Top 10 Best Toddler Tables And Chairs For Kids in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

toddler tables and chairs for kid

No matter how cliché it sounds, table sets are indispensable when we talk about toddler’s room furniture. A round table and cozy chair can increase your child’s interest in the activities and make him more productive for the future.

We have sorted out the Top 10 best toddler tables and chairs for kids in 2020 to make your decision easier, without further ado, let’s get started:

List of 10 Best Toddler Tables And Chairs For Kids in 2020

#10. ECR4Kids Table and Chair Set

ECR4Kids Table and Chair Set

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This hardwood table can be the best way for your kids to create memories. The 30-inch diameter is perfect to accommodate all the activities like drawing, eating, or playing games. With this, the 22-inch height makes it an apt choice for the kids between the age of 2 and 6 years. This table has a natural finish and multiple coatings of a resistant material that makes it more durable than the others. The ladder back chairs provide full support to the kids and maintain their posture.

You may need to spend a good time on this one for the assemblage, but once done, it’d go a long way. The chairs are four-legged to increase comfort and prevent tipping. If you fear your kids hurting themselves with the sharp edges of the furniture, you can take a sigh of relief. It is because the company has ensured to properly sand all the corners and make them as round as possible. Also, this set is 100% free from all the splinters and pointing corners.

  • Table and chair set
  • Smooth edges
  • Durable
  • Natural finishing
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#9. Delta Children Table and Chair set

Delta Children Table and Chair set

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The Delta table and chair set is a godsend for all the Disney lovers out there, thanks to a captivating frozen film theme. This table comes with two chairs that have comfy back support so that kids don’t strain their shoulders. It is probably the best toddler table and chair for kids in 2020 because of the innovation the company has introduced. They have increased the storage capacity so that instead of scattering the toys, your children can store them easily.

The dimensions such as 24 x 24 x 17.75 inches make it a fascinating choice for the toddlers older than 3 years. The table has a beautiful scratch-resistant coating that keeps all the marker cuts at bay. Each chair can endure the weight greater than 50 lbs. and consist of a catchy description of frozen characters. The design of the table is such that your children would love it let it be the snack or homework time. This is the high time you bid farewell to the boring theme tables.

The construction is durable and depicts longevity which seems quite impressive.

  • 24 x 24 x 17.75 inches
  • Frozen film theme
  • For the toddlers older than 3 years
  • Storage section

#8. PlayBuild Kids 4 in 1 table set

PlayBuild Kids 4 in 1 table set

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The reason to include this table set in our list is its compatibility for both indoor and outdoor activities. First of all, the concise design helps in placing it in your child’s room without taking up much space. It is so light-weight that a toddler can shift it effortlessly from one place to another. Next, the multiple storage sections it has let the kids carry all their tools for the outdoor gaming sessions. No hustle of going in and out repeatedly for the minor objects.

There are so many new features that it can be an instant favorite of your toddlers. Primarily, the table cover is removable that you can clean in case there’s a mess or switch it with the colorful ones. This table can store both water and sand so whenever your kids visit the beach, this table can be of a plethora of uses. The table surface is wide enough to let your kids play with the blocks or work on huge color sheets.

The construction is reliable enough to sustain good years to come.

  • Concise design
  • Light-weight
  • Removable table covers
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor games

#7. Milliard kids table and chair set

Milliard kids table and chair set

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Milliard has been long in the furniture industry to fulfill all the needs that as a parent you want in your child’s room furniture. Beginning with the table design, the company has modified the conventional features by making each corner apt to accommodate tiny arms and legs.

Your toddler won’t find it hard to use the table surface to the fullest and make the use of every compartment. In the frontier section, there is a whole array of drawers that are wide enough to store the biggest blocks or vulnerable toys. Like the other rival companies, Milliard hasn’t gone for the colorful themes, on the contrary, they have kept a very sophisticated approach. Most of the time, this table set comes in white and grey colors, best for both genders.

The table has a 20 inches height with the tabletop as 28 X 19 inches that are the perfect compliment for the larger age groups. The assemblage takes around 30 minutes and both the table and 2 chairs have been tested in the laboratory to double-test the safety from clumsy accidents.

  • Table with 2 chairs
  • Multiple drawers
  • Best for both genders
  • Modern approach

#6. AmazonBasics Kids wood table and chair set

AmazonBasics Kids wood table and chair set

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If you are looking for a more spacious table and yet don’t want to disturb your budget, this one is the right choice for you. This table has a wide and round tabletop along with four chairs. Each chair has a different color to give the set a rather childish touch.

The table comprises a wooden composition that can survive the humid weather and rainy season proficiently. This doesn’t mean that the table can’t fight the scratches, because despite it has wood the company has layered the superficial surface with tons of coating material so that it goes for sufficient time.

