Top 10 Best Steam Generator Irons in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Steam Generator Irons

Anyone who loves a sharp, fashionable look finds an iron a trusty companion. Nevertheless, truth be told, no one loves ironing his or her clothes. If you have heard someone claim that he/she loves ironing their clothes, they might be probably lying. Another good explanation is that they have already acquired a steam generator iron. Unlike the traditional models, the best steam generator irons are adorned with advanced features and technology offers unchallenged power when removing wrinkles and creases.

Even better, these machines will enable you to speed up ironing, allowing you to tackle a large laundry pile with ease. They’re compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making them ideal for home use and travel. But as with most of the other products on the market, a simple search of the best steam generator will yield hundreds of products. Our detailed guides are designed to take the guesswork from your selection process, allowing you to make an informed decision in time. Below is an all-inclusive buying guide on the best steam generator irons.

List of the Best Steam Generator Irons in 2020

#10. Dupray SteamIron Steam Generator Iron

Dupray SteamIron Steam Generator Iron

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It can be disappointing when you need to refill your old steam after only a few minutes. It is time to replace your old steam iron with this efficient and powerful steam generator iron from Dupray. Different from other models on the market, this unit produces about four times more steam than the traditional model. This provides you with up to 60 minutes per refill. This will go a long way in saving you time and energy.

Next, this model uses state of the art system, which produces strong steam that deals with the stubborn creases with ease. The best part is that it is safe for all materials. Some of the other features that make this unit stand out include a natural cork handle for optimal comfort and an anti-drip aluminum soleplate.

  • Delivers up to three times more steam
  • A decent 60 minutes runtime per fill
  • Thermostatic control for enhanced performance
  • Also includes anti-scale boiler and aluminum soleplate
Reason to buy
  • It has a decent tank capacity
  • Delivers continuous steam pressure
  • Safe and energy-efficient design
  • Comes in a light, ergonomic, and easy to handle
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#9. MECO Garment Steamer

MECO Garment Steamer

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Get professional results at the comfort of your home with the MECO garment steamer. Four in one steamer that offers various functions to meet the different ironing needs. Dissimilar to other models, this unit delivers flat and hanging ironing as well as dry and steam ironing. Thanks to the advanced performance, this garment steamer is not limited to your clothes but also suitable for curtains, bedding, and carpets.

Another standout feature that comes with this unit is the 360 degrees anti-leak, which enables it to tackle stubborn wrinkles from all angles. It also boasts of thermostatic technology, which makes it safe to use on all fabric types including cotton, linen, and synthetic materials. What’s more this model still manages to maintain a lightweight and compact design, making it not only ideal for home but also for travel.

  • Powerful 950W uses fast heating technology
  • It heats up within 40 seconds saving, you time
  • 360° anti-leak functionality removes creases from all angles
  • Lightweight and compact design
Reason to buy
  • It removes creases from all angles
  • Perfect for business trips, travel, and home use
  • Safe for all types of clothes
  • It has a decent 120ml of water capacity

#8. ZZ ES391-P 1500 Watt Movable Water Tank Steam Iron

ZZ ES391-P 1500 Watt Movable Water Tank Steam Iron

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Stubborn stains can be tough to eradicate especially when using a substandard steam machine. Take advantage of this powerful steam machine, which provides superior performance, at the same time being gentle on all types of fabric. With a 1500W heating element, you can get ironing in less than a minute. It also produces hot steam, which removes stubborn wrinkles quite fast.

When it comes to construction, this unit boasts of stainless steel soleplate with steam vents that deliver excellent glide. Even better, this unit comes with an ergonomic handle and along the cord for enhanced flexibility. For enhanced safety, this unit also comes with overheating protection that ensures optimal performance. There is also a variable steam function that enables you to use it on various fabrics

  • Constant pump steam technology
  • Equipped with stainless steel soleplate with steam vents
  • The 1500W heating elements produce powerful steam in less than a minute
  • The simplified control panel makes it super easy to use
Reason to buy
  • Also equipped with a long power cable with a 360 swivel design
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to use
  • It comes with a detachable water tank
  • Also includes a self-cleaning system

#7. Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless

Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless

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End the inconvenience of dealing with tangled cable and get powerful and convenient steam that you can use almost everywhere. One standout feature that makes this model stand out is that it also doubles as a dry iron. This makes it ideal for dealing with various fabrics and tackles stubborn stains with ease. We also love the sleek, contoured soleplate with a double-tipped design.

