1. Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller

Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller

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With GreenWorks 27072 corded tiller, soil preparation before planning isn’t much of a hassle. With this machine, you will also have an easy time when dealing with weeds on your flowerbeds or kitchen garden. As expected from a premium model, this unit runs smoothly thanks to the robust yet energy-efficient motor. The wheels are adjustable to ensure a smooth maneuver even in tight spaces.

Notably, this unit also boasts of instant electric start that saves you the headache of premixing fuels. Another handy feature that makes this unit stand out is the adjustable tilling width from 8.25 to 10 inches. The foldable handles also allow it to fold into a compact design for easy storage and transportation. What’s more, this unit has a long power cord that gives you the flexibility you need in tilling small, medium to large gardens.

  • Equipped with 6-inch wheels with adjustable height
  • Comes with foldable handles for compact storage
  • Equipped with a long power cord for enhanced flexibility
  • Smooth operation thanks to reduced noise and no emissions
Reason to buy
  • Provides you with constant and reliable power
  • It has an adjustable tilling width of up to ten inches
  • Instant electric start
  • The adjustable 5-inch tilling depth makes gardening easy
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The Best Electric Tillers | Buyer’s Guide

Every now and then, you will need to till your garden. Whether you are looking to plant new flowers, grow vegetables, or remove weeds, the best electric tillers should suffice. Below are some of the crucial features to consider before making your pick.

  • Sturdy construction: Electric tillers do not come cheap. Therefore, it is crucial to find a model that is built to deliver optimal service for long. Go for a model made from tough, corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel. It goes without saying, please avoid models that have plastic parts.
  • Check their adjustability: Next, you need a tiller that is easy to adjust to fit your needs. The tiller should have adjustable tilling width and depth to allow you to customize how you till your garden. We recommend going for models with adjustable, all-terrain wheels as they enable you to maneuver your tiller easily.
  • The power source: Additionally, electric tillers come with two power sources. We have the corded models that draw power directly from your electric grind. We also have the battery-powered models, which comes with a rechargeable battery. Each of these models has its benefits. However, we recommend going to models with high capacity batteries or at least a long power cord for increased flexibility.


The best electric tillers will help you in all soil preparation processes. This includes aerating, weed removal, and mixing of fertilizers or manure. Unlike the gas counterparts, these tillers are economical, environment friendly, and deliver quality performance for years. The silent operation combined with ergonomic design also makes them super easy to use. Before making your choice, you simply need to consider the features that you need, compare the above-reviewed models, and make your choice. All the best!

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