Top 10 Best Locksets For Front Doors in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Locksets For Front Doors in 2021 Reviews | Buyer's Guide

Keep your home secure and reduce your chances of a break-in with the right lockset for your front door. Aside from the aesthetic piece, you need to make sure that the lockset you purchase can enhance your home’s security. This is why we have carefully selected these top 10 best locksets for front doors in 2021 products to help you choose the right item to purchase for your needs.

When you need to boost the security of your home, a suitable door lock that is bump-proof and resistant to unauthorized entries is best. Ward off unwanted individuals from your property and keep your indoors safe with these products you can choose from.

List of Best Locksets For Front Doors in 2021

#10. Keyed Entry Double Door Handleset and Lockset

Keyed Entry Double Door Handleset and Lockset

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When you need a durable and reliable door handle for your home, this product is a suitable choice to consider. We are impressed with the quality of this product as it is heavy duty and made of a one-piece material. It is crafted from brass and zinc alloy, which means it is highly sturdy and solid. It should be suitable for standard doors whether as a replacement or an upgrade.

One thing to note about this product is that the locking mechanism tends to be slightly tight and not very easy to turn. This is why you need to make sure your door is compatible with this product, which is for a standard door and not a French door.

  • Includes a door handle and deadbolt
  • Inactive and dummy door handle for aesthetics
  • Made of brass and zinc alloy
  • Oil-rubbed, durable bronze finish

#9. Dynasty Hardware Ridgecrest Handleset

Dynasty Hardware Ridgecrest Handleset

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Another great lockset and door handle that we like is this product that is sure to add security and style to your door. This product is crafted from durable bronze that has a matte finish. The aged oil component also enhances its appearance, as well as its durability. When you need an easy to install the product that does its job, this item is a great choice to consider.

We highly recommend that you lubricate the different mechanisms of this product well to ensure the ease of installation. Other than that, it appears to be a great item that is well-made and a breeze to install.

  • Aged oil bronze finish
  • Can be adjustable for the backset
  • Requires a C-type keyway
  • Designed for a right-hand style of door

#8. Tacklife Keypad Lock and Deadbolt

Tacklife Keypad Lock and Deadbolt

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For superior security that you want for your property, this lockset will not disappoint. It includes a keyless entry design and a Grade 3 quality rating for the highest level of security for residential properties. This lockset is easy to set up, and you only need a screwdriver to get it installed on your door. With a nice design, it adds a contemporary feel to your home while providing security.

We love the fact that you can simply put in multiple PIN codes to let other members of your household come in. It may just be a bit tricky for some users to install if it is their first time dealing with this design. But it works great for the purpose it serves.

  • Automatic locking for optimum security
  • Customizable design and enhanced functionality
  • Keyless entry with 6 different user codes
  • Complete set in one package

#7. Gexmil Front Door Deadbolt and Lockset

Gexmil Front Door Deadbolt and Lockset

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We are impressed with the build and performance of this lockset and door handle. It does make it easy for you to set it up while ensuring the high level of security for your home. The entrance set and the backset latch work perfectly well, and the handle is crafted from fine materials that are portable and durable at the same time.

Overall, we think this product performs as expected. The striker plate does seem to be too straight, so you will need to twist the handle and pull in the bolt to close your door properly. Fortunately, it is not a big issue, so it still works and a good value for the money.

  • Perfect for a modern and conventional style of home or commercial building
  • Includes a keyed entry design
  • Portable and durable with a sleek style
  • Complete with a door entry set and deadbolt lock

#6. HARFO Newest Touchscreen and Fingerprint and Keyless Door Lock

HARFO Newest Touchscreen and Fingerprint and Keyless Door Lock

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Quite a sophisticated lockset and door handle, this product definitely does its job of keeping your property secure for your peace of mind. There are different options to enter your home through this lockset – by using an access card, fingerprint, code, and a backup key. But admin users may be able to enter the property with a deadbolt button, so this makes your property even more secure to ward off break-ins.

It does seem to be a bit tricky to use for the first time. But after getting the hang of it, this lockset should be able to make things easier and more efficient for you to enter your property without having to fumble around and looking for keys. It is seamless, effortless, and yet highly secure.

  • Suitable for a door with a thickness of 1 ⅜ and 1 ¾ inch
  • Has a voice guide for ease of use
  • Flexible and convenient to use with a backup key included
  • The deadbolt button is only accessible for use by the admin user

#5. Baldwin Front Door Lockset Bighorn

Baldwin Front Door Lockset Bighorn

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If you are in search of a durable and practical doorknob and the lockset for your home, this product is definitely a good choice to consider. It comes with a smart key design, which means you can easily rekey in just 3 simple steps. You can use this product for a standard door, as long as it does not exceed the thickness of 1 ¾ inch.

