Top 10 Best Black Nightstands in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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Although small, Black nightstands are critical pieces for every bedroom. Nightstands have a significant impact in your bedroom. Besides making your room stylish, they are also stylish. These innovative furniture pieces serve multiple purposes, with the primary use being offering convenient storage within your reach. This enables you to store all your bedroom essentials. Some of the handy items stored in these stands are such as your alarm clock, magazines, medicine, Smartphone, a glass of water as well as family pictures.

Therefore, these little innovations will bring a perfect balance between your bedroom functionality and convenience. Moreover, they come in a stylish design, which adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Unfortunately, with very many models on the market with similar features, you might find yourself confused about the best model. Luckily, for you, our detailed guide helps you to pick the best black nightstand that meets your needs.

List of The Best Black Nightstands in 2021

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#10. HOMFA Nightstand 2-Tier

HOMFA Nightstand 2-Tier

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Are you short on space and looking for a budget-friendly nightstand that delivers a minimalist vibe? Well, the HOMFA Nightstand brings you everything you need, especially for people looking for a simple yet functional nightstand. Boasting of an impressively lightweight design, this bedroom addition not only brings you the much-needed storage room but also makes an exquisite decoration. This model features a large capacity shelf at the bottom and a pull out drawer.

This makes it a perfect choice for people looking to store their reading glasses, phones as well as their bedtime readings. Free up your bedroom from messy and disorder. Besides making a perfect choice for your bedroom, this unit also serves as an excellent choice for your living room, sofa side table, as well as adding convenient storage for any limited space in your home.

  • Equipped with a pull-out drawer
  • Large-capacity lower shelf cabinet
  • Exquisite decoration for the room
Reason to buy
  • Stylish yet functional
  • Perfect for small space
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof construction

#9. Mainstays Nightstand

Mainstays Nightstand

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A nightstand is indispensable for any bedroom. However, if you find something practical to use in every room, the better. Mainstays nightstand boasts of modern appeal and offers ample storage space. This makes it not only an excellent choice for your bedroom as well as a dedicated sofa end table. Thanks to the spacious design, fill the top with potted pot and cabinets with books.

Different from other models, this unit is crafted from particleboards that feature a matte black, antique style. This adds a bold, elegant touch for your master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, as well as that of your guests. Whether you are looking to add a splash of modern classic style or a vintage rustic feel, this model fits your needs.

  • Simple design in a classic look
  • Constructed of laminated particleboard
  • Deep lower shelf and an open-top shelf
Reason to buy
  • Stylish design makes it a perfect addition for all your rooms
  • Sturdy construction ensures reliable service
  • A spacious interior offers enough space to suit your needs
  • Very easy to assemble

#8. INTEY Nightstand with Drawer

INTEY Nightstand with Drawer

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Bring a modern and funky touch to your bedroom with the INTEY Nightstand. This artistic nightstand will surely bring a class of sophistication and style. It boasts of a 2 in 1 side table that has a hidden drawer couple with a lower open shelf. This brings flexible storage with an amazing display. This makes it not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

With a compact design with rounded edges, this unit ensures that your kids and pets safe. Another great feature that we love is the frosted handle. With this feature, the drawer opens and closes smoothly. Not to mention, this unit is made from high-quality MDF for enhanced stability and durability.

  • Made of high-quality painted MDF
  • Equipped with a hidden drawer and lower open shelf
  • Rounded edge prevents your child or pet from being scratched
Reason to buy
  • Stylish yet functional design
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Blends well with most home decors

#7. AmazonBasics Classic 2-Drawer Wood Nightstand

AmazonBasics Classic 2-Drawer Wood Nightstand

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As with any other product from this brand, this black Nightstand from AmazonBasics is functional at the same time coming at an affordable price. This makes it not only ideal for a guest room, master bedroom as well as a dorm room. If you are working with a tight budget, this model suits your needs. Even better, despite the low price, the nightstand offers extra space and brings a polished look wherever you place it.

Secure your books, glasses, medication, and other essentials and bring a more organized look effortlessly. This model features two pull out drawers that have a smooth metal glider. Another notable feature is that the nightstand is made of laminated MDF. Additionally, it features an antique finished knob and a classy finish that blends with any modern décor.

  • Includes two drawers as well as hidden pull-out tray
  • Made using real wood
  • Smooth, scratch-resistant finish
Reason to buy
  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Superior construction ensures durability
  • Classy finish that blends well with any modern decor

#6. Baxton Studio Frey Upholstered Modern Nightstand

Baxton Studio Frey Upholstered Modern Nightstand

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If you don’t have the luxury of space, finding a nightstand that has a small footprint and doesn’t crowd the area is not easy. True, it is tempting to go for a nightstand that offers large storage space. Unfortunately, ample area calls for a larger footprint. Luckily, with this model from Baxton studio, you get sufficient storage at the same time, saving your space.

Plus, this convenient unit also adds a modern sense of style and functionality. While some often mistake the straightforward style for weakness, this furniture piece makes a fantastic addition to your bedroom or living room. Besides, the warm, bright finish adds a modern vibe to any room in your home or office.

  • Contemporary Upholstered Nightstand
  • Hardwood Frame with Polyurethane Foam Padding
  • Modern styles that blend well with interior décor
Reason to buy
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Space saver at the same time offering decent storage space
  • Constructed from high-end materials

#5. Prepac Yaletown Nightstand

Prepac Yaletown Nightstand

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Are you looking for a small nightstand that not only serves you well in your bedroom but also works as a cabinet besides your computer desk? Well, this functional unit comes with a sophisticated design that brings a touch of class wherever you place it. As you would expect, this unit offers decent storage space at the same time-saving space.

