Top 10 Best Bike Trunk Bags in 2022 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

bike trunk bags
So you are in the market for a bike trunk bags or bike pannier, here is what you need to know. Bike panniers are essential if your bike is your transportation for work, school, commute, errands or vacation. Bike panniers are attached to the rear of the bike, and they remove the weight from your hands and shoulders. Replacing backpack with bike panniers can keep you comfortable and reduce the load on your shoulder.

It might take you a while to get accustomed to the weight of the bike pannier. The transfer of weight can be easy, or it can be difficult. However, the removal of the weight from your shoulder and back is a benefit in the long run. There are several things you need to consider when choosing the best bike pannier.


There are several things you should consider before purchasing a trunk bag, such as the preferred use, the type and the purpose. The preferred use for bike trunk bag includes commuting to work or school, camping and vacation.

Some bike panniers or bike bags, such as the Bushwhacker Omaha, have many purposes, such as grocery shopping and running errands.

Other trunk bags, such as the Ibera Bike 2 in 1 Pannier Bag has a design for commuters. The bags consist of multiple compartments with large capacity and are suitable for tablets, small laptops, phone and repair items.

List of Best Bike Trunk Bags in 2022

#10. Savadeck Bike Trunk Bag

Savadeck Bike Trunk Bag

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This is a great bike trunk bag. The bag material includes resistant fabric with a wear-resistant hardshell. The design of the bag has ultra-thick padded compartments and a side package that can accommodate your water bottle. The Savadeck trunk bag features an ultra-thick padded compartment that can effectively prevent internal collision damage to your content.

The Savadeck trunk bag has a reflective stripe and a belt for fixing a light to add more safety when riding at night. The front and bottom VelTcro straps ensure stability and are easy to adjust and install. The bike trunk bag has a handle, which makes it portable. This trunk bag can effectively prevent internal damage.

#9. Rock Bros Bike Trunk bag

Rock Bros Bike Trunk bag

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The Rock Bros bag is going to surprise you. The bag has a thick foam pad that fills the inside bottom and sides of the trunk bag. The foam helps the bag hold its shape and protect your items. The bag will not collapse to one side even if there is nothing is in it.

The Rock Bros bag features a 13L maximum capacity in the main compartment, and some inside pockets to help with organization. Fold-out pockets for expanded capacity to hold incidentals. This is a great choice for day rides or daily commutes.

The trunk bag also features two Velcro straps on the front of the rack, two straps that go across the rack as well as two fixed buckles. The straps secure the bag to the rack so that it does not shift. The bike trunk bag fits any racks, such as e-bikes fat bikes, and other bikes.

Rock Bros trunk bag feature a water bottle holder with adjustable drawstring, which is design to make the water holder bottle secure.

Reflective straps on the bike provide good visibility for night riders.

#8. MaxMile Pannier Bag

MaxMile Pannier Bag

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This MaxMiles bag is one of the most well-thought bags. It is durable, water-resistant and suitable for all kinds of bike models. The bag has a double side pannier with a volume of 10 liters folded and 35 liters unfolded. Double side panniers design. Volume 10 liters(610c.inches) Unfolded 35 liters(2100c.inches)

The MaxMile Pannier bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and a carrying handle. It can be used as a regular bag after you park your bike. The bag is easy to mount on your bike, and it can be carried by hand or shoulder. It has a large capacity for plant luggage, repair items, water bottles and maps.

#7. COTEetCI Waterproof Bike Bag

COTEetCI Waterproof Bike Bag

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The Coteetci bike bag is perfect for running for errands. The bag 600D polyester fabric is waterproof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant and is suitable for most rack sizes. The bag is designed to be multifunctional. It has a handle which makes it easy and convenient to carry. The bag can be carried in two ways, and it has velcro straps and buckles that make it great for a commuter bag and a shoulder bag.

The COTEeCI bag features an 8L capacity storage compartment. The bag has plenty of room for bike accessories, biking tools, books, laptop and other necessities. It has reflective tapes for enhancing visibility for safe driving at night.

#6. Bluetop Bicycle Rear Seat Rack Trunk Bag

Bluetop Bicycle Rear Seat Rack Trunk Bag

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The Bluetop trunk bag has a classic, stylish design, and it has an exquisite appearance. The Bluetop trunk bag Dacron fabric is durable, solid, and waterproof. The trunk bag feature cotton-filled material for shock absorption and to keep your content safe. It is designed with one main pocket, two side pockets and a bottle holder.

The trunk bag features a large-capacity that can carry your maps, tablet, pens, and chargers in the main compartment. You can take the bag on business trips, camping, picnic or any other occasion that require a bag. It easily converts to a single handbag or shoulder bag with adjustable strap.

The Bluetop trunk bag has a quick-release system to fix with the rear rack. There are front and bottom velcro straps to ensure stability. It provides safety by adding reflective stripes.

