Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Today’s digital age demands a lot of effort from our side to keep the hands away from our phones. We understand the call to stay connected in recent times is a pressing need for all of us. But why risk our life for it? Talking on a phone while riding can be highly risky and must be avoided.

And what better way can it be than the Bluetooth helmets to stay on call for bikers? So, here is the list of top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 to meet your needs.

List of 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2020

#10. Bell Qualifier Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Bell Qualifier Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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The helmet offers a full-face coverage in six distinct sizes to lend you a perfect fit. It is a light-weight Bluetooth helmet that is DOT certified and the design is as per the FMVSS 218 standards. The biker gear boasts a clear shield that is anti-fog and anti-scratch with high protection from UV light.

It has a ventilation system to keep you cool during long-distance rides. Plus, it gives a padded wind collar to lower wind and traffic noise. It is easy to remove and wash the helmet interior that includes a moisture soaking lining and contoured cheek pads. The DLX impulse model has a click-to-release design with a padded D-ring closure chin strap.

  • Aerodynamic design to resist sudden blows and lift
  • Flexible ventilation system
  • Well-adjusted speaker pockets
  • Photo chromatic Transition Face shield
Bottom Line

The Bell manufacturer promises an in-built Bluetooth device that can easily house the Bell Sena and Cardo headset and intercom Bluetooth stereo system.

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#9. SHARKTOOTH PRIME Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

SHARKTOOTH PRIME Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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SHARKTOOTH PRIME is a shark made motorcycle helmet system with a high definition wireless Bluetooth system. It is an upgraded version of the SHARKTOOTH. The system offers better connectivity with a DSP processor for noise reduction and customized music and calling features for the SHARK helmets.

The helmet provides media control adjustments with comfortable road use for riders. It facilitates easy communication with fellow bikers and fine-tuned GPS instructions over vocal commands. The gear is extra flat to fit all helmet types and provides a non-stop intercom service for a 600 feet range. And that’s because it has a long-life battery with a waterproof system to meet all weather types.

  • Light-weight item for easy use
  • Wireless hand-free kit for phone use
  • AVRCP music and video control
  • Long-distance intercom feature
Bottom Line

The Sharktooth helmet is a prime model that has extra features and comes at a reasonable price.

#8. YEMA Unisex Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

YEMA Unisex Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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A unisex racing helmet can be your option if you are looking for high-quality bike racing modular helmet. YEMA helmets boast an anti-scratch, high impact visor that is quick-to-release and gives a wide field of vision for smooth riding. This is a perfect fit for men and women who look for a sun visor and sizable Bluetooth space.

It provides an aerodynamic shell with a flow-through ventilation system for hassle-free rides. Not only does it keep you cool in the heat, but it also blocks the cold breeze during winters. It has a durable ABS shell with EPS soaking inner liner.

  • Modular tap-to-release function with large view visor
  • Soft helmet liner and cheek pads that are easy to remove and wash
  • Ideal fit for touring or cruising purposes.
  • Designed as per the DOT approved standards
Bottom Line

It is a professional grade helmet with advanced features and modern design of the present time.

#7. FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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This is a perfect fit for an all-in-one for quality and value combined. Its inner linings give a clear audio reception even at higher speeds of 80mph. It makes a fantastic helmet product that just feels amazing to wear and ride. It comes in five sizes suitable for different riders.

It promises high safety with decent airflow and clear speech features. The Bluetooth headset gets attached to it easily. Plus, it offers a composite fiberglass shell to keep you safe in all-terrain rides. The interior liners only suit the FreedConn helmets.

  • Feather-weight of 3.2 ounces
  • Meets the latest DOT standards
  • Removable and washable
  • Cushioned design and reasonable price
Bottom Line

The product is easy-to-use with high comfort and safety for FreedConn helmets.

#6. SCSETC Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

SCSETC Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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This is a high-performance motorcycle helmet intercom for six riders connectivity. It is a desirable Bluetooth headset for motorbike skiing. The tool offers a quick rejoin feature within five minutes if you disconnect the group connection. With in-built 40mm HD speakers, it supplies a lag-free crystal clear audio. Just because of high-end CVC technology that reduces noise over incoming and outgoing audio.

You can enjoy hands-free calling with an S-9 wireless headset for safe riding at top speeds. It is a durable and powerful system with rainproof quality and dustproof design.

  • Quick installation
  • High-definition audio quality
  • Hands-free tool with added features
  • Durable and powerful system
Bottom Line

It is a biker friendly helmet headset that resists most of the adverse climatic conditions.

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#5. FreedConn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

FreedConn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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Well-known in the bikers world, FreedConn has earned a name for themselves by offering modern and reliable solutions. It is an airy and sturdy helmet that comes in six distinct sizes. Its design is to fit all head types with an all-weather visor to protect you from hot and cold.

The design of the product is to save you from exposure to heat and cold. Also, its ventilation system permits a decent flow of air in-and-out of the gear. It has an in-built Bluetooth 3.1 technology with integrated Bluetooth speakers and a microphone to handle noise reduction technology. And you can charge it using a USB cable.

  • All-weather helmet
  • Long-distance Intercom service of 500 meters
  • Long-Life Battery that can last up to 9 hours
  • Easy to carry in a bag
Bottom Line

The FreedConn is a reliable product for your riding arsenal with high protection and comfort.