It brings a retro and classic look for any indoor space while still ensuring practical design. More important, it is made from solid materials that last for a long time. Equally, this unit also has a sufficient tabletop for personal display. Another main selling point is the smooth edges that make it not only safe for your kids but also easy to clean.

  • Sturdy yet practical construction
  • Comes in a stylish and modern appeal
  • Space saver while still offering sufficient storage space
Reason to buy
  • Blend well with most interior décor
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and compact design

#4. FURINNO End Black Nightstand Table

FURINNO End Black Nightstand Table

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From time immemorial, a nightstand has been an indispensable unit for your bedroom. True to the primary use, the FURINNO End Table serves your every need in your bedroom. First, this unit comes in a practical design that accommodates all your items. From your reading glasses, mobile devices to books, this model offers enough storage space. Secondly, the unit includes an open shelf and a drawer. This enables easy organization for all your stuff.

Additionally, we love the stylish design, which adds a splash of color to your rooms. Significantly, the nightstand is also made of solid materials. This guarantees a reliable service for many years to come. When it comes to the finish, the black accents add a bold, fashionable statement. This makes it not only ideal for a master bedroom but also guest rooms.

  • Solid construction ensures long-lasting service
  • Adds a modern sense of class and style
  • Spacious at the same time-saving space
Reason to buy
  • Ideal for master bedrooms and guestrooms
  • Practical and stylish design
  • Comes at an affordable price tag

#3. WINSOME Timmy Accent Table

WINSOME Timmy Accent Table

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Your bedroom is one of the crucial rooms that let you relax and have a good night’s sleep. Designed to boost your convenience, the Winsome Timmy nightstand enables you to keep all your items organized and within your reach. It boasts of three drawers that made you store your nighttime essentials such as your magazines, books, smartphones, as well as your alarm clock.

Different from other models on the market, this unit includes closed compartments. This offers better protection for all your items. Additionally, the sizeable top lets you display your items with ease. When it comes to construction, this model is made of high-end materials ensuring a dependable service for years.

  • Comes in a 3 Drawer design
  • Made of solid wood
  • Stylish design with silver accent handles
Reason to buy
  • Brings a touch of style and sophistication
  • Offers plenty of storage space
  • Slide-out drawers for enhanced convenience

#2. Home Styles Bedford Black Hardwood Nightstand

Home Styles Bedford Black Hardwood Nightstand

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The Homestyle Hardwood Nightstand is probably the most stylish and attractive model that you will find on the market. Even better, with all its class and elegance, this model still manages to maintain a competitive price. It comes with an upper drawer and a spacious shelf at the bottom. This enables you to store all your bedroom essentials conveniently.

We love the superb construction that ensures durability and safety. It is made from solid wood that is not only highly durable but also scratch-resistant. This ensures that it stays in top condition for years. Apart from this, its black finish makes it easy to maintain, at the same time adding a touch of class and sophistication.

  • Made of solid wood
  • Classic finish accentuate a sleek feel
  • Spacious drawer and shelf
Reason to buy
  • Has smooth edges that ensure your kid’s safety
  • The classic design blends well with your room’s décor
  • Delivers a dependable service for years

#1. Zinus Dane Studio Night Stand

Zinus Dane Studio Night Stand

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Do you love reading on a tablet or charging your devices right next to your bedside? Well, this innovative nightstand makes this possible. Better yet, it does so without leading to a tangle of unsightly cords cluttering your space. This model comes with a convenient open shelf and a closed drawer to keep all your essentials.

Besides the practicality, this unit adds a splash of modern style to your bedroom. Its black wood finish complements your bedroom décor. Also necessary, this unit comes with a decent size that doesn’t consume a lot of space. Moreover, this unit is incredibly easy to assemble.

  • Stylish and functional design
  • Black, elegant finish makes it stand out
  • Innovative design lets you store and charge your devices
Reason to buy
  • It takes less than five minutes to assemble
  • Sturdy construction makes it last for years
  • Decent interior space without taking too much floor space

How to Choose the Best Black Nightstands-Buyer’s Guide

Make your bed, your haven. With the best nightstand, you no longer need to jump off your couch to turn your lights or store your Smartphone or book. However, there are different nightstands on the market. So how do you choose the best? Well, in the following guide, we are going to look at some of the things that help you to pick the best choice.

  • The available space: Obviously, it is tempting to pick the largest nightstand. However, do you have enough space to accommodate it without making your bedroom look overcrowded? Measuring the available space helps you get a rough idea of the best size to pick. Next, consider the items that you need to store. Of course, you would want to organize your items neatly.
  • How many nightstands do you need?: One nightstand is enough if you do not store a lot of reading material. However, if your partner also loves reading before bed, it makes sense to have more than one stand. Fortunately, nightstands that come as a pair are more economical than purchasing two units are separate.
  • Construction materials: More importantly, pick models that are made from solid construction materials. It can be disappointing if you buy a product that lasts for only a few months. We recommend going for models made of solid wood, MDF, or composite wood. To be on the safe side, the materials should be waterproof and scratch-resistant.


Dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms are some of the essential places in your homes that require you to have your personal space. The best black nightstand lets you organize all your essentials neatly. With the above-reviewed products, you can now hold your alarm clock, book, reading glasses, and mobile phones quickly. Moreover, these units also give your bedroom a modern and stylish look. While not all these models might not suit your specific needs, we have included several models. This makes it easy for you to get a model that suits your needs. All the best!

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