Top 10 Best Embossing Machines in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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Owning the best embossing machines comes with numerous advantages. No wonder so many crafters consider these machines an absolute necessity. Also referred to as Die-cutting machines, these machines bring you the flexibility to create cutouts for various crafts. This includes hobbies such as scrapbooking, card making, and quilts as well as other decoration crafts. These machines enable you to unleash your creativity and make unique designs.

Besides offering you a meditative way to let loose your imagination, these machines can also enable you to save money on decoration, wedding invitation cards, and so on. With various machines on the market, you might find yourself confused about the best model. Our detailed guide is designed to assist you to get the best machine and have fun on your craft projects.

List of 10 Best Embossing Machines in 2020

#10. Raguso Cutting Embossing Machine

Raguso Cutting Embossing Machine

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Come up with exceptional scrapbook pages, impressive art designs, unique crafts, and clever invitation cards with the Raguso cutting embossing machine. What’s the real story? With solid steel construction, this embossing machine delivers durability, flexibility, and unmatched versatility. It brags about cutting more than forty different materials from fabrics, wood, and even metals.

Innovation at its best, the unrivaled resourcefulness is made possible by employing various features such as texture plates, embossing folders, and wafer dies. In the same breath, this platinum embossing machine comes with a smooth operating shaft. It is also compact and lightweight, allowing for easy portability.

  • Perfect for Multiple DIY uses
  • Works with all embossing folder
  • Simple operation thanks to the two-door design
  • Excellent construction to ensure a durable service
Reason to buy
  • Enables you to make various standardized patterns
  • Versatile, making it perfect for different uses
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • The special thickness design enables to create your shim effortlessly
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#9. SD&ZC Hand Press Die Cutting Machine

SD&ZC Hand Press Die Cutting Machine

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The SD and ZC die cutting machine enable you to take on countless projects. This machine gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity on paper crafts, leather crafts, vinyl decals, and so on. As expected, this machine comes with a high-end press plate that enables you to accomplish different tasks effortlessly.

Different from other models, this machine reaches a decent 1-ton maximum pressure. This makes it suitable for various materials. Better still, the unit also comes with excellent cutting blades and enables you to cut up to eight sheets at a time.

  • Features high-end press plate
  • It reaches up to 1-ton maximum pressure
  • Suitable for all material types
  • Decent 12mm cutting thickness
Reason to buy
  • Superior construction ensures reliable service for years
  • Portable design makes it easy to travel with
  • Effective and produces quality results
  • Easy to customize and use

#8. Vilihy DIY Dies Cutting /Embossing Machine

Vilihy DIY Dies Cutting /Embossing Machine

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If you are searching for a premium-embossing machine that comes at an affordable price, then this model might be your best bet. It features a sleek modern design and packs a punch to enable you to cut different materials. Thanks to the advanced features, this model is suitable for both beginners and serious embossers.

Overall, this machine works diligently to meet the needs of the average user. It enables you to cut and emboss on various materials. Additionally, this unit is compatible with various embossing folders, plates as well as other accessories. This gives you the much-needed flexibility when working on various DIY crafts.

  • Durable die-cast machine with an inbuilt suction system
  • Cuts and embosses various materials
  • Perfect for cutting various material types
  • Solid construction and efficient design
Reason to buy
  • It is perfect for personal or small-scale businesses
  • Comes in an attractive and effective design
  • It is capable of cutting up to eight layers
  • Compact, lightweight design

#7. VEVOR Leather Cutting Machine

VEVOR Leather Cutting Machine

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High strength, compact, elegant, and easy to use, Vevor embossing machine will not disappoint you especially if you are looking for a multi-purpose machine for home or office use. It is crafted from cold drawn steel that withstands a pressure of up to 1.5tonnes. Another feature worth noting is the 8.27 feed widths that enable you to create sizeable cards and crafts.

To ensure optimal performance, this machine is also tested to ensure rigidity and durability. It also features a handy pressure relief pad that allows for smooth operation. Similarly, this unit comes with a self-lubricating copper sleeve that makes it easy to maintain.

