Top 10 Best DVD Duplicators in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

DVD Duplicators

DVD duplicators have always been in the market but it is the inculcation of the modern innovations that have hyped them all so sudden. A DVD duplicator lets you duplicate the master disc by copying the data into the empty DVDs, but there’s more to it. With this main function, their side features like verification of the source disc, error proofing, analyzing the format and the auto-selection of the operation mechanism are just as important.

We have come up with the top 10 best DVD duplicators in 2020, but first, let’s see their key characteristics.

List of 10 Best DVD Duplicators in 2020

#10. Spartan DVD/CD duplicator

Spartan DVD CD duplicator

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This one is a standalone duplicator since you won’t need any PC to operate it. The best thing about such DVD duplicators is that they can be easier for the beginners to start with. One important aspect is that you don’t have to worry about copyright encryption, as it automatically does so when producing each copy. It has an adjustable hard drive compartment that allows master DVDs of different sizes. You don’t want any error to hinder the process or mess with the duplicator’s system. For this reason, the company has installed in it the advanced diagnosis mode, which helps in rectifying all the errors and minor glitches.

Suppose you are duplicating the DVD, and suddenly, the master DVD stops working, this may lead to the loss of all copied data. However, it isn’t the case with this one, the Master Error Proof software keeps intact the duplicated content while you are free to change the master DVD without any qualm. It needs separate startups and set up passwords so that your work is safe from unauthorized users.

  • Standalone duplicator
  • Strong security system
  • Master Error Proof
  • Copyright encryption
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#9. MediaStor DVD duplicator

MediaStor DVD duplicator

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MediaStor presents you one of the best DVD duplicators available out there. Let us start with its most exciting feature, which is that you may transfer the USB drive’s media to a DVD or CD. Yes, unlike most of the high-end duplicators, this one lets you use both DVD and CD options. In addition to this, if you are in a rush, this one is capable of duplicating the data on to 6 DVDs and CDs simultaneously, back to back. This serves as the biggest benefit when you are looking for a DVD duplicator for office use.

It comes in a jet black color, the company has made it pretty concise so it fits easily in a little space. If we talk about its burning speed, it supports 24 DVDs and 48 CDs. The hard drive compartment has a thick lining so that the master DVD/CD doesn’t have to come across any scratches. The operation of this duplicator is such that it keeps emitting the heat instead of letting it build up inside. This means that your duplicator doesn’t get heated up and would go for good long years.

  • Black color
  • Works with both DVD/CD
  • 24 DVDs and 48 CDs burning speed
  • No heat accumulation

#8. Acumen disc duplicator

Acumen disc duplicator

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There are instances when you buy a costly duplicator but it comes of no use since as soon as you plug it in, it asks for an encrypted DVD/CD. With this one, you are free from all this struggle, you don’t have to hunt only for the copyrighted discs anymore. It has several functions to offer you, firstly it lets you test your master DVD so that before going for a lengthier process, you get an idea of whether it is worth it or not. Second, it also removes any sort of error with the Master Error Proof operation so this is the time you bring in all the DVD/CDs that don’t work because of the tiny inaccuracies.

It is also a standalone duplicator so you don’t have to mess your head with all the computer connections. The user-friendly manual makes it the best DVD duplicator for a greater proportion who is new to this discussion. On top of all, before you start the duplication, the duplicator itself sorts out the format so that the output becomes more stable and secure than ever.

  • Works with DVD/CD
  • Multiple usages
  • No need for encrypted discs
  • Standalone duplicator

#7. PlexCopier DVD duplicator

PlexCopier DVD duplicator

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PlexCopier DVD duplicator is a godsend for the people looking for more of a heavy-duty duplicator. It is also a standalone one so that you can do well without any PC connection. It is capable of making free copy protected DVD copies, thanks to the MID media. Additionally, it depicts the maximum burning speed to reach the target copies in the shortest span. Coming to the writing speed, it duplicates 24 DVDs and 52 CD-R formats, which is incredible. It is rare to find such a complete package that too with a budget-friendly price out there.

It does work with M-disc media and records up to the 1000 year archival grade M-disc media, along with all these aspects, it does support a variety of CD formats. Also, it includes special settings for the CD-text or over-burned CD. The black color of the duplicator with a concise display screen makes it useful for both personal and professional usage. They haven’t overlooked the beginners, that’s why, you do get an instruction manual inside with the pictorial description, using which you can crack all the difficult operations.

  • Free copy protected DVD copies
  • Maximum burning speed
  • Works with CD-text or over-burned CD
  • Easy to use

#6. Acumen standalone duplicator

Acumen standalone duplicator

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As the name depicts, it is a standalone duplicator that doesn’t need any PC connection to start with. It comes with tons of built-in options that let you duplicate many DVD/CD formats. Talking about the formats, the tough ones like CD-R and CD-RW aren’t a big deal for this one. It has an apt burning speed that takes care of the duplication process. The brief display shows the current settings and for the beginners, they have installed a special option that suggests the most suitable operations for the master DVD/CD.

