Top 10 Best Solar Lanterns in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Solar lanterns have been used for a long time now by many people worldwide. The fact is that they have a low level of maintenance compared to all other types of lights in the market. They are lightweight and compact and therefore can easily carry and store respectively. They are a good way to spend a romantic night out and provide high quality frequent or flashing lights. There are many solar lanterns in the market coming from different manufacturers.

Therefore, this brings rise to authentic and counterfeit lanterns making your selection of the best one much more complicated. Here, everything has been done for you and these are the top 10 best solar lanterns in the market. Check on the best one that will solve all your needs also satisfies you.

List of 10 Best Solar Lanterns in 2020

#10. SHYMERY Solar Lantern

SHYMERY Solar Lantern

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SHYMERY is among the best-known brand in the market that produces high-quality products. The manufacturer gives you every guarantee of a long-lasting lantern. The SHYMERY Solar Lantern has a guarantee of 18 months and therefore in case of a quality issue you can ask for a refund or replacement. Customer support is available and very friendly thus can contact them for every time you need assistance on the lantern.

The SHYMERY Solar Lantern is made from superior quality plastic and glass. The solar panel is one of a kind made of polysilicon. Additionally, the lantern has a battery that you can easily plugin and is durable and best two times than all others in the market. The lantern is waterproof and therefore no worry over water spilling or rain for no water can get inside. The SHYMERY Solar Lanterns have dimensions of 13.5 by 12.6 by 7 inches.

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#9. Yodotek Lantern

Yodotek Lantern

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By: Yodotek

Are you long forward to buying a gift to a loved one who has an upcoming birthday or event soon? Here is the best gift that you can appreciate him/her with and make her day bright and lovely. The lanterns are a product useful for everyone and therefore will always remember you and keep you close at heart as a friend, brother, sister or workmate. The Yodotek Lantern has a vintage look and therefore gives a warm light suitable for shelf, tables, pathways or stairs.

Additionally, the Yodotek Lantern has a hanger that you can easily use at night when you want to have a romantic night outdoor experience. You can hang the lantern on a tree or a hook. It is solar-powered and when fully charged, the lantern can run for 8 hours. Customer support is the manufacturer top priority in ensuring there is communication in case there is a query or a quality issue you need to be solved concerning the Yodotek Lantern.

#8. YiaMia Solar Lantern

YiaMia Solar Lantern

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By: YiaMia

YiaMia Solar Lantern has dimensions of 6 by 6 by 9 and thus compact hence will save much of your storage space when not in use. The lantern is made from high-quality stainless steel and thus very durable. The lamp is also weather-resistant and hence you do not need to worry over weather conditions like rain and wind among others. It has the auto ON and OFF functionality and thus lights on when dusk and shuts off at dawn without your intervention.

Additionally, the YiaMia Solar Lantern has a rechargeable AA battery that is long-lasting and gives high-quality service for years. When fully charged the battery runs the lantern for eight hours, therefore, illuminating overnight until morning. The lantern is 7 lumens and thus bright giving you showing beautiful patterns on your surroundings. The light can be hung on trees and walls however, it can also be placed on a flat surface to sit on its own. YiaMia Solar Lantern has a warranty of 2 years and thus replacement and refund available within this period.

#7. Home Impro Solar Lantern

Home Impro Solar Lantern

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By: Homeimpro

Home Impro Solar Lantern is among the best super bright solar lamps in the market. The lantern has 7 lumens and brightly reflects patterns making the surrounding beautiful especially for a romantic evening. The lantern is weather resistant and thus works normally even under harsh weather conditions. The Home Impro Solar Lantern has dimensions of 5.3 by 5.3 by 8.7 inches thus compact and space-saving for easy storage when not in use.

Additionally, Home Impro Solar Lantern is solar-powered and thus does not cost you extra expenses after buying. All you need to do is to put it outside in access to the sunlight and will fully charge to illuminate for 8 hours at night. It bronze in color and therefore elegant looking. Additionally, it is circular and weighs 1 pound therefore, you can carry from one place to the other. The Home Impro Solar Lantern has LED type bulbs and therefore gives you a long time service in the most satisfying condition.

