Top 10 Best Crystal Floor Lamps in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

crystal floor lamps

Want to surprise your bibliophile or bookworm friend with the best gift of the year? Or just looking to create your own intimate reading nook for your midnight inner Alice in the wonderland? Look no further as a versatile floor lamp could fit your niche like no other. Did you know that a crystal floor lamp could spruce up your space and change the whole ambiance with a bright, illuminated, and inviting atmosphere? No idea how to pick one? Fret not, this article puts together 10 Best Crystal Floor Lamps just to keep you ahead of the curve.

Fit a crystal floor lamp anywhere from your bedroom to living area, and it could offer you your very personalized reading space or home office. Easier to install, crystal lamps are no more an expensive find for the budget shoppers. Their exquisite modern designs and quality of light can offer your home a simple yet next-level upgrade.

So, let’s not waffle anymore and straightaway, look inside!

How to Find the Right Floor Lamp:

When it comes to choosing your perfect crystal floor lamp, things might not be as easy! Hundreds of thousands of varieties, designs, and shades on the world-wide-interweb, might get you easily spoiled for choices. No worries, here is a guide on how to pick the Best Crystal Floor Lamps.

As said already, crystal floor lamps can be your one-in-all lighting solution, overhead to the whole room. And the best thing about these tall lamps is some even pack some punches like storage compartments, touch controls, and even USB connectivity.

No matter, it’s to augment your interior, suit your bespoke purpose of self-retreat or enhance your task lighting, you should always understand your need before buying your lamp. It’s the height, weight, design, proportion, color temperature, brightness, and stability, which together decides how a lamp can add value to your everyday life.

Identify Your Type Of Lamp:

If you are looking for a large standing crystal floor lamp for decorating your room, the typical console or shaded floor lamps can add huge complements to your dining or living space. Their statuesque structures and traditional downward lighting can set ample light for your general ambiance.

If it’s not for your task lighting or reading, you could also pick the Torchiere floor lamps with the indirect illumination and inverted shades. These lamps throw the light upward at the ceiling.

Looking for a sleeker version of the crystal floor standees, arc floor lamps are second to none. The centerpieces of the mid-century modern lighting, these lamps are a graceful addition to any wide lounge area.

With a heavy base and a long curving arm, these floor lamps are the best to hang their shades over your plush seating arrangements.

Finally, track tree (also known as spider/octopus/multi-arm) floor lamps could be the best example of a multi-purpose and flexible lighting. With rotating shade-heads and three or more arms, they can be a dynamic pick to accentuate a room or accommodate a long line of reading desks.

In short, wisely picked crystal lighting can be the most sophisticated addition to your rooms irrespective of the purpose of use.

Which Lamps Are The Best?

So, now that you have a fair idea about choosing floor lamps, here are 10 Amazons lighting exclusively picked for your best buy. They can be considered the Best Crystal Floor Lamps from all perspectives and can transform your rooms of all sizes into a piece of beauty and elegance.

List of Best Crystal Floor Lamps in 2022

#10. GDLMA Silver Crystal Raindrop Floor Lamp

GDLMA Silver Crystal Raindrop Floor Lamp

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By: Surpars House

If you are looking to add a little class and glamour to your tiny space, this sleek lighting in the Raindrop crystal shade and chrome finish, could not be a more perfect pick of the bang for your buck. This lamp is everything you need for that extra sparkle, elegance, edge.

Set it up anywhere in your room and this silver crystal floor lamp will not only stun your guests, but also make you feel at royalty every day. Rectangular in shape, stainless in the finish, and easy to assemble, this tall lamp will brighten your room effortlessly. Simple yet sturdy, its design makes this piece one of the Best Crystal Floor Lamps in 2022.

Key Features:
  • Raindrop crystal shade
  • Chrome finish
  • Stainless steel
  • 15ft black cord
  • Rectangular and sturdy
  • Three lights
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Elegant and slim design
  • Sparkling Light
  • Space saving
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Reasonably priced.

#9. Ciara Chic Floor Lamp Antique White Chandelier Style Crystal

Ciara Chic Floor Lamp Antique White Chandelier Style Crystal

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By: Regency Hill

This inner chandelier style floor lamp by Regency Hill is a gorgeous accent for any living space. With its sheer organza shade with silver trim and glamorous faceted glass crystals, this 64” tall piece is a perfect candelabra-type accessory which combines the best of both worlds.

