Top 10 Best Self Balancing Scooters in 2023 Reviews

Top 10 Best Self Balancing Scooters in 2023 Reviews

Who doesn’t want a little fun in their life? Whether you’re a kid or an adult, it sure is fun to get on one of those self-balancing scooters, popularly called hoverboards. It gives you a cool ride that’s not just fun but eco-friendly at the same time. But the thing is, how do you pick out the perfect one for you? What are your best options and what features should you consider? In our top 10 best self-balancing scooters in 2023 reviews, we have scoured the internet to give you a selection of excellent hoverboards to help you with your search. Check each one out and pick the right item that speaks to you in terms of safety, durability, and coolness!

Get ready to flex your balancing skills and be the talk of the town with these awesome hoverboards that will give you fun and excitement from hours on end – or at least, until the battery charge lasts!

List of Best Self Balancing Scooters in 2023

#10. Magic hover Self Balancing Scooters

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Get from point A to point B with style on this Magic Hover hoverboard. Featuring the latest technology, this hoverboard lets you balance as you ride on it for up to 10 kilometers. This hoverboard lets you showcase your coolest moves as it allows you to dance, skate, or just do it the usual way of standing upright. With a ton of fun each time, you will definitely enjoy riding this thing that’s safe and enjoyable.

It does seem a bit tricky for first-timers to use this hoverboard. Getting it to balance itself is the toughest part but once you get the hang of it, you could never go back. It’s just loads of fun, and nobody can deny the cool designs it’s got.

  • 300 watts of power
  • 12 km/h maximum speed
  • Perfect for adults and kids
  • Dual footboard design
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#9. Benedi Two-Wheel Hoverboard

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Be the coolest guy or gal on the block while cruising on this hoverboard. The Benedi self-balancing scooter can hold up to 154 pounds, so even adults can ride it. The rubber tires are reasonably large and wide, yet without being an obstruction to ease and convenience. Want to turn a few heads as you zip? The colorful and catchy flash wheel can definitely do the trick for you!

Just be sure to keep it fully charged before you ride. This way, you can enjoy a longer time of riding without having to stop just when things are starting to get more fun.

  • LED lights and Bluetooth speaker included
  • Weight capacity of 44 to 154 pounds
  • 6.5-inch durable rubber tires
  • UL-certified for safety

#8. FLYING-ANT Kids Hoverboard

FLYING-ANT Kids Hoverboard

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A cool and safe ride for kids, this hoverboard takes your love for skateboarding to the next level. You will love how easy it is to maintain your balance with this thing, so it does not get super intimidating to get started – even if you have never been on a hoverboard before. The design is also catchy as there are accent lights on the wheel for that futuristic feel.

Aesthetic-wise, this hoverboard is something you can ride to match up against those cool cats in town. It could use a bit more battery life, though, because the unit tends to lose power after 30 minutes or so of use.

  • UL-certified board
  • Stylish and eye-catching design
  • Vacuum tire for durability
  • Easy for beginners to use

#7. NHT Electric Hoverboard

NHT Electric Hoverboard

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Zip in style and listen to music as your cruise on this NHT hoverboard. It features a wireless speaker, which you can pair with your portable device in an instant. You can easily listen to music or audiobook once you are on top of it. Lastly, this unit is ideal for beginners and also for advanced riders.

We do love the fact that this hoverboard makes balancing easy even for those who have never been on a hoverboard ever. But the Bluetooth speaker could use some toning down as it tends to be a little loud.

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Vibrant LED lights
  • Grippy footpads and high-quality thick tires
  • Great for beginners and experienced hoverboard riders

#6. UNI-SUN Self Balancing Scooter

UNI-SUN Self Balancing Scooter

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Prepare for the greatest ride of your life with the Uni-Sun hoverboard. This ride is just as fun as you can get – and it’s safe, too! The speaker is wireless and built-in, and you can connect it to your choice of device for a seamless way to listen to music. And did we mention its tires? These are colorful with a flashing configuration, as well as sidelights and front light for protection.

There is no doubt that the hoverboard does the trick when you look for performance and value for your money. It does need to be charged longer, which is a bit of a drawback for those who want a fast-charging hoverboard.

  • Tested for safety
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Solid and durable colorful wheels
  • 300 watts with a maximum speed of 9.4 mph
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#5. CHO POWER SPORTS Electric Hoverboard

CHO POWER SPORTS Electric Hoverboard

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Bring the fun and excitement in your ride with this self-balancing scooter from Cho Powersports. It is certified to be safe, as it has met all safety and quality standards. This hoverboard comes with a built-in speaker, which is perfect for listening to music while balancing on the board. With high-intensity and ultra-bright lights, this board gives you the attention you want from people each time you pass by!

When it comes to aesthetics and performance, this hoverboard can’t be beaten. It does let you make really smooth, sharp turns so you can easily go from point A to point B. Also, this ride is great even for bumpy terrains as it naturally absorbs shock with its thick tires.

