Top 10 Best Zip Line Kits in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Have you been looking for a new hobby your kids can try out, something exciting and fun that won’t break the bank? Trips to the park playground can get boring, and yard games can turn into lost pieces and whining. A new idea awaits – how about using a zip line! Not only is it a great way to get outside and experience nature, but zip lines are easy to use and offer a great group activity. You can gather friends and family – or even the whole neighborhood – together for some simple fun. Most kits are easily assembled in under 30 minutes, which means you and your kids will be flying through the air in no time.

If you’re not sure what to look for in zip line kits, consider the features that each one offers. A strong cable is absolutely essential for holding your body weight; the last thing you want is for your line to snap mid-air. A good starting point for backyard kits is a cable that’s ¼” thick, although you can certainly go up to 3/8” and larger to hold heavier weights. You’ll also want sturdy hooks to hold the cables, a handle to hold onto with lots of grip, and possibly even a seat. Kids will be more likely to try a zip line for the first time when it’s made as comfortable as possible for them, with as little risk as possible. And that’s peace of mind for you, too!

List of Best Zip Line Kits in 2021

Here’s a look at the top 10 best kits in 2021 so you can get a better idea of what kits consist of and how they could work best for you.

#10. HearthSong 80′ Red Backyard Zipline Kit

HearthSong 80' Red Backyard Zipline Kit

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A great backyard zip line kit, all you need is a couple of strong trees and you’re ready to get started! The kit includes everything you need to turn your backyard into an after school adventure: hanging hardware; tree protectors; adjustable seat; brakes; and durable steel cable. If you’re just trying out zip lines for personal use, this is a good starter kit to bring the fun at an affordable rate.

The maximum weight limit for this kit is 250 pounds, so don’t feel shy about trying it out with your kids! Easy to install for summer, easy to take down and store for winter. The best part of owning a zip line is the constant access to affordable entertainment all year round, or as long as the weather allows it. It’s definitely a purchase you won’t regret and that will make you all the talk of the neighborhood.

#9. Alien Flier X3-100 Backyard Zip Line Kit

Alien Flier X3-100 Backyard Zip Line Kit

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There is nothing cooler than aliens when it comes to kids, and this green-and-black zip line kit will be sure to perk up their imagination. The complete kit comes with everything needed for an active zip line, but this one has an added bonus – speed control for ultimate safety. Who doesn’t want a little extra protection when it comes to their children?

If you’d like even more features, you’re able to easily add on flexible seats and harnesses, or even upgrade to a turnbuckle easy tensioning kit. Setting up for fun shouldn’t be exhausting and this kit has you covered, with a setupgb time of under an hour. You might want an extra pair of hands to help, as it can be tough to attach to the trees by yourself while ensuring the proper tension.

#8. ANW American Ninja Warrior Zipline

ANW American Ninja Warrior Zipline

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American Ninja Warrior has become super popular with the younger crowd lately, and is an especially adventurous dream when it comes to the zip line portion of the challenge. Now you and your little ones can zip along at light speed just like their favorite competitors with this ANW zip line kit (with supervision, of course).

The kit comes in either 50-foot or 80-foot galvanized steel cable options and can hold up to 200 pounds without issue, and includes an adjustable seat. Try taking it with you on your next camping adventure for an added burst of fun! Your little ones will feel just like they’re on the American Ninja Warrior set and you might even discover a future athlete on your hands. The possibilities for fun and adventure and literally endless.

#7. iZipline 95 Feet Zip line Kit

iZipline 95 Feet Zip line Kit

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Built for both kids and adults alike, this zip line kit includes a bungee cord for the ultimate stopping power when you might feel like life is moving a little too quickly under your feet. With a weight limit of 250 pounds, everyone will be able to give this a go in your backyard. Sounds like a fun time just waiting to happen!

Everything you need for setup is included in the kit, including a fully assembled trolley. No more little pieces to fumble with and get lost, no unnecessary tools to clutter your yard. Set up and zip around in as little as 10 minutes. The downside is that it’s not as fully equipped as some other kits might be but it’s definitely easier on the wallet and a great value for everything that comes with it. You won’t be disappointed!

#6. Adventure Parks ZLX Xtreme Zip Line 90′

Adventure Parks ZLX Xtreme Zip Line 90'

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Ninety feet of zip line adventure awaits with this incredibly durable kit. Unlike most other kits, it can hold up to 400 pounds for everyone in your life and includes galvanized aircraft cable for sturdy use time and time again. That means you’re getting the top of the line safety that aerial mechanics trust time and again to do the job, as well as an indescribable experience that your kids will never forget.

The cable is coated so you won’t get the metal-on-metal friction that might happen with others on the market, and the drop-style trolley means little fingers won’t get caught and hurt in the mechanisms. Adjustable rope and a plastic seat helps ensure comfort during the experience and less parts for you to put together or keep track of. A win-win situation for all!