  • It features a pressure-relief pad
  • Premium cold drawn steel construction
  • Self-lubricating cooper sleeve
  • Equipped with a sturdy guiding shaft
Reason to buy
  • Comes with a large bottom plate
  • Cuts all materials including leather
  • It has a durable needle bearing
  • Also, include a wrench and spanner

#6. Spellbinders PZ-100 Prizm Emboss Machine

Spellbinders PZ-100 Prizm Emboss Machine

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The Spellbinders PZ-100 Prizm is one of the latest embossing machines that is designed to make your life easier. With advanced features, tightly packed in a compact machine, this machine is easy to bring wherever you go. It is also compatible with wafer-thin and etched die templates making it easy to display your creativity. Similar to other units from these models, this machine is quick to cut and emboss amazing designs.

Speaking of its performance, you will be pleased to learn that this model is capable of cutting over forty different materials. It also has a maximum width of 8.5 inches and can cut 6-8 layers in one pass. This offers you endless possibilities for making cards and scrapbooking.

  • Heavy-duty dies cutting and embossing machine
  • Compact, lightweight weighing only 1.8 pounds
  • Offers you endless possibilities for card making and scrapbooking
  • It delivers strong cutting pressure
Reason to buy
  • It enables you to unleash your creativity without spending too much
  • Small, portable, and effective
  • Comes with an easy crank handle
  • Has a locking suction base
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#5. Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum Embossing Machine

Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum Embossing Machine

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The main advantage of purchasing a multipurpose machine is that you will not only get a versatile machine that creates various designs but also means that you can work with various materials. The Spellbinders PL-001 embossing machine is a user-friendly crating machine that enables you brings your best in your art projects using diverse templates

The machine has wide compatibility as it accepts different dies enabling you to create decorative items quickly. It comes with a high-end cutting plate, premium base plate, an embossing mat, as well as embossing plate. Moreover, it accommodated different paper sizes while the smooth crank feature allows you to come up with personalized art projects every time.

  • Solid steel core construction
  • It cuts over 40 different materials
  • Cut up to 6-8 layers in one pass
  • Extra-wide 8.5 inches platform
Reason to buy
  • Industrial strength construction materials
  • Smooth operation makes it ideal for various applications
  • Advanced design for enhanced efficiency
  • Ideal for most personalized art projects

#4. We R Memory Keepers Evolution Emboss Machine

We R Memory Keepers Evolution Emboss Machine

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Forget the cheaply designed embossing machines that come with limited use. This versatile unit from We R Memory brand is a 3 in one multifunctional die-cutting machine that enables you to cut, emboss, and create letterpress effects. It is a great pick for beginners and pros alike as it comes as a full kit that brings you everything that you need to get started.

When compared to other models, this unit offers you enhanced cutting precision thanks to the customizable features. It accepts various die types and has an adjustable width of up to 8.7 inches. For enhanced portability, this unit also comes with a top grip. Moreover, you get to use the pressure adjustment system that enables you to choose between embossing, cutting, and letterpress easily.

  • Equipped with a pressure adjustment system
  • Comes with a top grip for easy portability
  • Boasts of numerous advanced features
  • Offers you with different cutting platforms
Reason to buy
  • Simple yet functional cutting machine
  • It has an innovative height adjustment gear system
  • Universal crafting tool
  • It comes in a lightweight fold-up design

#3. Gemini by Crafter’s Companion emboss Machine

Gemini by Crafter's Companion emboss Machine

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With Gemini die cutting machine, you get flawless cutting and embossing. The machine comes with three plates, embossing folders, and embossing mats. For enhanced performance, this unit comes with two metal dies to bring you the flexibility needed when working with various material types. The machine is also incredibly easy to operate since you only need to circulate the shaft and feed the materials you need to work one.

Equally important, this unit is portable and lightweight. This makes it easy to travel wherever you go. Besides, it comes with highly detailed layouts that enable you to bring out the best designs. What’s more, the advanced features allow for edge to edge cutting for over forty material types including leather, paper, fabric, wood sheets, etc.

