Top 10 Best Garlic Presses in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a parent who prepares daily meals or an occasional cook, it is ideal to use kitchen tools that won’t let you down. The garlic press is one of the handy tools when you need garlic in your recipe. This essential tool is very fast. Furthermore, most of them are made from stainless steel material.

In addition to that, some models come with tools for cleaning, whereas some are dishwater safe. However, there are so many garlic press models in the market, but it is not that easy to identify the best. But here are some of the factors that will guide you in the process of decision making. Therefore, choose one that meets your work requirements below.

List of 10 Best Garlic Presses in 2020

#10. Culina Deluxe Garlic Press Set

Culina Deluxe Garlic Press Set

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When you need a quality garlic press, simply buy one from the Culina. To begin with, it features a quality splatter screen with the finest details. Then again, it features a Heavy-duty, fortified plastic to ensure long life. Being long-lasting, it is good for home use or the utilitarian profession. Moreover, it comes in a very stylish box, and this box contains one garlic press and one large potato ricer. Each of these wares comes with a set of sharp interchangeable blades made from stainless steel and press plates. This makes it easy and fast to use.

Additionally, it features Extra perforation to offer high-performance crush, mince, dice, and cut. The dimensions of this garlic press measure 13.3-inches by 13.3-inches by 13.3-inches. Otherwise, the ricer has dimensions measuring 3.25″ by 3″. Lastly, the product weighs 1 pound only.

  • It weighs 1 pound
  • Dimensions measuring 13.3 by 13.3 by 13.3 inches
  • Extra perforation to offer high-performance crush, mince, dice, and cut
  • Heavy-duty, fortified plastic to ensure long life
  • Sharp interchangeable blades made from stainless steel and press plates
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#9. Zulay Kitchen Premium Garlic Press

Zulay Kitchen Premium Garlic Press

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The Zulay Kitchen garlic press has an ergonomic design and is heavy-duty. This makes it easy and comfortable to use. It can mince, crush or press garlic within seconds to produce uniformly pressed garlic bits. This, in turn, is ideal for preparing delicious home-cooked dishes. This tool is made from high-quality, food-grade materials. This ensures that it extracts more garlic from the cloves.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean. Simply rinse it after use under running water. For thorough cleaning, just place it in dishwater. Uniquely, you can use this multi-use tool without having a mortar and a pestle. This is because it allows you to crush onions, ginger, and nuts. With a large capacity chamber, it produces more garlic paste from each clove. Despite multiple presses, it leaves no garlic odor in your hands.

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy usage
  • High-quality food-grade materials for extracting more garlic from the cloves
  • Dishwater safe for an easy cleanup
  • Large capacity chamber for producing more garlic paste from each clove

#8. UberChef UC-GP10 Garlic Peeler Press Set

UberChef UC-GP10 Garlic Peeler Press Set

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Use the UberChef garlic press to easily, finely, and quickly mince the garlic then prepare your favorite meal. To save your time, this tool can remove the skin and then mince once. Having a stainless steel material, it lasts longer and looks beautiful. Moreover, the 100 percent stainless steel makes it rust-proof and stronger than other garlic press models.

In addition to that, there are two ways for easy cleaning this garlic press. Firstly, you can run its basket under warm water. Secondly, you can place it in dishwater because it is dishwater safe. Other than being multifunctional, it is also versatile. To conclude, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Stainless steel material to prevent rusting
  • Dishwater safe for easy cleaning
  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee

#7. Vantic 2020 Garlic Press Rocker

Vantic 2020 Garlic Press Rocker

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This 2020 version of garlic press from Vantic is characterized by a comfortable handle and arc shape design that makes the garlic squeezing a breeze. And more importantly, it even serves those with small hands and a weaker grip. It is made with silicone and stainless steel material that is 100% FDA approved for absolutely safety assurance.

What’s more, this Garlic Press from Vantic is corrosion-resistant, sturdy & will not break nor rust. With its curved design, this pressing garlic can be easily cleaned. It has more holes that make the cleaning easier!