There is no doubt that this lockset has that evident upscale design. The feel is also heavy, which gives you an idea about its quality and durability. The price is rather steep, though, so it may be a bit too much if your are on a tight budget for a good quality lockset.

  • Sectional handset and traditional design for the door handle
  • Single-cylinder style for the entry set
  • Elegant and functional
  • A bit on the steep side for the cost

#4. Berlin Modisch Front Door HandleSet

Berlin Modisch Front Door HandleSet

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Perfect for commercial and residential use, this lockset is durable and secure. The hardware locksets are heavy-duty, and there are other elements to this package including the deadbolt lock and the doorknob. There is an adjustable design to the backset latch, and the single-cylinder deadbolt is definitely secure and gives access only to authorized individuals.

You may need to do some minor work such as chiseling to make sure the lock housing is placed correctly. But otherwise, everything else about this product works as it is really secure and looks great on your door.

  • Complements the modern design of your home
  • Has a high-security lockset, deadbolt, and doorknob
  • Easily adjustable system for the backset latch
  • Installation can take some time

#3. Kwikset San Clemente Low Profile Single Cylinder Handleset

Kwikset San Clemente Low Profile Single Cylinder Handleset

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This is hands down one of the most stylish handlesets that you can find in stores today. The installation process is also quick and simple, so that minimizes the stress in getting it ready to use. Whether you have a door that is left-handed or right-handed, this lockset should be perfect to use.

Just take note of the fact that the keys are not to be used to unlock. You need the smart key, and it needs to be reset to achieve the privacy that this lockset has to offer.

  • Slim and streamlined low profile design
  • Reversible system for the interior lever
  • Adjustable design for the slides to keep the handles straight and seamless
  • Easy to set up and install

#2. AmazonBasics Tulip Knob Handleset

AmazonBasics Tulip Knob Handleset

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When you are concerned about the safety of your property, the best way to enhance security is with the right lockset and door handle. We like this product from Amazon Basics because it is secure and sturdy – and it is a breeze to install. When placed in the standard door, you only need a screwdriver – and setting it up should be quick and easy.

Make it a point to determine the style of door you have at home. Most of the problems encountered by users are in the wrong kind of door used with this lockset. Otherwise, this is an excellent product for the price you pay.

  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver
  • Comes with a universal handling system
  • 6-way style of adjustable latch
  • Can fit standard doors very well

#1. Schlage Camelot Accent Levels and Keypad Entry

Schlage Camelot Accent Levels and Keypad Entry

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When you have a single or multiple family door at home, this lockset is worth to consider for your needs. It has a reversible lever that allows you to use this lockset for a door that is either left-handed or right-handed. The universal latch and the deadbolt are also perfect for a traditional door. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully for ease in setting it up.

This is without a doubt one of the best locksets you can find in stores today. Some people may find the installation a bit tricky but once you have set it up, your time and energy spent in the installation and set up are definitely worth it.

  • Satin nickel material
  • Ideal for homes, offices, garage entry
  • No need to program, so it is ready to use upon installation

Guide to Buying a Lockset for Front Doors

When buying a lockset for your home’s front door, be sure that you check carefully the style and compare it with the handleset you are looking to purchase.

There are also different styles available including a single-cylinder and a double cylinder. The single-cylinder comes with a keyhole found on the outside, and you should be able to lock and unlock your door from the inside without having to do it with a key.

On the other hand, a double cylinder one comes with a keyhole both on the inside and the outside of your property. This offers extra security, which is great. The only downside of this, however, is it takes some time before you can exit your property when there is an emergency.

Now, as for the locking mechanism to use for your door, there is an option to use a deadbolt or even a keyless system. But when purchasing either of the two, you need to determine how your choice of a lockset will fit your door. It also should be compatible with the door operation you implement.

Door locks need to have a good rating in terms of security. Grade 1 is the best for commercial and residential home but Grade 3 should suffice nonetheless.

When choosing the lockset to purchase, it is ideal that all the different elements you need to install the unit are in the package. For instance, the hardware and screws must be included, as well as the strike plate. A box strike is basically that piece of hardware you need to place into your doorjamb.

We recommend that you look into a box strike as it is not very easy to become damaged by unauthorized individuals.


Now that you know your best options when it comes to locksets and door handles, it should be easier for you to purchase the right one for your home. Have a look at the products we have recommended and be sure to compare their features. This way, you will be able to make a practical and smart decision that will give you the best value for your time and money.

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