This counts as the best toddler tables and chairs for kids in 2020 since it allows a greater range of activities, your kids can eat, play or even draw while sitting on this table set and you won’t see a single scrape. Instead of going for the old round design, this table has a square design that makes it more practical than ever. It has a perfect size as per the toddler’s height and the compact structure makes it appropriate for both living and kids’ rooms.

  • Square design
  • Table with four chairs
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile
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#5. Delta Children Kids table and chair set

Delta Children Kids table and chair set

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Delta Children always comes up with intriguing themes that make it the best choice for toddlers table and chair set. This time they have introduced a Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie theme that is sure to give your child’s room a new appearance. This company is pretty selective about their color choices and that’s why rather than going for the dull colors, they use the bright ones to attract innocent minds.

Secondly, for the first time, you have this authority to safely lock the table, thanks to the new locking mechanism. This set goes for the kids above 3 years and can sustain weight greater than 50 pounds. This makes the Delta Children table set an apt choice for greater age groups as well. This table depicts two kinds of wood, engineered one and the solid wood. This increases the comfort and support all at once, making it more hard-wearing than ever before.

The 23.5 23.5 x 17.5 inches measurements confirm the protection of your child along with an unlimited range of fun activities.

  • 5 23.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Double-wood composition
  • Disney Mickey Mouse theme
  • Best for kids older than 3 years

#4. Delta Children Kids table and chair set (4 chairs)

Delta Children Kids table and chair set (4 chairs)

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For the parents who want a more exquisite color choice, this table set comes up to the par. You have three options, a decent grey/ blue, and exotic colorful set or lastly a girlish pink/white one.

In this way, you can follow the theme of your child’s room based on the boyish/girlish toddler table set. This set has 4 chairs that let your kids invite their friends as well for drawing or the homework time. Moreover, the easy to clean surface gives you a big relief, you need not fear the food particles sticking in the table corners. Just take a damp cloth and with the removable table cover, wipe it clean thoroughly.

The craftsmanship is beyond excellence, each corner is designed thoughtfully keeping in view the protection of your child. The company has gone over the top by adding the round corners instead of the pointing ones. This decreases the chances of your kid hurting himself even accidentally. The table’s color makes its way first through the laboratory so that it is not injurious to health if kids eat the food particle lying on the table.

  • Several choices
  • Safe usage of colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable table covers

#3. KidKraft Wooden round table and chair set

KidKraft Wooden round table and chair set

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KidKraft table and chair set for toddlers is the perfect way to accessorize your child’s room especially if we talk about the young girls’ room. The pink and white combination gives out girly vibes and the round surface makes it apt for all the tea parties. The composition depicts sturdy wood that can cope with all the external forces and something you can rely on if you are continuously changing places. The two chairs are just as comfortable with a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

The central mesh storage deserves all your attention, it is wide enough to store all the big toys. The thing that we adore about it is the upper cover that moves smoothly and shows the mesh net. The edges are curved to eliminate the chances of kids bumping themselves onto the table.

  • Mesh storage
  • Pink and white color
  • Table with 2 chairs
  • Adorable designing

#2. Baby Relax Kiddy table and chair set

Baby Relax Kiddy table and chair set

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This table set measures up to 25.25 x 19.12 x 17.87 inches that are perfect to complement your toddler’s height as he grows up. The grey themed table has a white finish that looks refreshing precisely for the summer days. This is the sort of table set that you’d prefer to be placed in your living room. It is because it is more of a mini adult table set instead of the utterly childish one. It comes in the high-end range but the durability is worth every buck undoubtedly.

The table is sturdy enough to cope with your child’s ever-increasing growth.

  • 25 x 19.12 x 17.87 inches
  • Grey themed table
  • White finish
  • Round table with 2 chairs

#1. Melissa and Doug Table and chair set

Melissa and Doug Table and chair set

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This is the first time that we are discussing such a table set for toddlers that is just as efficient in accommodating adults too. In the above choices, most of the chairs couldn’t go beyond 50 pounds but Melissa and Doug table and chair set can survive through as much as 150 pounds that is certainly a gigantic innovation. The 11-inch seat height is the best at providing your child with full support for a better posture in the future.

This table set is phenomenal for the kids ranging between 3 and 8 years. For the distinctive designing, Melissa and Doug’s products have even been called the “the gold standard in childhood play” by NBC.

  • 150 pounds weight capacity
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Best for 3 to 8-year-olds
  • NBC recognition
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How to find the best toddler table and chair set

  • Composition: For the early ages, the wooden composition is way preferable as compared to the plastic one.
  • Concise design: You may search for such table sets that have a concise shape, in this way, they’d take less room and are easy to handle to move in and out the door.
  • Mesh storage: The mesh storage is mandatory to store all your kids’ toys to save them from the damage and give your house a neater look.


As a final say, the table and chair sets can play a memorable role in your kid’s childhood and that’s why it deserves every bit of your attention. A wise choice can make both parents and toddlers’ lives more fun than ever.

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