This ensures enhanced flexibility, allowing tackling the stubborn stains from any angle. The nonstick soleplate also glides over fabric effortlessly without wrinkling or tugging. Also important, this unit comes with adjustable heat and steam settings. What’s more, this unit comes with a heat resistant carrying case for easy portability.

  • Powerful 1500W Steam/ Dry iron
  • The cordless design eliminates the hassle of dealing with tangled power cords
  • Comes with a sleek, 360 degrees soleplate with a double-tipped design
  • Have adjustable heat and steam settings
Reason to buy
  • Glides over various fabrics smoothly
  • Super-strong, allowing you to deal with stubborn stains with ease
  • Also includes a handy carry case
  • Safe to use on various types of fabric

#6. Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron

Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron

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Reliance Velocity 230IR steam iron takes ironing to new heights by including grounding breaking technology and superior features that are hard to find on other models. This model comes with two patented two heating elements and a micropump technology that provides both turbo and eco temperature. Next, this unit boasts of a hardened soleplate that is scratch resistant, allowing a smooth gliding on all materials.

Besides delivering optimal performance, this unit also manages to retain a compact design for easy portability. It also comes with an eight-minute auto-shutoff to prevent overheating. Similarly, the unit has a decent water reservoir that provides a long runtime. This saves you the hassles of having to refill it frequently. As expected, this model also comes with a long power cord with a 360-swivel design.

  • Advanced technology and features ensure above-average performance
  • Equipped with a hard-anodized aluminum soleplate
  • Has a compact vapor generator
  • Dual heating element technology
Reason to buy
  • It is ideal for ironing both soft and hard fabrics
  • Has an overheat protection to ensure your safety
  • The sleek and lightweight design makes it ideal for home and travel
  • Have excellent steam functions
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#5. Duetto Ariete 6437 (with Cork Handle)

Duetto Ariete 6437 (with Cork Handle)

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There is a reason why the Duetto steam iron hare remained the top choice for numerous users across the globe. They are powerful, efficient, and compact for easy portability. The Ariete 6437 is no different and brings you all the lovely features that you would need in a high-end steam iron. For starter, this unit boasts of a 1800W steam generator that offers you with powerful steam to tackle even the stubborn stains.

This 2 in 1 ironing system also allows you to use it as a steam iron or dry iron. This makes it ideal for ironing not only your clothes but also other garments. For enhanced convenience, this unit also comes with an ergonomic carrying handle that makes it super easy to use even for extended periods. Thanks to the powerful heating element, this unit heat up in only thirty seconds. This saves you time and energy. Moreover, it has a decent runtime, allowing you to deal with the stubborn creases for up to thirty minutes.

  • High 1800 wattage ensures optimal performance
  • Heats up pretty fast in only 30 minutes
  • It has adjustable steam and temperature settings
  • Equipped with all the modern features and technology
Reason to buy
  • Ensures professional results
  • The Ceramic soleplate glides smoothly on all fabrics
  • Has a long flexible power cable
  • Also includes a vertical steam option

#4. Hamilton Beach Professional Generator Iron

Hamilton Beach Professional Generator Iron

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Remove creases on your clothes and other garments efficiently with this professional Hamilton Beach steamer and iron. Different from the mediocre products on the market, this unit provides powerful steam for a decent 60 minutes. The large water receiver and powerful 1750W heating element make this possible. The machine also has five boiler bars that ensure the production of generous steam to combat even the most stubborn creases.

Even better, you don’t need to stop ironing for you to refill the 1.8L water tank. It comes with easy access lid that enables you to refill it whenever the need arises. The powerful heating element also produces superheated steam fast. Moreover, this unit comes with a five-foot steam hose with storage. As such, you will never have to worry about tangled power cable.

  • Equipped with a high-end nonstick soleplate
  • Comes with 1750W heating elements
  • Has a large 1.8L water tank
  • Equipped with a five-foot hose
Reason to buy
  • Outperforms and outlasts most models on the market
  • Also includes an inbuilt water softener and descaling cleaning brush
  • Intuitive controls makes it easy to use
  • Gets ready for use in only three minutes

#3. NAHANCO DG5030 Rowenta’s Steam Iron Station

NAHANCO DG5030 Rowenta's Steam Iron Station

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With an unrivaled steam output and superior nonstick soleplate, this unit will bring you much convenience that is hard to find on the traditional models. The best part with the non-stick soleplate is that it offers more than 10 times durability while still ensuring a smooth glide on all types of fabrics. The advanced technology also enables it to address the common issues that you will encounter when using your traditional iron station.

