Top 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

electric pencil sharpeners

Using a pencil is part of our life. You will need a pencil to complete your work if you are an artist, student, or working professional. It is always difficult to manually sharp your pencil. It takes a lot of time and will not give you a perfect shape.

To avoid such a situation, we have a device called an electric pencil sharpener. In this device, you do not need anything, just put your pencil, and this will sharpen your pencil. The best thing is that this electric will keep your pencil’s shape and extend the life of the pencil. For our users, we have prepared this guide so that you can buy the best electric pencil sharpener.

List of 10 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners in 2023

#10. Eagle electric pencil sharpener

Eagle electric pencil sharpener

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Eagle has a professional electric sharpener that is safer and faster. The sharpener is designed with a heavy-duty heliacal blade made of steel. This blade helps you sharpen regular wood for everyday use. If you own a brand new pencil, this blade will sharp your pencil in 8 seconds. The sharpener has a non-skid rubber base and shaving tray that is easy to clean.

The compact designed sharpener is easy to use and sturdy features. It contains overheat circuit that is more safe and reliable to use. The sharpener does not produce a loud noise. It produces 76 dB noise.

The strong device sharp pencil evenly and produce a perfect cut.

  • Made of helical steel
  • Takes 8 seconds to sharp
  • Noise level under 76 dB
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Overheat protection
Bottom Line

This Eagle electric sharpener is more safe and reliable for everyday use at your classroom.

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#9. X-Acto electric pencil sharpener

X-Acto electric pencil sharpener

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This is a well-known brand that produces quality daily use products for office stationery. The team of professional designers helps to create the best electric pencil sharpeners. The classically designed sharpener is made with a helical cutter for precise cutting. The life span of the steel blade is 16 times more compared to other sharpeners. These blades are powered with an efficient heavy-duty motor that has negligible noise.

Equipped with the latest technology, this sharpener assures minimal waste and prevents overheating of the motor. The sharpener also has Auto-reset functionality. The sensor in the sharpener has enabled a safe start, so if the blades are hot, then this sharpener won’t start.

This will help to stop over sharpening and increase the life of the pencil.

  • 16 times stronger
  • Stylish sharpener
  • Auto-reset
  • Overheating protection
  • Helical cutter
  • Reliable, strong motor
  • Less noise
Bottom Line

The X-Acto electric sharpener contains a sturdy and reliable motor, so It can last for a longer period.

#8. Zmol electric pencil sharpener

Zmol electric pencil sharpener

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If you want your pencil for a longer period, then you need a sharp and accurate sharpener that does not eat your pencil. The Zmol electric pencil sharpener is well designed and can be run with three power sources. It can run by 4 AA batteries or Via USB cable and electric circuit. These 4 AA batteries are not included. This sharpener has a helical steel blade that sharp pencil within 3-5 seconds. It is estimated that this device can sharp up to 4000+ times in its life span.

The sharpener has an auto-start feature, so when you insert a pencil, just push it little, and the sharpener will complete its work. This device has three sharpness options blunt, medium, and sharp. Mostly this sharpener is made for pencil having a size between 6-8 mm. The sharpener has a large shaving box, so you don’t need to empty it frequently. The shaving box is easy to take out.

  • Multiple power sources
  • Takes 3-5 seconds for sharping
  • Pencil size 6-7 mm
  • Three sharpness options
  • More durable
  • Sturdy design
  • Removable shaving box
Bottom Line

This electric sharpener has a more life span and a durable design. This can be perfect for classrooms.

#7. Veyette electric pencil sharpener

Veyette electric pencil sharpener

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If you use a pencil having a diameter of 8 mm, then you should have this Veyette electric sharpener. This sharpener is consist of a long-lasting motor with minimum noise probably noise less than 82 dB. This features a fast and very sharp blade that takes up to 5 seconds to sharp any pencil. It comes with a small cord so that you can comfortably be plugged in at your desk.

Even If there is no electricity supply, you can also use this sharpener as it can be run with battery and USB cable. This sharpener needs 2AA batteries to run and a laptop to connect via USB. The internal structure is made so easy that you can take out the storage part and clean the device. This has an 8 mm top lid to insert a pencil. With such a small lid, kids won’t be able to insert their fingers inside, so it is safer to use.

  • Sharp and fast blade
  • Top lid size 8 mm
  • Takes only 5 seconds
  • 2 extra power sources
  • Easy to clean
  • Less noise
  • Safe to use
Bottom Line

The Veyette electric sharpener is good for regular use on a desk. As it has multiple sources of charging, you can use it anywhere.

#6. Bostitch electric pencil sharpener

Bostitch electric pencil sharpener

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The Bostitch quiet and sharp executive electric sharpener will definitely enhance the architecture view of your office with its modern and sleek design. The sharpener features a sturdy, durable motor that is 65% faster and has a 6x longer life.

The blades give you precise and quick cut. The sharpener comes with tip saver technology that increases the life of any pencil. The sharp blade and motor are quiet and know for less noise.

This sharpener is made of hardened steel having a dimension of 7.5 x 4 x 5 inches. It has a large shaving tray and safety switch. This sharpener is equipped with an overload temperature sensor.

  • Made of steel
  • 65 % faster
  • Long life span
  • Quiet and quick blade
  • Overheat protection
  • Safety switch
Bottom Line

This executive electric sharpener is more convenient to use and has a longer life.

