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In the last few decades, many people around the world embraced the use of body shavers to remove body hairs in the back among other parts of the body. Especially for men, this is one of the vital tools you always need to have and ensure your body is smooth. The body hairs are somehow irritating and uncomfortable even for your partner. The body shaver will always give you a smooth body without any struggles. The body shavers are everywhere in the market. They come from different brands and thus not all recommended to be best. Some are not safe for they have not met the safety regulations and standards.

Here is a list of the top 10 body shavers that are 100% safe and will offer painless shave effortlessly. Select the most applicable to you for the best services and outstanding performance.

List of 10 Best Body Shavers in 2020

#10. ZRB Body Shaver

ZRB Body Shaver

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ZRB Body Shaver has been made to give you the best shave that you will always treasure. The shaver has a strong stainless steel blade that is durable and no rust. The blade is sharp and will always shave all your hair without any pain experienced. The shaver is adjustable and thus you can easily adjust to the best size to give you better shave any time. You can make the shaver handle longer or shorter thus ensuring you save comfortably.

Additionally, the shaver gives you the best shave anywhere in your body. The handle to ZRB Body Shaver is anti-skid and therefore you can have a firm grip. The handle cannot break easily and thus gives you better control and will never harm you for any reason whatsoever. You can easily detach the cutting head and also replace it. It is compact and thus allows for easy storage and also carrying for it is ultra-lightweight slanting the scale at 105 grams.

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#9. YJPQ Body Shaver

YJPQ Body Shaver

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YJPQ Body Shaver gives you the advantage of perfectly shaving your body without any struggles. You do not need to keep requesting people to shave your back for the solution is just right here. The YJPQ Body Shaver has special blades and an outstanding handle that is S-shaped. The well-designed handle allows for easy reach of hard to reach areas without using much effort. The body shaver will give you a smooth hairless back thus feeling comfortable and relaxed. The YJPQ Body Shaver can be used in both wet and dry situations.

The blade in this shave has been designed not to rust unlike other shavers in the market. The body shaver is easy to use for you can easily fold it at 180 degrees when not in use. When unfolded it increases the overall height to 14.7 inches thus giving you an effortless shaving of your back. The product has been made by one of the best manufacturers in the market and thus will give you outstanding results and satisfaction every time.

#8. Zhengpin Hair Shaver

Zhengpin Hair Shaver

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The design of this shaver is elegant and made to help you reach every part and corner of your back. Zhengpin Hair Shaver is also comfortable and very safe to use for all your body hair cutting. The shaver prevents you from cutting yourself for it has a safety comb. Moreover, it has met all the standards thus giving you the best results every time. The body shave gives you the advantage of easily shaving without asking for any help.

The Zhengpin Hair Shaver is foldable and therefore you can easily carry in a backpack. This is because it is compact enough to fit inside. It is also very lightweight weighing 155 grams and thus best for all your travel issues. The handle has been made with anti-slip design and therefore giving a safe and accurate shave in any part of your body. The blades to this body shaver are wide with 4.5 inches and hence giving you an easy shave.

#7. MANBLADE Hair Shaver

MANBLADE Hair Shaver

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MANBLADE Hair Shaver is a new product in the market giving you the best body shave experience. The shaver has been made using the latest roll and shaves technology. The shaver is low maintenance for you do not need to buy expensive blade cartridges any longer. The technology used in the body shaver helps removes all the hairs fast and in high accuracy as compared to all others in the market.

The MANBLADE Hair Shaver is 6 inches wide. Therefore, will provide maximum shaving in the shortest time. The handle is outstanding with a high-quality anti-slip grip. Therefore, you do not need to pester your partner to help you shave your back again. The shave is lightweight and therefore can be carried from one place to the other. Also very compact for easy storage with dimensions of 17.9 by 2.5 by 6.8 inches.

#6. Xpreen Body Shaver

Xpreen Body Shaver

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Shaving your back has never been so easy. The Xpreen Body Shaver ensures you have a smooth back without asking for anyone’s assistance. The shave has been made using a superior quality blade made from stainless steel. The blade is durable, antirust, and very sharp at all times. You can shave your body without any strains and also pain. You can easily shave any part of your body with this body shaver.

The handle is can easily be stretched to help you reach all hard to reach areas. It is also anti-skid and cannot break easily. The body shaver protects you from harming or injuring yourself unlike with large blades. The shaver is portable and therefore you can easily carry from one place to the other. It is also compact such that you can store easily when not in use.

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#5. MANGROOMER Hair Shaver


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Are you looking forward to buying a high-quality body shaver that will give you outstanding results? MANGROOMER Hair Shaver is just here to ensure you have the best results every time. The shaver has a handle that is adjustable and extendable to help you reach all parts of your back. The handle has a lock that you can easily activate at any desired length of your choice.

The MANGROOMER Hair Shaver has a rechargeable battery that gives you long-lasting services. The blade is outstanding giving smooth and superior shaves with a width of 1.5 inches. The handle has been rubberized and thus allows for easy gripping and no sliding. The body shaver also comes with a two years warranty. Therefore, you can easily contact customer support in case of a quality issue for fast response.