#6. ANDEFINE Solar Lanterns

ANDEFINE Solar Lanterns

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If you are in the market looking for high quality made solar lanterns that will give you the best light, you need to stop here and pick ANDEFINE Solar Lanterns. They are portable and among the cutest in the entire market. They are light weighing 1.96 pounds and therefore you can easily carry from one room to the other without any hassle. They are also compact in such a way they use limited space with dimensions of 3.5 by 3.5 by 5.5 inches. The ANDEFINE Solar Lanterns will light your outdoor as well as decorate it.

The lanterns are modern made for it they have been equipped with an auto sensor that charges the lantern during the day and will light themselves at night automatically. The lanterns are weatherproof and therefore you do not need to worry over harsh weather conditions. The lanterns will give you a long time services for the battery can be replaced. Additionally, the ANDEFINE Solar Lanterns can be hung on trees and tents among other places outdoor giving you the best nights to enjoy yourself. Additionally, the lanterns have a 90-day guarantee and therefore you can get a refund or a replacement in case of a quality issue.

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#5. SUNWIND Solar Lantern

SUNWIND Solar Lantern

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Are you a retro classic style lover? You will love this SUNWIND Solar Lantern if you do. The lantern is of high quality and gives you the best lighting that you love. The lantern gives you the best romantic night out with your family or friends. It has two modes of lighting that is steady and flash lighting. You can easily adjust to how you feel best and comfortable. This hanging light is made from glass and plastic and does not rust even after a long time use. The material used can without all tough weather conditions like wind, snow, rain and throughout hot weather.

Additionally, the SUNWIND Solar Lantern illuminates for 8 hours when fully charged under direct sunlight. The lantern is best for both outdoor and indoor use and therefore will give you the best light that you require. You can easily hang anywhere you feel convenient and there is no other needed operation. The SUNWIND customer support is one of a kind and therefore in case of a quality issue or a query, assistance will be provided in the shortest time possible within 24 hours. The lantern has dimensions of 5.4 by 5.4 by 12.6 inches and thus compact and convenient to store when not in use.

#4. Pearlstar Solar Light

Pearlstar Solar Light

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By: pearlstar

Warm light is all that you need when you want to relax from a long busy working day and this can only be provided by Pearlstar Solar Light. The color of the light in this lantern gives you a vintage atmosphere in all your environments. The main reason for this lighting is decoration and not illumination and thus best for use in pathways, gardens, trees, yards and other places to keep the environment beautiful. When you place the lamp on the surface it gives a beautiful pattern colors the surrounding. Additionally, the Pearlstar Solar Light is easy to install and does not need any other operation. Always keep the light clean and out of dust, snow, and debris for best functioning.

The lantern is solar-powered and thus you do not need any wiring for the lantern to work. The Pearlstar Solar Light has light sensors and thus recharge during day time and lights automatically when the nightfall. The lantern is weatherproof and thus able to withstand harsh weather conditions for it has been made using high-quality ABS plastic. The level of water resistance is IP44 thus, no water can get inside the lantern for any reason whatsoever. The customer support is fast and one you can rely on for 24 hours. Replacement and refund are also available within 180 days.

#3. Smart Solar Lantern

Smart Solar Lantern

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By: Smart Solar

Smart Solar Lantern can sit comfortably on any surface provided it is flat whereas you can also hang using the hanging loop and still get the best light either indoors or outdoors. The illumination of Smart Solar Lantern is from 2 white LEDs and therefore giving you a long time service. It also has a pillar candle containing one amber LED that gives a warm glowing effect and it is powered by the solar panel. The Smart Solar Lantern is compact with dimensions of 11.4 by 24 by 11.4 inches and weighing 8 pounds thus easy to carry from one place to the other.