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#5. Afmat electric pencil sharpener

Afmat electric pencil sharpener

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For any classroom and office products, you can truly trust Afmat as they provide top-notch professional products. The electric sharpener by Afmat is UL listed and has a larger blade. The high-quality metal alloy blade can sharp 200 pencils continually. With such professional design, this sharpener takes 3-5 seconds to sharpen a colored pencil.

Using this sharpener is easy; you need to insert a pencil and apply some pressure. This sharpener will start automatically. If you push too hard, then it might create some humming sound and stop working, so push it gently. This sharpener is specially designed for a 6-8 mm pencil. This sharpener is protected with an overheat sensor. It has a large shaving box, and the device will only work if the box is properly attached to the sharpener.

  • Metal alloy blade
  • Takes 3-5 second for sharping
  • UL listed
  • Can sharp 6000 times
  • Bigger and stronger blade
  • Overheat protection
  • High efficiency
Bottom Line

The Afmat sharpener has a durable and high-speed blade that can be used in any commercial purpose.

#4. Tripworthy electric pencil sharpener

Tripworthy electric pencil sharpener

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For an aspiring artist, it is very important to have a perfect pencil. This Tripworthy sharpener is specially designed for the artist and working professionals. This compact sharpener is designed with premium quality and has great performance. The best thing about this sharpener is it does not require any electrical support. This sharpener is powered by 4 AA batteries so that you use it anywhere.

The sharpener can automatically sharp and #2 and colored pencils. It has very lightweight and convenient to use. The construction is very user-friendly; even kids can use this sharpener easily. It has a small storage gate through which you can take the waste from a sharpener.

  • Battery-powered
  • Premium quality
  • Require 4 AA batteries
  • Easy and clean shaving
  • Extend pencil life
  • User friendly
Bottom Line

If you want a cable-free sharpener, then this is the perfect device for you. It runs on batteries and can be used anywhere.

#3. Officeline electric pencil sharpener

Officeline electric pencil sharpener

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To keep your pencil sharp, use the Officeline electric sharpener that runs on battery. The light weighted and the tiny sized sharpener is super safe and has an auto-stop blade operation. In this type of operation, when your pencil has done with sharpening, it will stop, or if the shaving tray is open, it will directly stop the function.

To run this sharpener, you will need a total of four AA batteries. This features the top class stainless steel blade with auto-stop technology. The vertical sharpener has secure and large shaving storage at the bottom.

  • Premium stainless steel blade
  • Runs on battery
  • Secure shaving tray
  • Vertical design
  • Easy and ergonomic grip
Bottom Line

The Officeline sharpener is best for your regular lid and colored pencil. The vertical design is easy to put anywhere in the office or classroom.

#2. Bostitch personal electric pencil sharpener

Bostitch personal electric pencil sharpener

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If you are an individual looking for the best sharpener, then this Bostitch personal sharpener is best for you. Its compact design is appropriate for only personal use. The personal sharpener comes with HHC cutter technology that increases the life span of your sharpener. It has a powerful yet quiet motor for stall-free operation. The design of this cutter will save a lot of space. The height of this sharpener is only 4.25 inches. It has a bottom shaving box to collect waste.

Well, if we see this sharpener is made for personal use, but it has a large shaving box so that you can sharpen your pencil multiple times without emptying box. It also has a safety switch for better operation.

  • Compact size
  • Personal sharpener
  • Sharp blade
  • Large shaving box
  • Blue colored
  • Stall-free operation
Bottom Line

For anyone who prefers to work alone in their personal space, then this is the best sharpener for you.

#1. X-Acto personal electric pencil sharpener

X-Acto personal electric pencil sharpener

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This is another masterpiece by X-Acto that has a vertical design. This sharpener is specially designed for classrooms. It is made of heavy-duty material with double construction. The powerful motor produces minimal noise and gives premium performance. The sharpener is built with a flyaway cutter system that stops the blade when a pencil is sharped. It is being said that this sharpener has a 33 longer life compared to other sharpeners.

  • Heavy-duty material
  • Durable construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful motor
  • 33 times longer life
Bottom Line

For your classroom, this is the perfect electric sharpener that has a longer life and sharp blade.

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Things to consider before buying an electric sharpener

  • Blade Size: When looking for an electric sharpener, the first thing to look after is the blade of that sharpener. The blade is the most important part as this will help you to sharpen your pencil. To keep your pencil in shape, it is important to look after the blade’s size. These blades are mostly made of helical design and have a durable construction with 6-8 mm of size at the top. If you have a lid pencil or colored pencil, choose the best sharpener according to your need.
  • Power source: The major and important factor upon which your sharpener’s performance depends is the power source of sharpener. We all know that these are sharpener is electrically connected, but what if there is no circuit to plug-in your sharpener. At that time, you must have an alternative power source. Mostly these sharpeners have other power sources like via USB and Batteries. So if you prefer to work in a remote area, you must choose the sharpeners with having multiple power sources.
  • Quality: The last but the important part is to consider the quality of material used in sharpeners. The construction of a sharpener should have a longer life and aesthetic view. The important part is the base of the sharpener. It must have a non-skid and rubber base. This will give a tight, sharpener grip, and it will be easy to use. Mostly the sharpeners are made of alloy metal or stainless steel. So before buying an electric sharpener, you must check the quality of material


If you are in any professional, you will have to use a pencil at some point, so it is important to have an electric sharpener. In this guide, we have seen the top 10 best electric sharpeners available in the market. We have covered all the important aspects, so read this guide and choose the best product wisely.

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