#5. Ibera 2 in 1 PakRak Commuter Bike Trunk Bag

Ibera 2 in 1 PakRak Commuter Bike Trunk Bag

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Ibera Trunk Bag is one of the best choices for commuting to school and work and for light bike touring. The bag has a hard base, reinforced, padded main body. It is durable with a carbon pattern ABS base that allows you to set it down on wet surfaces and protect the cargo.

Many believed the Ibera bag is life-changing, and it is like no other product. The Ibera bag key feature is the expandable pannier. They offer storage space for your content. Both bike panniers clear up into an angular shape, so there is room for pedaling. The bag also features two side pockets, a rear pocket, a hand carry strap, taillight hanger an expandable top pouch with bungee cords, and reflective strips.

It also features a smart, quick release/clip-on system which makes it easier to detach and attach bags in seconds. There are no straps required. For night riding safety, the Ibera has a 360-degree reflective trim and taillight hanger design. You can carry school books, groceries, change of clothes, bike gear and a laptop.

#4. BV Bike Trunk Bag

BV Bike Trunk Bag

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This BV bag is perfect for all your biking trips, whether you are just going the around block or a 15-mile road trip. It has a stylish, neat design and is made of sturdy 600 Denier Polyester and Cordura material. The BV bag features a taillight hanger which enables you to attach the taillight for safety. The BV bag also includes Velcro straps to carry a mini pump and a water bottle pocket on the back for easy access to the water bottle!

The BV bag features pocket with 3M Scotchlite reflective trim to help with visibility at night and for safety and a multi-compartment for your cycling tools, a handle and a shoulder strap for easy carry. The BV bag attaches to the rack easily and securely. It can hold your garage door openers, wallet, and phone comfortable. The main compartment can hold your repair gear, snacks and sports drinks. BV Bike Trunk Bag is perfect for commutes to school, to work and to gym.

#3. Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

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The Bushwhacker bag will not disappoint you. The 600 denier polyester fabric is durable and tear-resistant. The Mesa bag offers three exteriors pockets with zippers, and a detachable should strap. The Mesa has four-point velcro mounting system that are well placed and makes a smooth, secure attachment for less noise and movements.

The system secures your rack, and a half-inch sturdy foam insulation stabilizes your load.

The padded interior with foam provides insulation to keep your drinks cold and hold your gear securely. The bag interior padding not only helps keep your drink cold but maintain the shape of the bag. The Scotchlite reflective trim adds visibility. The Mesa bag is available in black and red.

#2. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag

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The Topeak MTX Trunk bag is perfect for all your needs. The 600 Denier polyester fabric is unique in that it is the stiffest, the largest and the most weather resistant MTX bag. The is insulated with molded EVA foam. The bag features a main compartment, expandable top, rear water bottle holder, two panels with expandable panniers that maximize capacity. The bag can fit a helmet, luggage components and repair items.

The MTX bag also includes a shoulder strap, a water bottle holder, 3M Reflective Strip, and elastic top bungees. The bag is compatible with racks with attachable side frames. MTX frames are required with MTX bags.

#1. TopSun Roswheel Rear Seat Trunk Bag

TopSun Roswheel Rear Seat Trunk Bag

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You will be surprised at the quality of this rear seat trunk bag. The bag gives the illusion of insulation with foam between plastic lining that makes it waterproof.

The Topsun bag features a large main compartment for larger items, three outside pockets for easy access to essentials such as sunglasses, repair items, and a sleeve for your water bottle. The trunk bag is versatile and roomy. It can be used as a regular bag when you are not on the bike. It can be carried on the shoulder and by hand.

Bike Trunk Bag Features

Capacity: The purpose of the bike pannier will determine the size and capacity of your bike pannier. The bike pannier capacity determines how much a trunk bag can hold. Bike pannier with high capacity, 37 liters or more, are versatile and can be used for school or work commute, camping trips and adventure road trips.

Carrying a large amount of weight on the bike pannier lowers the risk of injury to your back and shoulder. Although, you will have to get used to the added weight on the back of your bike.

Versatility: Versatility is an important feature if the purpose of your bike pannier is to help with your everyday errands or commute. The bike pannier can keep your work necessities secure. Then you will be able to carry your bag from your bike into the workplace.

Waterproof: Whether you are using a bike pannier to commute to work or to school, you will need a trunk bag that can handle all types of weather. Most brands of bike pannier offer some types of waterproof outer that can withstand any weather conditions. This implies that they can effectively keep your things dry, including your laptop and other equipment. Waterproof is not essential for grocery shopping or local commutes.


There are several types of bike trunk bags or bike pannier available. A bike bag is an important feature for virtually any rider both professional and leisure. Based on your requirements, bike pannier comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes. From weatherproof choices to fully waterproof dry packs, you’re guaranteed to locate a pannier bag to fit your requirements. Most pannier bags are created from water-resistant fabric. You might also wish to consider a cycling backpack. Some rucksacks have a water reservoir too!

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