Top 10 Best Rear View Mirror Cameras in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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Side mirrors can easily fool you at estimating the distance between objects when driving. Actually, these mirrors have a notation that indicated that the objects might appear closer than they may seem. Our point here is that while these mirrors are handy, they are not 100% effective. If you are looking to enhance your car protection and your safety, the best rearview mirrors come handy.

Also referred to as rear view mirror dash cams, these devices record the activity on the road ahead and behind simultaneously. This footage comes handy, especially when involved in an accident. Even better, these gadgets also assist you when reversing your car. Outdoor lovers may also record their driving experience in new cities or record the scenery. What’s more, these dash cams are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Keep reading this post to find the best rear view mirror cameras currently on the market.

List of the Best Rear-View Mirror Cameras in 2024

#10. WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam

WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam

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Are you looking to enhance your safety and that of your car? Side mirrors don’t always offer accurate details, especially when reversing or parking your vehicle. The Wolfbox mirror dash cam displays realistic images on a full screen when you start your vehicle. Unlike the side mirrors, this rearview camera displays five times bigger images. This ensures that you don’t miss any blind spot.

It comes with WDR technology that ensures true colors of objects in areas with low light. Additionally, the rear camera is waterproof and offers a broader view thanks to the 140 degrees rear view angle. The HD camera also enables you to view the objects in 1080P.

  • 12″ IPS Full Touch Screen
  • Free 32GB TF Card
  • Night Vision and LDWS
  • 1296P HD Dual Lens Smart Rear View
Reason to buy
  • It comes with a Bigger Screen and a Broader View
  • Features innovative Reversing Aid System
  • Easier Installation and Operation
  • It has a humanized design UI operation interface
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#9. PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam-Backup Camera

PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam-Backup Camera

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With advanced technology and impressive performance, the PORMIDO Dashcam is necessary to have for your vehicle. This rearview mirror has two inbuilt cameras that record videos simultaneously. This enables it to capture every detail when driving and saves the footage as evidence. This is great, especially in case you are involved in accidents.

With wide dynamic range technology, you can be sure of optimal performance in all areas. This technology enables it to record clear footage even in low light conditions. Moreover, the starlight night vision ensures optimal performance even at night.

  • 12” Large IPS split screen
  • High-Resolution Dual Sony sensor Lens
  • 32GB card is included
  • Starlight Night Vision
Reason to buy
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy Installation
  • It comes with a parking monitor and Reversing Aid System
  • Has a waterproof camera

#8. Karsuite M7 Backup Camera

Karsuite M7 Backup Camera

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Serving as a backup camera and a rear view mirror, the Karsuite M7 camera is a multifunctional device that brings limitless benefit for both the driver and the car. This dash camera integrated an HD Sony camera that has an impressive 1440P front recording and 1080P rear recording. This ensures that you capture every detail to avoid any accidents, especially when you are reversing.

Better still, the front camera records everything that goes on the road. This footage can bail you out in case of an accident. Notably, this model also comes with parking monitoring that records everything that goes on when your car is in parking. And, it does so day and night thanks to the night vision function.

  • 64GB TF Card Included
  • Super night vision function
  • 24-hour real-time monitoring
  • 11.66″ IPS Touch screen
Reason to buy
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Delivers stunning images both rear and front
  • It supports storage of up to 128GBs
  • Integrated with HD cameras

#7. Junsun Backup Camera 10-inch Dash Cam

Karsuite M7 Backup Camera

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Say no to guesswork and improve the safety of your car with this innovative dashcam from Junsun. Unlike a regular dashcam, this model doesn’t only record the front images but also the rear images. It comes with two inbuilt camera and a Full HD IPS touchscreen displays. The cameras also come with ultra-wide lenses that cover the entire road ahead and on the rear.

Make use of the rear mirror when reversing and avoid hitting any object. Equally, both cameras are functional, allowing you to record the road in front and behind. The cameras also come with High dynamic range and F2.0 aperture. The night vision also enables you to record the road at night as well.

  • 24 hours parking monitoring
  • Super night vision
  • Waterproof rear camera
  • Dual-recording HD cameras
Reason to buy
  • Ensures excellent day and night monitoring and recording
  • It comes with all the needed installation tools
  • Impressive 1080P Full Touch Screen
  • The Wide-angle Lens covers a large area

#6. Campark Backup Camera 1080P Mirror Dash Cam

Campark Backup Camera 1080P Mirror Dash Cam

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Save yourself from lawsuits, nasty accidents, and keep your car safe with the Campark backup camera. This functional dashcam records images and videos in high resolution, making it easy to capture the license plates of cars in front and behind you. We love the fact that these cameras record simultaneously what is behind and ahead of you.

Besides saving you from an insurance claim, the rear camera comes handy when you are reversing. It has a decent 120 degrees angle, which lets you view the images. Additionally, this model also comes with a parking guideline that boosts your safety when parking.

  • 5” IPS Touch Screen
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • Wide View Angle
  • 1080P Front Camera and 480P Rear camera dual recording
Reason to buy
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality images
  • Assists with parking and reversing
  • It offers a wide viewing angle
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#5. Junsun 12-inch Mirror Dash Cam

Junsun 12-inch Mirror Dash Cam

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With this rearview mirror, you will be able to see more traffic information. It prides itself on a 170-degrees lens that covers the whole read ahead. It will also capture every critical detail such as the license plates as well signposts. All the operations can be simply navigated by simply swiping fingers on the touchscreen. It just works like the normal rearview mirrors once the screen saver has been turned on.