Place it anywhere inside your living room, and its unique sheer drum shade and antique column base in a white finish will surely bring you a touch of elegance. What’ more, the lamp shade’s on-and-off feature gives it a stunning display option. If you are looking for beauty and functionality in one place, this sleek lighting is your next-best pick.

Key Features:
  • Inner chandelier style light
  • Designed with glass beads and crystals
  • Antique white finish in metal and glass construction
  • 64 inches tall
  • Sheer organza drum shade with silver trim
  • Candelabra-like accessory to match both modern/traditional decor
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Old world feel in an ergonomic design
  • Lamp can be used with or without shade
  • A traditional piece with high-end-details
  • Column base coated in antique finish
  • Don’t occupy much space.

#8. Hsyile Lighting KU300171 Cozy Elegant Modern Creative Crystal Floor Lamp

Hsyile Lighting KU300171 Cozy Elegant Modern Creative Crystal Floor Lamp

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By: Hsyile

If you are fond of minimalist design, this tall and elegant fixture from Hsyile is one of the Best Crystal Floor Lamps with its sleek, modern, and shimmering aesthetics. With heavy pieces of high-quality, hand-picked crystal and sturdy chrome finish, this lamp can add an extra classy vibe to your interior.

The best thing about this lamp is, its slim design fits into any corner of your house, from dorm rooms to small home offices. Also, it has major light-producing capabilities to brighten up a whole big space, including a king-sized living room.

Key Features:
  • Simple, elegant, and ambient design
  • Crystal and chrome finish
  • High-quality real-glass crystal
  • 13 inches tall
  • Slim and sturdy
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Good light transmittance
  • Perfect for any room that needs extra points, crystal lattice shades and chrome hardware
  • Slim yet steady base
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • 24 month warranty.

#7. OK Lighting OK-5112F Rain Metal Floor Lamp

OK Lighting OK-5112F Rain Metal Floor Lamp

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By: OK Lighting

Grab this rain metal floor lamp with mighty light emission, from OK Lighting. If you want more and more draped crystal strands, this all-real crystal lighting topped with a crystal ball finial is just what you need. With rain metal and chrome finish, this sleek lamp can perfectly add a classy statement to your space without going overboard.

Set this lamp in your bedroom or living area, and its multi-layers glass crystal strands with large crystal gems will instantly transform your space into an intense luxury.

Key Features:
  • Rain metal, 3-bulb 63 inch lamp
  • UL listed
  • Hanging layers of glass crystal strands form inner and outer shades
  • Crystal gems are available in different shapes
  • Metal base comes polished in a chrome finish
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Original crystal floor lamp
  • Perfectly adorns any room
  • Each crystal piece comes wrapped in a plastic cover
  • Easy-to-install
  • 3 bulbs are included in the package.

#6. Surpars House Ball Shape Crystal Floor Lamp

Surpars House Ball Shape Crystal Floor Lamp

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By: Surpars House

You can’t help but fall in love with this ball-shaped crystal floor lighting. It offers a high quality shining crystal in the sterling silver and chrome finish, just the perfect suite for every bedroom or lounge area. Extremely elegant, this piece comes with all-real crystals that will create a rainbow effect when they shine together.

Put it beside your bed or the sitting area for a great ambient lighting effect. Also, the top-notch stainless steel offers robust support enough to stand a catfight! If you like ball shape, this lamp is a great bargain for the price.

Key Features:
  • Ball-shaped lamp
  • Real crystals
  • Sturdy stainless steel base
  • 59 inches tall
  • High-quality silver chrome finish
5 Reasons to buy:
  • High-quality shining crystals with strong base
  • An elegant piece with simple design
  • A fit for all places
  • Well priced
  • Easy to put together.

#5. ORE International 6866G Floor Lamp

ORE International 6866G Floor Lamp

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If the classic, elegant, and timeless vibes of traditional lighting mesmerize you, this drop crystal floor lamp by ORE could not be a better pick. Designed with steel and acrylic, this chandelier style lamp comes with a superior polished brass finish and UL listed.

Want to accentuate your traditional or contemporary interior? Just put this opulent lighting anywhere in the living room or family area with a high vaulted ceiling and watch it complement your room’s antique prowess.

Key Features:
  • Chandelier styled crystal lamp
  • Polished brass finish
  • Made of steel and acrylic
  • UL listed
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Brings a classic accent for any room
  • Drop crystal style makes it a statement piece
  • Slim and sleek
  • High-quality finish
  • A great pick for the price.