#4. BRO SHAVER Body Shaver

BRO SHAVER Body Shaver

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The BRO SHAVER Body Shaver is an original product from one of the best-known manufacturers in the market. The manufacturer has been in the field for over 15 years and therefore produces the best crucial products for customers. The shaver has a high-quality handle that does not slip for any reason whatsoever. The handle offers a firm grip and therefore you can control it easily while you shave.

Additionally, the BRO SHAVER Body Shaver has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied you either get a replacement or a full refund. Moreover, the body shaver has a one year warranty therefore satisfaction is always a guarantee for in case an issue arises the manufacturer will give you a brand new one. The shave is also painless and will give you a long time service.

#3. MANGROOMER Body Shaver


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The MANGROOMER Body Shaver has a special patented design. Therefore giving you the best back shaving results. The shaver can be used by all men sizes comfortably without any struggle. They will be able to reach all the back areas comfortably without asking for help from their partners. The shaver can access your back from diverse angles and therefore giving you the best smooth body you admire.

Additionally, the MANGROOMER Body Shaver uses 2AA batteries and comes in a sleek design. Therefore, you can easily carry in your backpack while you travel. The shaver is also lightweight weighing 9.6 ounces and thus the best products to carry. The handle is fully adjustable to help you reach all the hard to reach areas. The shaver gives you the best result in only a few minutes and your back is smooth.

#2. baKblade 1.0 Body Shaver

baKblade 1.0 Body Shaver

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baKblade 1.0 Body Shaver is one of the best original shavers you will find in the entire market. It has been approved and uses the dry glide blade that is safe and secure. The shaver is high quality giving you the fast and painless back shaving experience. The body shaver does not use any electricity. Therefore, you will not see any moving parts, and hence no breakdowns expected. You can choose to either shave dry or wet.

The baKblade 1.0 Body Shaver works in both situations and still give the best outstanding results. The cartridges in this shaver are specifically made for back and body hairs. The replacement, of the blade, is only compatible with the 1.0 blade. The shaver has a lifetime warranty and thus in case of a concern, you can raise it to the customer support for further guidance. It also has 60 days guaranteed in cases where you are not satisfied, a refund or a replacement is available.

#1. baKblade 2.0 Body Shaver

baKblade 2.0 Body Shaver

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The warranty of this body shaver is a lifetime and hence no worries that issues have cropped up after some time. The customer support will guide you through and offer the best solution in conjunction with the manufacturer to ensure you are always satisfied with the body shaver. The body shaver also has a 90 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the shaver. Therefore, a replacement or a refund can be given within this time range. The body shaver is compact with dimensions of 10.2 by 4.5 by 3.9 inches. Moreover it lightweight tipping the scale at 7 ounces.

Additionally, the quality of the baKblade 2.0 Body Shaver is undisputed. Therefore, the shaver will give you the best results every time. Just like all other bakblade shavers in the market, the baKblade 2.0 Body Shaver is not exceptional. It uses the Dry glide safe blade from the latest technology. Therefore giving you a smooth and simple shave. When the shave is unfolded, it has a length of 18 inches thus reaching all your back areas comfortably. It is a brand new product well packed in a box.

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Body shavers buying guide

  • Type: While in the market selecting the best body shaver you need, it is advisable to realize that there are different types of body shavers. There are manual shavers that do not need any power work and do not have any moving parts to function. On the other hand, the electric type that uses power to work. The electric-powered need batteries or direct electricity to shave. Therefore while you are making the final buying decision, evaluate which body shaver is best for you.
  • Safety: The priority, while you are buying the best shaver, is safety. You need to buy a shaver that will not injure you while shaving. The shaver needs to have been certified it is safe for use and made according to the set regulations and standards. A good body shaver will always offer you painless shaves.
  • Length adjustability: Some of the body shaver you have adjustable handles while others do not. You can easily decide the best buy. The one with handles or one without but they are all easy to use. If you travel a lot, you can consider buying the foldable one or the one you can easily adjust the length if needed. This is because the body shave is more compact and you can easily fold it and store it in you back.
  • Material: The material used in the making of the body shavers will enhance its durability. Many of them are constructed using ABS plastic. It allows for easy handling and a better grip without slipping off-hand while you are shaving. Pick one with the best material for high-quality performance.


The body shaver in this list has met all the regulation standards set by diverse regulatory bodies. Therefore, the body shavers are all safe and secure to use giving you the most outstanding results. The shavers are all lightweight and compact and thus can easily store as well as carry. Whether you are going on a business trip, holiday, or vacation, the body shaver is a vital tool to always carry in your backpack. The shavers in this list have been selected for a countless list and through great research. Therefore, without any doubt or fear of contradiction, this is the only best top 10 list body shaver s you will find in the market without defect. They are all functional and painless while shaving. Hence, order the one that suits you after perusing all the features to select the most applicable.

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