  • Includes 16 metal dies and three embossing folders
  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • The fast, quiet, electric machine that makes the process easy
  • Enables edge-to-edge cutting for over forty material types
Reason to buy
  • Compatible with most embossing and dies folders
  • Easy to use thanks to advanced features such as pause, resume, and reverse buttons
  • It has a large platform size
  • Also, include a beautiful card sample

#2. Sizzix 657900 Big Shot Emboss Machine

Sizzix 657900 Big Shot Emboss Machine

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There is an easy way to hone your skills or bring your best in terms of creativity in scrapbooking or card making. And, there isn’t a better machine than the Sizzix Big Shot Emboss Machine. Boasting of a low profile design yet fitted with various advanced features, this machine will tackle just any project you have in mind.

Better still, with this machine, you can get to use various resources such as card samples, and scrapbook projects that you can customize to meet your needs. Besides, this unit features multipurpose cutting platforms, cuts up to eight sheets at a time and compact design that is easy to bring along.

  • Features Extended multipurpose cutting platforms
  • Sharp cutting and embossing roller style machine
  • Premium construction materials
  • Capable of cutting up to eight sheets at a time
Reason to buy
  • Ensures a smooth and sharp cutting operation
  • It comes in a portable and easy to use design
  • Crafted by a reputable company
  • Works with various materials

#1. Sizzix Sidekick 661770 Starter Kit

Sizzix Sidekick 661770 Starter Kit

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The Sizzix Sidekick 661770 Starter Kit is ultimately the best die cutting kit for beginners. It boasts of a compact, solid construction, stylish and easy design. Most importantly, the kit includes everything needed to help you get started. This makes it not only great for beginners but also experts. We love the fact that this unit is easy to use with embossing folders and wafer-thin dies.

This makes it a perfect pick for people looking to cut and emboss various thin materials. It works perfectly with numerous materials including paper, card stop, and vellum, and so on. That said, this unit is a perfect pick for not only card making but also scrapbooking and wedding planning. What’s more, this unit comes with a special vacuum seal that ensures optimal stability on all surfaces.

  • Works with wafer-thin dies and embossing folders
  • Vacuum seal ensures extra stability
  • It is a complete starter kit
  • Wide compatibility various dies and embossing folders
Reason to buy
  • Perfect for beginners and pros alike
  • Portable, easy to use and affordable
  • Includes a variety of bonus features
  • Ergonomic handle for effortless roller action
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The Best Embossing Machines | Buyer’s Guide

Having the best embossing machine at your home’s comfort offers, you hone your skills and make your creativity to use. With these machines, you can create customized DIY crafts that everyone will love. As with any machine, you need to know exactly what you need before making your choice. Below are some of the crucial tips that should help you get started when it comes to the best embossing machines.

  • Its practicality: As you have noted with the above-reviewed products, these machines are not made equal. To begin, you will need to figure out the materials that you are likely to take on. Some models are designed for simple work with paper and vinyl. Therefore if you are looking to make simple cards or books scrapping, these models should do. However, if you are looking to take full advantage of these machines, pick models that work with various materials like wood, cork, foam, etc.
  • The features included: Embossing machines come with various features and working mechanisms. We have a manual machine that has a cranking feature and electric models that connect to your PC via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Besides determining the working mechanism, you should look for the included features. Obviously, a model with various unique features will give you more control in your craft projects.
  • Is it portable?: These machines aren’t too big. However, some features awkward or heavy designs, which may not be too easy to bring along. If you are always on the go, ensure that you pick a model that is lightweight and portable. Moreover, if you love working outdoors, we recommend the manual model since you don’t need to worry about finding electric outlets.


The best embossing machine enables you to come up with fantastic crafts. Luckily, the above models bring you all the features that you need to unleash your creativity. While this is the case, you will still need to think of the projects you need to take on before making your choice. After that, go through the list and select the model that comes with the features that you need. Happy scrapbooking!

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