Adventure Parks ZLX Xtreme Zip Line 90'
Adventure Parks ZLX Xtreme Zip Line 90'
Weight Limit: 400 lbs; Fully enclosed trolley and drop-style handles mean no lost fingers; No metal on metal abrasion to the cable, which protects the cable from abrasion
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#5. Happybuy 80/100ft Zip Line Kit

Happybuy 80/100ft Zip Line Kit

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Specifically designed with kids in mind, the Happybuy zip line kit is the ultimate kid-friendly entertainment your backyard will ever see! Adjustable seat, non-slip grip bars and up to 100 feet of galvanized cable keep your little ones comfortable and happy for as long as the seasons last.

Installing this kit is a breeze with a fully assembled trolley and strong, durable steel with a weight limit of 250 pounds. Don’t stand by and watch your kids have all the fun – now you can join in and make the most of your time together. Choose from either an 80-foot or a 100-foot cable to suit your needs. Large, expansive yards aren’t the only ones that get to have all the fun!

#4. 90′ Zipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Brake Kit

90' Zipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Brake Kit

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This fun and fancy zip line kit features a brake, something that other kits don’t necessarily feature. What a treat! Having a functional braking system during ziplining means a smoother stop with less bumping at the end of the cable, something that can be uncomfortable for children to experience. The kit also comes with an exclusive socket tool to help you assemble with ease, no additional tools required.

With the spirit of adventure coursing through your heart, you and another adult can easily have this kit up and running in under an hour. The trolley is smooth, too, so you will never experience a harsh grinding noise or uneven, halting zips. Great way to get your heart rate up for hours of genuinely exhilarating fun.

#3. Slackers Zipline 70′ Hawk Series with Seat

Slackers Zipline 70' Hawk Series with Seat

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Are your kids ready for the most fun they’ve ever had in your backyard? This zip line kit provides exactly that and more! Fully assembled steel trolley comes loaded with a comfortable seat and adjustable rope for kids of all heights. Not only is most everything adjustable, it’s easy to tweak to your child’s exact comfort level without dragging out the tool kit. There’s nothing better than having more time to spend having fun without the process of creating it getting in the way.

The cables are also made with a powder coating for a smooth ride every time and the seat ensures your child will have a better grip on the trolley handles as the glide along. What’s nicer than fun you don’t have to worry about!

Slackers Zipline 70' Hawk Series with Seat
Slackers Zipline 70' Hawk Series with Seat
High Quality; Proprietary design; Exceptional performance; 70' Stainless steel cable; Fully assembled steel trolley w/ comfortable rubber grip handles

#2. 100′ Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

100' Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

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For some seriously cool tricks, consider this zip line kit that actually lights up to let you continue the fun well into the night (or early morning). Setup is quick, too – less than 30 minutes and you’ll be gliding off the ground with the greatest of ease! This is a kit unlike others on the market today and will be sure to please even the pickiest of kids.

The Night Riderz kit features 50 multicolored LED lights on four ropes on the trolley, rope and seat to help light the way to endless fun, and the 100-foot cable – plus 200-pound capacity – means the whole neighborhood can participate without worry of the night falling and cutting the fun short. This is a unique feature that most other kits don’t offer, so if you’re looking to really up the quality of your zip line purchase, this kit is right up your alley.

100' Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit
100' Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit
Slackers Night Riderz Zip Line; High Quality. 4 Blinking Rope Lights. Ages 8+, 200 pounds maximum

#1. CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit

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This is the ultimate zip line kit your kids will be begging for! It includes everything under the sun for extreme fun, including a 5.3-foot stainless steel spring brake so your child doesn’t come to an abrupt stop at the end of the line. The kit meets all international quality standards and makes a great gift, too. Why keep all the zippy fun to yourself when you could share it with friends and family?

Your zip line kit contains a 95-foot main cable and a 5-foot sling cable for wrapping around the tree you’re starting with; non-slip rubber grips; adjustable seat and an incredible ten-year warranty that covers you long after your children are grown. How cool is that? It’s a bit more on the pricey end as far as kits go, but watching your children light up every time they zip through the backyard – or wherever else you want to go – is a memory you definitely can’t put a price tag on.


When it comes to your kids’ safety and family fun time, a zip line kit is a great way to keep everyone entertained. Kits are easy to install and take down for winter storage, and you can easily take them with you when camping or visiting friends or family. What a great way to get the whole neighborhood together! You can even give as gifts to others who have been wanting a unique adventure for their family but have been unsure of what might spice up their home life.

Choosing zip line kits can be an investment and you’ll want to make sure you consider all of the features that work best for your family and your budget – adjustable seating, fully-assembled trolleys, spring brakes, bungee stops and durable cables are some of the main points to look for. Try changing the slope of the line for an added boost of enjoyment. You can even add it to the top of your child’s treehouse down to the ground! Build a platform, set up a rope ladder – have fun with it and let your imagination run wild! But whatever you choose, rest assured you’re putting the excitement of zip lining right into your child’s hands. It’s an outdoor activity unlike anything else you’ll experience, and ultimate fun for kids of all ages.

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