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Did you think BMX bicycles come with a hi-end price tag? The truth of the matter is, they don’t! No matter, it’s shredding the neighborhood streets or cruising the seedy trails when it comes to experiencing those hours of active fun against bumps and bruises, the BMX always wins in the end. And the reasons are the kind of features, functionalities, and the perfect geometry they offer for every beginner or a pro. And if you are all set to surprise your young off-road daredevil, here is a list of the 10 Best Cheap Bmx Bike just for you.

So, let’s not waffle anymore and jump right in.

How to Make a Great Purchase?

Remember, it’s not just about having fun on the wheels, but it’s more about getting ready for a smooth, seamless, and reactive ride that lets you cruise every corner of the world safely and carefree. And BMX does exactly that.

Guess what, following are the things you must consider before buying a cheap BMX bi-cycle…

  • Size: When it comes to the maximum ease and comfort, even a difference of half an inch can count! And the best part about the BMX bicycles, they come with top tubes that are generally between 20.5 to 20.75 inches and handlebars that are not too narrow.
  • Weight: Since most of the bikes here are for freestyle riding, a lightweight pick will greatly suit your propose. In this case, the Chromoly metal alloy is probably the best buy. They are used in making of the BMX frames and forks, which are known for their robustness, hardness, and durability.
  • Wheels: It’s always important to keep an eye on the wheel’s size. It’s everything that matters for sharp turns and landing with ease.
  • Brake: This is probably the most vital part of a bike. It does not only help to pause on time, but makes every stunt more precise and deadly.
  • Longevity: Generally, the high impact bikes are the most durable ones. Choose steel frames with Chromoly tubing as they can add years to your bicycle.

Finally, make sure you also take care of the small parts that make a BMX bike great and long-lasting. The fact is, you need to choose one that solely serves your intentions to purchase. So, ready for a shopping spree. Here we go.

What are the Top 10 Best Cheap Bmx Bikes in 2020?

No idea how to start? Fret not! Following are Amazon’s most recommended lists of the best-selling BMX bicycles that will keep your rider edge-of-the-seat. And did I just forget to mention, you don’t need to spend a fortune over any of these bikes listed here? Sounds great, right?

List of Best Cheap BMX Bikes in 2020

#10. Cult Gateway JR-C BMX Bike

Cult Gateway JR-C BMX Bike

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This 40 pounds full-sized bike from Cult is just the perfect companion you need to give your inner rider a kick-start. Made of all black parts, this robust bike comes with a solid TT frame cult.

This vehicle also packs quite a punch in terms of features like the integrated headset, sealed medium, cult nylon pedals, clear coat raw frame, U brake, and many more. Just order it with the single click of a button and it will be shipped at your doorstep half assembled already.

  • Full size
  • Sturdy TT build
  • U-brake system
  • Slick tires
  • 3-piece Chromoly cranks
  • Cult-nylon pedals
Why you should buy:
  • Entry-level motorcycle
  • Suitable for start-ups
  • Good bargain for that price
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#9. Kent Dread BMX Bicycle

Kent Dread BMX Bicycle

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Gift your young rider this amazing bicycle from Kent, no doubt one of the Best Cheap Bmx Bikes in 2020. Smooth, stylish, and adventure-friendly, this one is designed for kids between 8 to 12. Lightweight yet hardy, this vehicle boasts safety and trick optimization hand-in-hand.

While the neon green color heavily adds to the aesthetics of this international range dread bike, the heavy-duty frame, four-bolt alloy stem, front pegs, and front and rear hand brakes, all promise a wide range of effortless freestyling and stunts.

  • Hi-performance freestyle frame
  • Custom color options for tires
  • Front and rear hand brakes
  • Four-bolt alloy stem
  • Front pegs
Why you should buy:
  • Lightweight and robust
  • International range dread bike
  • Smooth, seamless biking
  • Freestyle
  • Assembled package

#8. BMX Dugan Chrome Complete Bike

BMX Dugan Chrome Complete Bike

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Want to move everywhere from your neighborhood streets to any epic distance on a two-wheeler? The Dugan Signature is everything you need for that high-quality experience.

Designed by the bicycle pioneer Fitbikeco, this bike offers an immaculate chrome finish, 100% TT CrMo frame, OEM double-wall, and Odyssey Twisted PC pedals, to say the least. Sturdy and safe, it will offer you a whole lot of radical, wheel inspiration to take back home.

  • Dugan signature
  • Chrome finish
  • Odyssey twisted PC pedals
  • OEM double-wall
  • Sealed female axle wheels
  • Fit Cafe tripod
Why you should buy:
  • Perfect for riders of all sizes
  • Eye-catching and hardy
  • Professionally engineered

#7. Mafiabikes Kush BMX Bike

Mafiabikes Kush BMX Bike

More Detail on Amazon

This graphite road runner from Mafiabikes is one of the best-selling and the Best Cheap Bmx Bike to take your off-road stunts next-level. The last few years saw Kush2 becoming a massively popular choice for more than 50,000 customers.

However, the bike packs some of the most stunning features like the TT hi-tensile steel body, tapered fork legs, U-brake with scuff-resistant pads, huge Lagos crawler tires, and more. If that’s not all, the new killer shades are something you can’t miss an eye on.

  • Graphite
  • TT hi-tensile steel frame
  • Massive 2.4” Lagos crawler tires
  • KMC chain
  • Tapered fork legs
  • U-brake with anti-scuff pads
  • Plastic VP slim styled pedals
  • Single wall front rim and double-wall rear rim, all-alloy
  • Detachable decals
Why you should buy:
  • Superior quality grips
  • Lightweight yet hi-tech
  • Option available for 3 piece crank upgrade
  • New color options available
  • Optional free road kit post-purchase

#6. Redline Bikes MX 24 BMX Race Cruiser

Redline Bikes MX 24 BMX Race Cruiser

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Get back into the game with this cruiser from Redline Bikes. Lightweight and fast-going, this bicycle is everything you need for a responsive yet furious race.