High resolution is available either for the rear or front camera. With its superior night vision, every critical detail will be seen with ease even in low light conditions. You should also realize that the loop recording feature. In this regard, you should never worry about the capacity of your SD card. The best part is that this dash cam has a very simple installation and operation as well.

  • 12” streaming media touchscreen
  • Features superior night vision
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Features a G-sensor and a loop recording
  • Dual-recording HD cameras
Reason to buy
  • It will be very safe to park
  • Comes with a user manual for easy installation
  • The G-sensor for emergency recording

#4. Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View

Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View

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What a better way to protect yourself, your passengers, and your car from an accident! Installing the Pyle Backup camera provides footage of everything that goes on while driving. It comes with dual cameras that record simultaneously at the back and what is in front. And with a 170-degree view angle, the cameras capture everything that goes on.

Besides, this rearview camera also assists you when reversing your car. This helps you avoid hitting objects or injuring your pet or kids. The rear camera is made of marine-grade materials making it waterproof and fog-resistant.

  • Waterproof and fog resistant camera
  • Tilt adjustable camera lens angle
  • Auto white balance allows for enhanced clarity
  • Parking and reverse safety distance scale lines
Reason to buy
  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Bright LCD Monitor Screen
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers superior HD pictures both front and rear

#3. VanTop H610 10″ Mirror Dash Cam

VanTop H610 10 Mirror Dash Cam

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Overall, the VanTop Mirror Dashcam is a solid choice for anyone looking for increased safety and protection for themselves and their vehicles. This dash camera comes with dual cameras that record what is ahead and at the back. The cameras also have innovative features that include parking guard, loop recording, as well as WDR feature.

Even better, this model comes with an HD camera that delivers much clearer footage. This allows it to capture license plates from a distance. The front and back camera has a view angle of 160 and 140 degrees lens simultaneously. This enables it to capture more scenes while driving. The starlight night vision also ensures protection at night.

  • 2.5K Dual Cams with Wide FOV
  • Starlight night vision
  • Backup camera with parking assistance
  • 10″ IPS touch screen
Reason to buy
  • Super clear footage
  • A broad field of view
  • It delivers stunning night vision
  • Higher resolution and easy to monitor

#2. Jinyue Car DVR Rearview Mirror Video Recorder

Jinyue Car DVR Rearview Mirror Video Recorder

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Superior HD resolution images, user-friendly interface, and versatile design, the Jinyue dash cam offers reliability like no other. This model comes with an intuitive display that ensures easy control at the same time delivering clear images. The easy viewing eliminates blind spots, enhancing your safety while the recorded footage may assist in bailing you out in case of an accident.

This multifunctional dash cam also helps you when reversing. As this is not enough, this model comes with loop recording functions and parking monitoring. It also supports night recording and the two camera records simultaneously to ensure they don’t miss any scene.

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Clearer and brighter video recording
  • HD front camera and rear camera
  • Waterproof rear camera
Reason to buy
  • Strong picture in picture performance
  • Has Loop recording and gravity sensor
  • Excellent Multiple display modes capability
  • Very easy to install

#1. TOGUARD 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD 7 Mirror Dash Cam

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The TOGUARD Backup camera is designed to guard your safety, protect your car, and record driving moments. This model boasts of simultaneous recording in full HD. This makes it your best safety companion on the road. This unit also comes with a well-designed interface that enables you to view the images.

The 7-inch display lets you enjoy real-time and serves as a reverse aid. The dashcam is also usable as a rear mirror, making it multifunctional. Additionally, this model is super easy to install. Unlike other models, you don’t need to remove the factory-installed rear mirror. Simply use the provided rubber straps to the rear mirror and connect the charger to enjoy a seamless performance.

  • 7″ IPS Touch Screen
  • 1080P FHD Recording
  • Waterproof rear cam
  • Parking Monitor and G-Sensor
Reason to buy
  • Well-Designed and Simple Interface
  • Simple installation
  • Delivers clear images and HD videos
  • Easy to operate with the touchscreen display
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The Best Rear View Mirror Cameras Buyer’s Guide

As you might expect, there are numerous rearview mirror cameras on the market. Therefore it is essential to choose wisely to avoid getting a model that doesn’t meet your expectations. Below are some of the crucial factors that you should consider before getting your rearview mirror cameras.

  • Field of View: Remember, you are getting a rear mirror camera to have a better look at what is ahead and behind you. Several factors affect the size of the image. This includes the focal length, view angle, and, of course, the resolution.
  • Camera Performance: As mentioned, the camera installed in these rearview camera determines the quality of footage and images. We recommend going for models with HD cameras at both the front and the rear. Additionally, since the rear camera is exposed to rain and other elements, it ensures that it is weatherproof.
  • Screen Type: The rearview mirror cameras usually display the footage in different monitors. Some model uses old-fashioned displays such as LCD or TFT. While these might still do the job, the quality of the picture is not the best. We recommend going to models that come with touchscreen displays. These models display not only crisp images but also ensure easy control.


Today, rearview mirror cameras are no longer optional. These handy devices will capture the scene when driving. They will not only bail you in case of accidents but also safeguard your car. More importantly, these cameras eliminate blinds spots, helping you to drive safely. Happy buying!

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