  • Support slight forth & back rocking motion
  • High-quality silicone premium stainless steel construction
  • Curved design with a more and bigger hole
  • Material: 100% FDA approved

#6. Rösle 9-inch Garlic Press w/ Scraper

Rösle 9-inch Garlic Press w/ Scraper

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Coming at number six is this Garlic Press from Rosle. It will ascertain its durability as a premium quality cooking tool. Garlic is loved globally, but the hands pressing is hectic. Instead of cutting it, use the Rösle Stainless Steel tool to lessen your hands’ interference with the spicy juices. With its scraping blade, this garlic press from Rösle is not only easy-to-clean but also easy-to-use. Furthermore, it has a fold-out sieve that makes Rosle Garlic Press dishwasher safe and easy-to-wash under running water.

Besides, its weighted handles offer added leverage for easier garlic crushing. Also, its precision hinges play a superb role in efficient force application to the garlic. It has 48 offset tapering holes alongside a spacious loading chamber for effectively handling peeled ginger & unpeeled garlic cloves.

  • Package measures 7.9 by 1.4 by 2 inches
  • Built with 18/10 stainless steel
  • Has 48 offset tapering holes alongside spacious loading chamber for handling peeled ginger
  • Weighs 12.7 ounces
  • Its weighted handles offer added leverage for easier garlic crushing
  • Has fold-out sieve for easy cleaning
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#5. ZYLISS Susi 3 Cast Aluminum Garlic Press

ZYLISS Susi 3 Cast Aluminum Garlic Press

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The Zyliss Susi 3 is Garlic Press that allows you to easily and quickly mince garlic with no peeling of the clove. It is characterized by an inbuilt cleaner- peeler, mincer, and crusher units. Garlic Press from Zyliss features a charitably sized hopper that holds larger garlic cloves. Along with that, its ergonomic handle will always make pressing effortless, and the incorporated cleaning tool will allow for quick cleanup.

Also, its lightweight, ergonomic handle allows for ginger and garlic, pressing with ease. As if it’s not enough, a five-year warranty backs the package. Clean up is much easier thanks to its sturdy coated aluminum construction. Also, Zyliss Garlic Press is a dishwasher.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle allows for ginger and garlic pressing with ease
  • Zero Peeling Required
  • Generous size hopper for accommodating large garlic cloves
  • Inbuilt cleaning unit fits holes perfectly
  • Sturdy cast aluminum construction
  • Includes bonus cleaning press
  • Weighs 6.6 ounces
  • Measures 2.12-inches by 1-inch by 6.38-inches
  • Zyliss 5 Year warranty

#4. Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Epicurean Garlic Press

Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Epicurean Garlic Press

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Presented to you is Epicurean garlic press from Kuhn Rikon. This Garlic Press is not only efficient but also exquisite, and hence it requires pull-out sieve for cleaning. Ergonomically designed in stainless steel, it gives you better results for less effort. Its ergonomic design and stainless steel construction deliver you incredible results for less effort.

Unlike other presses, this garlic press from Kuhn Rikon is characterized by beveled holes, which cut the clove finely instead of bruising it, extracting the best flavor. Its powerful lever and ergonomic handle make crushing garlic effortless. Moreover, there is also stainless steel sieve that swings out smoothly for easy cleanup. Indeed, this fine-looking, all-stainless steel tool is the best. It’s therefore efficient for pressing unpeeled cloves and pressing ginger as well.

  • A powerful lever for efficient garlic pressing operation
  • Unpeeled garlic cloves or press peeled
  • Two year warranty
  • Stainless sieve pivots out for convenient cleaning
  • 60% less effort required
  • Dishwasher safe. Air dry and hand wash recommended
  • Ergonomic handle for effortless garlic crushing

#3. Alpha Grillers Rust Proof Garlic Press

Alpha Grillers Rust Proof Garlic Press

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Never mind about rust again. This garlic press from Alpha Grillers is constructed of premium, solid 304 stainless steel alongside silicone roller peeler. In other words, its peeler tube is constructed of tough silicone, making these cooking appliances long-lasting. It comes in the ingenious design and heavy-duty construction that allow for mincing unpeeled garlic cloves. With this rust-proof, easy clean, dishwasher safe, maintaining this garlic press is much easier.