#4. Bell Qualifier Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Bell Qualifier Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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This all-black colored helmet makes you look super cool when you ride for your next spot. It offers complete protection for your head and ears from any riding mishaps. They have made the gear with air weight polycarbonate and ABS plastic materials that earned it a DOT certification.

It gives you a full-face cover mask that rests on your chin bar to keep your jaw safe. The helmet is full of inner padding, so it absorbs any shock if you hit your head. However, the anti-bacterial padding stay does not mess up with your Bluetooth faculty. It does not have an in-built Bluetooth system, but the design is to fit any of the premium systems available in the market.

  • Full Face protection
  • Superior airflow in the helmet
  • Well-fitted speaker pockets
  • Unisex Helmet for both men and women
Bottom Line

The Bell Blackout street helmet comes with a hefty price but is worth buying for its subtle branding and smoke-tinted visor.

#3. Yideng Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Yideng Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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If you are looking for a motorcycle compatible walkie-talkie, Yideng wireless interphone is your answer. It comes with a Bluetooth 3.0+ EDR technology that supports communication over top speeds up to 75m/hr. It enables talking for two to three partners. You can easily install it provided the receiver and microphone have a secured position in the helmet. It makes your riding stress free regardless of outside weather.

The headset supports voice transmission over a range of 1000m. Isn’t that remarkable? Plus, it gives crystal clear audio with its DSP echo cancellation feature. It offers multiple wireless and hands-free options for calling, GPS, Music, and FM Radio which makes your ride more exciting.

  • 1000m of long-range walkie-talkie
  • Workable at top speeds
  • Music, GPS voice instruction, News & Traffic Audio, and FM Radio
  • A2DCP and AVRCP feature
  • Headset profile and Hands-Free Profile
Bottom Line

The gadget is easy-to-use and installs with a high grade of modern features over motorcycle rides.

#2. Torc T14 Blinc Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Torc T14 Blinc Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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Named after the sleek seafaring predator, they build it with an advanced thermo-polymer alloy and laser-outline curves to give you full protection. It has a dual ventilation system for both warm and cold climate conditions. Plus the interior liner provides shock absorption capacity with EPS protection.

The Torc T14 model is an ideal fit for both larger than normal and mini head sizes. The anti-fog visor lets you ride seamlessly for distances. You can talk non-stop for 24 hours straight with your travel buddies. And that too with 1200 feet of intercom range with dual speakers. It; just a few of many things you get with this super amazing product.

  • Quick & smooth visor open-and-lock system
  • ECE and DOT approved
  • High-grade thermo polymer alloy shell
  • 400 meters of Bluetooth coverage
Bottom Line

This model is a fit for a super-cruising experience that gives you a superior room and comfort you need at an affordable price.

#1. ILM Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

ILM Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

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This helmet is to make your ride easy when your hands are busy riding the motorcycle. It gives you a three-in-one option to make a call, answer calls, reject or redial with just one-touch. Plus, it has FM radio and GPS route finder audio for easy riding. The helmet houses two in-built speakers for stereo sound with exceptional tonal quality even at higher speeds. All thanks to the DPS echo override and noise quashing feature.

This helmet lacks an anti-fog visor for mist condition rides. Plus, its size is one size smaller than the normal helmets.

  • Eight hours of talk time
  • 110 hours of standby
  • One-Touch calling Facility
  • Battery sleep mode
Bottom Line

It is a reasonable performing Bluetooth enabled headgear with multiple connectivity features.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Check out a simple guide to what things you should consider when buying the best Bluetooth helmets in 2020.

  • Size: When you are hitting out for a ride, you would want a helmet that fits you right and gets tied securely. So, always look for the model that comes in all sizes.
  • Hygiene and Comfort: That the helmet with a high-end comfort is more likely to suit your choice. A comfortable one lets you travel for far distances with no hassle. Interiors such as padded cheek pads and inner linings play a vital role to offer the much-needed comfort. Also, look out for the multiple vents that maintain a decent airflow in the helmet while riding. Go for the one that has detachable interiors so you can wash them frequently to stay hygienic in distance rides.
  • Visor: Look for a clear visor that adjusts with the sunlight. It is better to buy an anti-fog and anti-scratch visor to enjoy your rides with fewer hiccups.
  • Safety: This is a top priority for any motorcycle helmet. Buy the helmet that is DOT certified and comply with all the safety regulations and standards.
  • Battery life: Look for three factors while looking for battery life; Charging time, talk hours, and standby time. Select the one that has got charged in less time, gives an output for 24 hours, and offers a great standby time during bike tours.
  • Sound quality: Read out the reviews and then go for the Bluetooth set that offers exceptional audio quality even at higher speeds.
  • Hands-free: Hands-free is one of the most useful features for Bluetooth helmets. It is always safer to use voice-guided controls while riding your bike.


Who doesn’t want an exciting journey that is connected with Co-riders throughout? That’s why the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet has now been a necessity among riders. And it is for all the right reasons. You have got no excuse to get lost with these top Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmets in 2020. The in-built GPS support just lets you wander till the end of the road. Not only can you enjoy non-stop music, but you can also make and receive hands-free calls with them. Just go for the best that meets your desires and comply with the standards.

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