Additionally, Smart Solar Lantern has light sensors and thus works automatically whereby it lights itself at dusk and goes off at dawn while fully recharging during the day. The battery illuminates for 8 hours when fully charged under uninterrupted sunlight. The battery is long-lasting and therefore the lantern will give you a long time service. Customer support is available in case you have a quality issue and you be attended in the shortest time possible.

#2. TomCare Solar Lights

TomCare Solar Lights

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By: TomCare

Bronze color gives every product a sign of long-lasting and smoothness. TomCare Solar Lights are some of the best examples for they will give you a long-lasting service. They have been made using high-quality metal and a bronze color finish to keep the lanterns beautiful and out of rust. They are durable for years and as new as you bought them. They are best for both indoor and outdoor uses. The sides of the lantern are made of poly plastic that has a glass effect and therefore gives you the best beautiful wavering fire effect. The lanterns have dimensions of 11.2 by 10.4 by 6.8 inches and therefore compact. They are also lightweight tipping scale at 3.45 pounds hence allowing you for easy carrying from one place to the other.

Additionally, TomCare Solar Lights have a welcoming effect and thus best for use in homes, hotels, motels among other places where visitors and people spend their free time. The lanterns can be hung anywhere but accessible to sunlight during the day for easy charging. The TomCare Solar Lights are also weatherproof and therefore no harsh weather condition should keep you worrying over them for they are heavy duty. The lamp has a waterproof level of IP65 and thus should not worry about heavy downpours. The TomCare Solar Lights has a 45-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty thus in case of a quality issue refund or replacement is available within this period.

#1. MAGGIFT Solar Lights

MAGGIFT Solar Lights

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Iron has long been used to make long-lasting products and without a doubt, iron products have a long life span of years. MAGGIFT Solar Lights is among the best-made products from iron and will give you a long-lasting service without a doubt. The MAGGIFT Solar Lights has a white finish and therefore elegant and good looking. The warm light glows in all your surroundings in calmness and fills your place with beauty. The lantern has dimensions of 6 by 6 by 6.7 inches and thus compact and space-saving when not use. You can also hang it on trees, walls and any convenient place outdoors or indoors.

Additionally, the MAGGIFT Solar Lights is solar-powered and therefore, charges fully during the day and illuminates at night. The lantern has auto light sensors and thus goes off at dawn and on at dusk automatically. It uses a 1 AAA battery that is long-lasting and runs for 8 hours when fully charged. The MAGGIFT Solar Lights comes with a warranty of 180 days and thus in case of a quality issue you can ask for a replacement or refund. The lantern has dimensions of 6.7 by 6 by 6 inches thus compact and weighs 10.6 ounces allowing you for easy portability.

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Solar lanterns buying guide

  • Design and Shape: Different lanterns come in different designs and this is brought by the fact that they are produced by various brands in the market. Therefore, when buying the best lanterns that solve all your outdoor and indoor needs check on the most appealing design that suits you.
  • Material: Different brands in the market use different materials to produce solar lanterns therefore while selecting the most appropriate to use, check on the best material to give you a long time service.
  • Size: Check on the most appropriate size of your desired lanterns for they come in different sizes.
  • Auto on/off functionality: Some of the solar lanterns in the market operate manually while others are automatic for they have an auto light sensor. Therefore, they do not need your interference for they shut off at dawn and light at dusk automatically. Thus, while selecting the most satisfying you can opt to check on the automatic functioning lanterns.


Solar lanterns are some of the best lights to use for all your outdoor uses since you do not need any power to run them. You only need to place the lanterns somewhere they can access direct sunlight during the day and when night falls your compound is well lit. Many of the solar lanterns have auto light sensors and therefore do not need much of your interferes for them to operate. They can switch on at dusk and off at dawn while full charging during the day. The solar lanterns in this list are the best in the market after being tested over and over again. They have the best functionality and also last long with low maintenance costs. Pick the lantern that best suits your purpose and one that will fully satisfy your needs for maximum satisfaction.

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