And for easy cleaning, you can simply flip large chamber out and rinse it under running water. You can run it the dishwasher as well. Luckily, this garlic press is suitable for crushing nuts, ginger, and garlic with ease. The other incredible aspect of this garlic press is that it can slice peeled garlic using its amazing peeler and roller.

  • Constructed of premium, solid 304 stainless steel alongside silicone roller peeler
  • Weighs 10.1 ounces
  • It comes in the ingenious design
  • Measures 7.48 by 2.56 by 1.38 inches
  • Has silicone roller peeler

#2. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

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The new, upgraded Garlic Press from OXO does not only feature a Soft-Handled Grips but also stronger construction. With its sturdy, big capacity garlic chamber, die-cast zinc construction, OXO Garlic Press can crush garlic with a reasonable squeeze. Moreover, it has an inbuilt cleaner to make it easier to clean. You can flip its handles over for better cleaning out excess garlic.

Additionally, it has soft handles that are significantly arched for pressure absorption and comfort while you squeeze. Its handles are not only non-slip but soft and comfortable. Lastly, it has an efficient hole pattern that maximizes the quantity of garlic pressed.

  • Large-capacity garlic chamber
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Inbuilt cleaner thrusts out garlic peels
  • Efficient hole pattern optimizes the quantity of garlic pressed
  • Robust, die-cast zinc construction

#1. Orblue Premium Garlic Press

Orblue Premium Garlic Press

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This Garlic Press is characterized by peeler and rocker that help in making garlic prep a breeze. With this professional quality garlic press, you will no longer scuffle to peel using your hands, instead use the incorporated peeler that will perfectly mince peeled garlic. More interestingly, this Garlic Press is rust-proof and dishwasher safe, making it long-lasting and easy-to-maintain.

Moreover, the professional quality stainless steel is used to make Orblue Garlic Press, which further makes it extremely durable and perfect for mincing or crushing food with ease. Its ergonomic design and heavy-duty construction ensure you can comfortably mince peeled ginger root or unpeeled garlic cloves fast and with negligible effort. The other attribute is that Orblue garlic press can perfectly grind garlic, minces, slices, chops, and so your sauce, veggie, meat, or salad dressing.

  • Made of rust-proof and stainless steel for durability
  • Ergonomic design and heavy-duty construction for better performance
  • Can be cleaned in Dishwasher machine
  • Lifetime guarantee due to its professional-grade construction
  • Weighs 9.6 ounces
  • Measures 7.5 by 1.4 by 2.6 inches
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How to choose the best garlic press

  • Dishwasher safe: Not all garlic press models are dishwater safe. You should select the one that suits your needs. Some models need manual cleaning. Consider buying models like the OXO garlic press since it has a built-in cleaner for convenience.
  • Single service models: The best garlic press should play different roles in the kitchen other than pressing. Apart from mincing garlic cloves, it should be able to mince and chop other ingredients. Multi-use garlic presses can press ginger roots too.
  • Extra-large compartment: You need to consider the size of the model. When cooking for many people, you need to press many garlic cloves. Therefore, you should buy an extra-large compartment garlic press.
  • Peelers: Since peeling is not a simple task, you require a garlic press model that comes with a peeler. One model presses and peels garlic at ago, whereas the other model has two separate compartments. One compartment peels the garlic while the other compartment presses it.
  • Secure grip: The best garlic press should have a secure and comfortable grip. This means that it will not slip when you are pressing a garlic clove. Hence you need to ensure that you consider this feature.


We have keenly reviewed some of the best garlic press models available in the market. So, you can select the model that meets your work requirement. It is considered the best to read through all the key features before you purchase the garlic press that is best for your own kitchen needs.

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