  • Safe for kids and adults
  • LED lights on the side
  • Includes a Bluetooth speaker
  • Excellent for use for amateurs and beginners

#4. cho Hoverboard with Lights and Speaker

cho Hoverboard with Lights and Speaker

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Ride in style while on this hoverboard. It offers you the ease of getting from one place to another in an eco-friendly, and fun way. The self-balancing scooter is great for beginners, as well as amateur riders. Get the peace of mind while riding as it is UL-certified and has met all the standards required for quality in terms of electrical and charging performance. Plus, the wheels are lit when you ride, which does not only give the hoverboard that coolness factor but also serves as a safety feature when riding in dim light situations.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this exciting ride that is built to last for a long time. It can even hold a maximum of 200 pounds, so dads and moms can give it a nice little whirl, too. Just keep in mind that it does take about 3 hours to charge this ride for 1 hour of cruising.

  • UL-certified to be safe for all users
  • Easy to maintain your balance
  • Comes with a built-in speaker that is wireless
  • LED wheels made of thick and solid rubber

#3. Hover-1 Electric Scooter

Hover-1 Electric Scooter

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This is yet another electric scooter that prides itself on several factors making it stand out. It is faster and goes longer than its competitors. Even better, it carries more since its maximum weight capacity is 264 pounds. It also comes along with an in-built lithium-ion battery. It will take only two and a half hours to charge this battery fully.

Another feature that makes this scooter unique is the fact that it has customizable LED headlights. Apart from that, it comes along with a battery indicator to let you know when it is time to charge. The scooter also comes with discharge and overcharge protection to keep it running for a long period of time. You should never worry using these scooter in the rain since it comes with the IPX4 water resistance.

  • Faster and carries more than any other brand
  • It takes 2.5 hours to charge fully
  • Features customizable LED headlights
  • It has an IPX4 water resistance
  • You will be able to easily change your skill mode

#2. SISIGAD Self Balancing Scooter for Kids and Adults

SISIGAD Self Balancing Scooter for Kids and Adults

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Presenting this fun and cool ride for moms, dads, and kids! This hoverboard has a snazzy appearance that will make people take a good look at you as you cruise down the road. Want some extra fun as you ride? Then go hook up your phone to the built-in speaker and listen to your favorite hits or audiobook as you give it a whirl. This ride is so smooth, no matter how bumpy the road is. All that is made possible by the solid rubber tires with high-performance shock-absorbing pedals.

If you find it tricky finding the Bluetooth button, keep in mind that there’s none at all. You can simply pair your device wirelessly, so it is more seamless and much easier than you think. The battery life is pretty decent, too, saving you from having to keep charging your ride after just a few minutes of use.

  • 6.5-inch durable wheel
  • Comes with a Bluetooth speaker for ease of connection to your devices
  • Smooth rides, thanks to the shock-absorbing design
  • LED lights to turn people’s heads your way

#1. jolege Self Balancing Scooter/ Hoverboard

jolege Self Balancing Scooter/ Hoverboard

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Last but not least, we have this great hoverboard from Jolege. This unit is safe to use as it has a non-slip pedal to make sure your shoes stay in place as you cruise. There are LED lights on the wheels for attention, which also doubles up as a safety feature when you are cruising in the dark. With solid rubber tires, you don’t have to worry about some bumps on the road because this board maintains smoothness and seamlessness of every ride.

Just keep in mind that this hoverboard does not include a Bluetooth speaker. It is actually a good thing if you are just learning to ride, or if you want to make sure your kid stays focused on the road and not be distracted by the music playing in his ears.

  • Strong and solid rubber wheels to keep every bumpy ride smooth
  • 2 LED-lit wheels for night driving or for some attention
  • Easy for beginners to balance on
  • Slip-resistant pedals
  • Safety guaranteed
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Guide to Buying a Self-Balancing Scooter

So many options to choose from, and you wonder – what do you really need to look for when buying this product? What are the features that make a hoverboard better than the rest?

Here, we take a look at the must-have features you need to look for to make sure you get your money’s worth:

  • Safety: This is the number one thing you need to be looking for before you bring home a hoverboard. It is only right that you check if the hoverboard has passed the standards for safety and are UL-certified. This way, you can be sure that even if your child rides on the board, he will not be prone to accidents for your peace of mind.
  • Riding Experience: A smooth ride is something that anyone wants especially when cruising down a not-so-smooth path. This is why you should check the tires and be sure these are thick and can handle the bumps along the way. A non-slip foot pedal is also great since it keeps your feet on the pedal while you ride without any concern about slippage.
  • Charging Time: How many hours does it take to charge the battery once it runs empty? You need to take this into consideration since you would not want a hoverboard that takes too long to charge and only has a few minutes’ worths of run time.
  • Other Features: Lastly, you want some cool upgrades and add-ons to your hoverboard. You will be amazed to find out that there are many additional features to a typical self-balancing scooter, which includes LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and more. But before you buy these specialized features, be sure that these will not create a distraction to the rider, which can be more of a safety concern in the end.


A hoverboard definitely brings the fun and excitement in your ride. So before you go pick up a brand new hoverboard either as a gift or for yourself, be sure to consider these features and tips when buying one to avoid safety risks and ensure your overall satisfaction.

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