The innovative soleplate also has a wide steam head that allows for optimal steam distribution. It is also equipped with a decent 40oz capacity tank that offers you 90 minutes of continuous steam without having to refill it. For enhanced convenience, this unit also comes with an indicator that shows when the tank needs refilling. Additionally, this unit is super easy to carry thanks to the inbuilt cord storage as well as a locking system.

  • The powerful heating element delivers highly pressured steam
  • The nonstick soleplate is super durable
  • Equipped with the latest technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Offers 90 minutes of continuous steam
Reason to buy
  • Equipped with a long cord with an inbuilt storage
  • Has a locking system for easy portability
  • Safe to use on all types of fabric
  • It also has a powerful steam boost

#2. Rowenta DG8520 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron

Rowenta DG8520 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron

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Designed professionals and homeowners alike, Rowenta DG8520 not only ensure unrivaled performance but also helps you in conserving the environment. This model comes equipped with a durable soleplate with 400 micro-steam holes that ensure even distribution of steam. Similar to other models from this brand, this model offers up to three times the steam you get from regular models. Speaking of steam, it comes with a large capacity tank that offers up to 90 minutes of continuous operation.

More importantly, this unit also boasts of a simple yet intuitive control panel, making it super easy and safe to use. It is also equipped with an angled top that enables you to get rid of creases in awkward places such as the buttons and collar. Another convenience you will love is the removable tank, allowing for easy filling and cleaning. Moreover, the energy-efficient design will go a long way in saving you monthly energy bills.

  • Boasts of a light, nonstick soleplate made from stainless steel
  • It is built to produce up to three times more steam
  • Comes with a large water tank that delivers up to 90 minutes of superheated steam
  • Includes an angled tip that reaches tight spaces such as around the buttons and collars
Reason to buy
  • It has a simple yet intuitive control panel
  • The vertical steaming is ideal for ironing delicate garments
  • The water tank is removable
  • Eco-friendly design, allowing you save on energy costs

#1. Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite Steam Generator

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite Steam Generator

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For people who are looking to settle for a no-nonsense steam iron, Morphy Richards elite steam generator makes a perfect pick. It features a powerful diamond soleplate that makes ironing fast and easier. Unlike other mediocre products on the market, this unit boasts of 2200W of power, which enables it to heat in less than thirty seconds. Equally, this model delivers powerful constant steam that leaves your clothes and garment with a silky smooth feel.

We love the 2.1-liter water capacity that enables you to iron for longer. In the same breath, this unit also features advanced features such as a de-scaling feature and a water softener. This will enable you to use hard water without having to worry about its durability. Moreover, this unit comes with a long power cable for enhanced flexibility as well as a powerful steam boost to tackle the stubborn creases.

  • With a 2200W heating element, it delivers superheated steam
  • Equipped with limescale protection and auto-clean feature
  • Has a large 2.1 L capacity water tank
  • The powerful steam boost is crucial for tackling stubborn creases
Reason to buy
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • It is ideal for ironing clothes and other garments
  • Has a safety lock for simple storage and transportation
  • The scratch-resistant soleplate smoothly glides on all fabrics
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The Best Steam Generator Irons | Buyer’s Guide

The above steam generators will outperform standard iron thanks to the enhanced performance such as precise temperature control and high pressure. However, since our needs aren’t always equal it is important to pick a model that features everything you need. Below are some of the crucial features to consider when selecting the best steam generator iron.

  • The Wattage: It can be disappointing if you have to wait for hours for a steam generator iron to heat up. Even worse, models with substandard heating elements struggle when it comes to the production of enough steam to combat stubborn wrinkles. As such, we recommend going for a model with a high-end heating element. A steam generator iron with at least 1500W will do the trick.
  • Water tank capacity: Next, consider the water capacity. A model with a large water capacity will hold a decent amount of water. This will eliminate the need of having to stop ironing and refilling the tank after only a few minutes. A model with a removable tank is also an added advantage as it makes the process super easy.
  • Soleplate construction materials: Additionally, the soleplate construction materials will often determine the durability and performance of the steam generators. We recommend going for a model that is made from tough materials such as ceramic or stainless steel. This will ensure a smooth glide over different types of fabric.


If you are tired of using an ineffectual iron to press your clothes or spending too much fighting the stubborn creases, then the above best steam irons should meet your needs. While they are slightly costlier than the standard ions, they provide a reliable service for years. These models are a great pick for homeowners, people who travel often for business or pleasure as well as people running clothes boutiques. We hope that our detailed guide will assist you in picking the model that meets your needs. All the best!

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