#4. Surpars House Raindrop Crystal Floor Lamp

Surpars House Raindrop Crystal Floor Lamp

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By: Surpars House

If you can’t wait to bag a high-end fixture almost in a factory price, this gorgeous floor lamp should not skip your eyes. This top-quality metal piece of elegance comes in a raindrop crystal and silver chrome finish. It can easily fit a small space of your room with no extra hassle.

Put it in your bedroom or meeting area and this spectacular shade of cascading sparkles will magically transform the aura of your rooms. Romantic, classic and shining, this is one of the Best Crystal Floor Lamps in 2022.

Key Features:
  • Clear crystal raindrop floor lamp
  • High-quality silver chrome finish
  • Top-notch metal body
  • 59” tall
5 Reasons to buy:
  • High-quality fixture
  • Timelessly elegant
  • Loaded with sparkling crystals
  • Fits any room
  • Fits every pocket size.

#3. Crown Mark 6966bk

Crown Mark 6966bk

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By: Crown Mark

This sophisticated arch, steel floor lamp from Crown Mark is worth the attention of every home stylist today. With beautiful acrylic crystal adorns and hardy structure, this shimmering piece of elegance can put your need for luxury, minimalism, and utility all in one place.

Keep it behind the sofa and this set of three lamp shades with faux crystal glimmer can enlighten your coffee time like never before. Also, the gooseneck style ensures a great bedtime reading. The easy-to-turn switch also makes this luxury fixture a handy piece.

Key Features:
  • Three lampshades of crystal droppings
  • Bright still body finish in sterling black
  • Classic, stylish and ergonomic design
  • Strong and hardy
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Glimmering faux crystals
  • A blend of style and practical needs
  • Very durable
  • Flexible switch operation
  • Gooseneck allow more focus of light.

#2. VINCIGANT Silver Crystal Pillars Modern Candlesticks

VINCIGANT Silver Crystal Pillars Modern Candlesticks

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Want to grab a statement fixture for your home? This spectacular silver crystal candle holder duo is everything bling. Made with select crystal beads, this multipurpose lamp can switch between holding both your electronic candles and decorative flowers. Its high-quality metal finish and nickel-plated body makes it a great stable surface all-year through.

While the goblet tea light holders gracefully seats on the robust pedestal to make a stunning wine glass stem effect, the hollow-carved design make the lamp flaunt like shining carats of gold. Big fat celebration or small tea party, having this silver crystal pillar by your side can change the game of decoration forever.

Key Features:
  • Decorated with bright and handcrafted octagonal K9 Crystal beads
  • High-quality hardware fittings
  • Each piece has three separable parts
  • Multifunctional metal candle cup
  • Soft mat protection
  • Comes with a unique gift box packaging
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Set of two silver candle holders in one lamp
  • 180 days quality commitment
  • Lifetime spare parts replacement
  • Convenient to clean
  • Easy-to-install.

#1. Coaster Home Furnishings Arc Floor Lamp with Poly Crystal Shades Chrome

Coaster Home Furnishings Arc Floor Lamp with Poly Crystal Shades Chrome

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By: Coaster Home Furnishings

Did you know arc lamps are the best outfit for a room with a high ceiling? Not only that they can easily reach up to pour the light from atop to match your king-sized room’s vertical prowess? But this lamp from Coaster does even more! The three arched rods throwing their beams through suspended beads of crystal are a sight to behold. And the chrome and black base just adds a sheer contrast to this timeless traditional flavor.

Fix it in a custom room and it will become the cynosure of your evening guest meet. Sleek, shiny and classy, these three-headed crystal lighting is surely one of the Best Crystal Floor Lamps in 2022.

Key Features:
  • Metal and glass crystal lamp
  • Chrome and black finish
  • Polycrystal beads
  • 3-way switch
  • Gooseneck
  • Arch style
5 Reasons to buy:
  • Crystal droppings add a touch of glamour
  • Arch style can light up even the largest room
  • Goosenecks give a better focus
  • Bulbs are included in the package
  • Easy-to-join.

The Bottom Line:

All the above-mentioned crystal lightings push the envelope when it comes to giving your rooms a no-pretension ambiance and livening up your family discussion time. However, stay true to your needs and budget and pick only one that fits behind your furniture easily and even enhances even the smallest area without conserving much space. As none of the above is too expensive, you can easily afford one that best suits your sense of style and decoration. Happy lighting.

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