The duplicator depicts a one-button mechanism, you don’t have to cram all the instruction manual, just choose the DVD you want to duplicate and with one press, you may have as many copies as you require. The company promises a lifetime tech support and also gives you a one-year warranty with 24/7 email support service. It doesn’t need any software installation and comes in a ready to use condition. Let us tell you that with all these features, it doesn’t support the encrypted or copyrighted DVDs.

  • Standalone duplicator
  • Caters to several formats
  • One button mechanism
  • One year warranty
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#5. Copystars DVD duplicator

Copystars DVD duplicator

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This one surely deserves to be ranked as one of the best DVD duplicators for all the right reasons. We know finding the right format of the DVD/CD is a task in itself and that’s why the company has designed it so that it sorts out the format of the source disc on its own. This simplifies the process to multifold and also increase your work’s efficiency. Similarly, you don’t have to buy any burning software separately, this one has all the necessary features that you’d expect in the high-end duplicators.

As soon as you put the source disc in the hard drive compartment, the duplicator first runs the verification tests to ensure that there are no glitches. It also passes it through the error-proofing software to do away with all the errors which may hinder the duplication. It works well with numerous formats including the double-layer DVDs. The durable case protects the duplicator from external forces and keeps it as new as the first day. It comes with a variable power supply which you can switch as per your need.

  • Verifies the source disc
  • Works with all formats
  • Durable case
  • Variable power supply

#4. SATA DVD duplicator

SATA DVD duplicator

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This one depicts a capacity of 1-5 target that suffices when you need a duplicator for the office use. Primarily, it has the self-analyzing ability so that as the hard disk detects the DVD/CD, it starts working to analyze its different aspects that also includes its format. This means you don’t have to purchase the burning software for the format detection anymore. It is also Master Error Proof which lets you ensure before working that the master disc is safe from all the awaiting errors, hence this increases the work rate proficiently.

One thing that we love about this duplicator is that it doesn’t operate without strong passwords. This lets you protect your data from third-party or unauthorized users. It welcomes a lot of the CD/DVD formats and produces hundreds of duplicates at a satisfying speed. If you don’t get which settings would suit your master source, just read the manual instruction that cracks it all for you instantaneously. The company provides you with a one-year warranty and lifetime customer support service.

  • Active burning speed
  • 1-5 target capacity
  • Automatic format-detection
  • One year warranty

#3. Copystars duplicator tower

Copystars duplicator tower

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It is a DVD duplicator tower that operates on the standalone mechanism, so you need not boggle your mind with the computer connections any more. You also don’t have to install any software as it comes with all the important functions that you’d be needing for the duplication. The DVD burner drives are all heavy-duty and SATA type which depicts a versatile duplication system. They perform irrespectively of the disc formats so that you don’t have to categorize the discs as per their formats repeatedly.

The company has stepped up its duplicator game by introducing a Copystars DVD/CD duplicator controller. These duplicators reach the market after going through tons of certifying processes so that they can work on the changing current values as well. It enhances the reliability of the duplicator and makes it go for good long years. It is also compatible with desktop and does have a small display to let you decide the settings more thoroughly. The company ensures that customers get a year part and three-year labor warranty.

  • SATA type
  • Duplicator tower
  • Duplicator controller
  • Works with changing power output

#2. BestDuplicator DVD support burner

BestDuplicator DVD support burner

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This is just another best DVD duplicator that does come with a controller that shortens the navigation process. The formats it works upon do include the difficult ones like CD-RW blank media standards and dual-layer DVDs. Coming to our favorite aspect, it takes less a second to identify which category the master disc belongs to. We may underestimate it but this step is indispensable if you want the duplication process to start smoothly. Otherwise, you may need to go for the separate software which requires you to be adept at the duplication.

It is also a 1-5 target, this means that you may place any 1 CD that would be the master source and use the 5 empty slots for the blank CDs which you want to burn. Now you may see what a quick work pace it has and the positive results it may bring to your professional life. The controller is a 128 MB one and the burning speed equals 24 x burners. It is a standalone duplicator so the need for a PC connection also cancels out. With all these aspects, you do get a one year warranty with 24/7 active email support.

  • Comes with a controller
  • Easy navigation
  • 1-5 target
  • Fast burning speed

#1. Produplicator standalone duplication tower

Produplicator standalone duplication tower

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Here comes our topmost favorite duplicator, and let us share with you why it deserves all this hype. This is probably one of the few duplicators that let you create a mix CD. Yes, with this one, you can collect content from tons of different CDs and come up with your mixed one. It has all the conventional features that you’d expect in an efficient duplicator like verification process, duplication tests, and error deletion.

It supports almost all the DVD/CD formats and depicts a one year warranty.

  • A quintessential duplicator
  • Good at making mix CDs
  • Includes all vital tests
  • One year warranty
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How to buy the best DVD duplicator?

  • No. of the copies: First, you have to decide how many copies does you work demand. It is because some duplicators range from one to whole 8 copying slots.
  • Automatic or manual operation: For the beginners, we’d recommend you go with the duplicators with automatic operation while the manual ones are better for the professional work.
  • DVD/CD format: Some duplicators support DVD/CD-R format while some go with the DVD/CD+R, by adding more bucks, you can have the one works with both.


Hence, duplicators make your work easier and also bourgeon the proficiency, especially if chosen the one that comes at par with your job requirements.

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