Want to know the features? The solid aluminum alloy builds, the race compatible Chromoly cranks, and the Vee Speedster tires are the most mention-worthy among others.

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 3-piece 175mm cranks
  • Pedals
  • Vee Speedster tires
Why you should buy:
  • Lightweight
  • Hardy
  • Race-quality Chromoly steel
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#5. X Games FS20 Single Speed

X Games FS20 Single Speed

More Detail on Amazon

Looking for the Best Cheap Bmx Bike? Look no further as this single-speed, freestyle trick giant from X Games is a heavy-duty, steel welded piece. It can rocket launch your sports madness like no other, thanks to its 20-inch street-gripping tires.

What’s more, this hardy bike offers a cluster of features like 360-degree rotor, over-sized alloy wheels, and rear calipers, just to name a few. While the welded fork and the reactive braking technology can ease any surface, the front and the rear pegs are all things creativity.

  • Welded steel frame
  • Heavy-duty forks
  • 360-degree rotor
  • High-end alloy pedals
  • Front and rear pegs for creative
  • Rear calipers for better braking
Why you should buy:
  • Single speed
  • Dark gray color
  • Ultimate maneuverability
  • Street gripping tires
  • Freestyle tricks

#4. Kent Trouble BMX Girl’s Bike

Kent Trouble BMX Girl’s Bike

More Detail on Amazon

What could be a better gift for your adventure-loving girl than this 20” sassy bike from Kent? Let her stay in style while you still have her nailed the best protection to ride on the uneven, rough road surfaces. This single-speed bicycle offers everything from a sturdy, durable steel frame to steel handlebars with exceptional steering to front and rear alloy hand brakes to 48 spoke-rims, 20-inch tires, and more.

What your teen will love the most is the matching seat. With a weight capacity of 100 lbs, this is probably the Best Cheap Bmx Bike you can gift someone.

  • Black or pink color
  • Durable steel frame gearing
  • Ergonomic handbrakes
  • Rims with 48 spokes
  • Plastic pedals
  • Functional 20” BMX tires
  • Load capacity of 100 lbs
Why you should buy:
  • Single speed
  • Excellent steering
  • Seat with perfect color contrast
  • Excellent choice for girls

#3. Razor Nebula Freestyle Trick BMX Bike

Razor Nebula Freestyle Trick BMX Bike

More Detail on Amazon

Play all your stunts and trick with Razor Nebula, your ultimate BMX bicycle for motion and maneuverability. With freestyle rotor, front and rear brakes, 20” gripping tires with pegs, high-performance pedals, and alloy seat clamp, this bike is probably a powerhouse of stability and strength.

More reactive braking and better control, this bicycle is designed to stand up to bumps and bruises everywhere from the rocky trail to the muddy tracks. The best part is, if you are a new rider, this bike will teach you all the how-tos of your freestyles while you remain completely safe.

  • 360-degree rotor
  • Front and rear brakes
  • 20-inch gripping wheels
  • Heavy-duty alloy pedals
  • Secure alloy seat clamp
Why you should buy:
  • Smart and sleek
  • Robust forked steel build
  • Reactive braking mechanism
  • Better strength and stability
  • Great buy for beginners

#2. Elite Freestyle Bike

Elite Freestyle Bike

More Detail on Amazon

This entry-level bike is equipped with everything you need with a rider state of mind. A sturdy steel build, re-enforced welds, and a stealth-efficient U brake are probably what make it every young rider’s most favorite in 2020. However, the list of features is endless.

The best part is the thick padded seat that will let you feel at home all those hours of tricks and seamless ride. Additionally, the tires are designed with high-pressure casing and micro-knurled surfaces to move everywhere from the skate park to dirty fields, and the neighborhood streets.

  • High-tensile steel frame with r-Mo fork
  • 1” standard head tube
  • Stealth alloy top load stem
  • Reinforced welds
  • Dense foam seat
  • Front and rear grinding pegs
  • U-brake
  • 2.5 tires
Why you should buy:
  • A brand new bike in 2020
  • Reinforced body
  • Rich padded support
  • Perfect BMX assortment
  • Easy to put together

#1. Mongoose Legion BMX Bike for Kids

Mongoose Legion BMX Bike for Kids

More Detail on Amazon

Now, this one takes the first place in our epic list of the Best Cheap Bmx Bike in 2020 and that too for a reason. This robust bicycle features a low-stance BMX geometry that promises a more responsive and lasting ride every time your little one ones a trip outside.

Premium quality mongoose hi-Ten steel body, rear alloy U brake, 4 bolt stem, 2 piece bar, high volume tires allow better strength and no weighing down.

  • L16 hi-Ten steel frame
  • Micro Drive gearing
  • Rear alloy U brake
  • 1 piece forged steel crank
  • 16-20 inch wheels
Why you should buy:
  • High-performance bike
  • Added strength
  • Better responsive ride
  • Crisp stops
  • Perfect for every beginner
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The Bottom Line:

Most of the bicycles are equipped with everything one needs to get rolling. While some of the bikes are simple enough to ease a beginner’s ride, the others pack myriads of features for various types of stunts and trick an advanced learner would like to try. In a nutshell, the above list sums up 10 most power bikes a rider might need today to cruise some of the epic locations, including NYC skyline and the Australian trails. So grab the one that best suits your little kahuna and gift him a complete BMX experience like never before. Yours is just a click away.

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