Top 10 Best Bassinet Mattress in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

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As we well know, sleeping is essential for a child, especially a newborn, as it would affect their growth and health. And to give your baby the best nap in the bassinet, you need the best ergonomic and comfortable, super-safe mattress. A bassinet mattress is firm enough to give your baby the best support while sleeping. It also stays gentle, soft, and convenient and readily snaps back into its original shape when pushed on.

With that said, it’s time to bounce back to reality, which is, buying the best bassinet mattress isn’t a walk in the park. You have to go through the many options available for you to create a selectable list. As you can imagine or as you already know, the process is tiring. Luckily, we’re here for you. With this article we have provided here, you have all the info you need to buy the right bassinet mattress.

List of 10 Best Bassinet Mattress in 2020

The following are the top best-rated bassinet mattresses, which we have researched on and proved to be high quality and long-lasting and all available for purchase.

#10. Biloban Waterproof Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover

Biloban Waterproof Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover

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By: Biloban

Biloban Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover starts the list from this end. It comes as a breathable and comfortable to care bassinet cover compatible with MiClassic 2in1 Stationary and Rock Bassinet. It features a heavenly premium soft bamboo surface ideal for making your baby feel comfortable all the time. Its bottom has a food-grade TPU waterproof layer designed to protect the mattress from leaks or spills.

Additionally, the construction of this Bassinet Mattress Pad puts your baby first. That’s why there is no hazardous chemical used in making it. It’s an unbleached pad with natural white color and organic bamboo fabric. The fabric provides soft, ultra-light, and breathable construction eliminating noisy ‘crinkling’ sounds while keeping the bassinet mattress clean and fresh.

  • Crease-resisting and Extra-Comfort
  • Food-grade TPU waterproof layer
  • Premium Bamboo Surface
  • Organic bamboo fabric
  • Health and Safety
  • Soft and Cozy
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#9. BabyPrem Baby Bedding Bassinet Mattress

BabyPrem Baby Bedding Bassinet Mattress

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By: Babyprem

Next in the list is this high-quality foam-based BabyPrem Baby Bedding Bassinet Mattress that comes with round ends. It is available as a quilted or standard option. The standard bedding bassinet mattress comes with a breathable cover that can be removed for easy handwashing. The quilted bassinet mattress, on the other hand, features a softly quilted cover offering utmost comfort and can also be removed for handwashing.

The mattress is fire resistant and does comply with BS7177 for safe domestic use for mattress ignition resistance and BS1877 for local bedding for kid’s cot. The general design employed here supports better comfortability and durability that you do not get from the cheaply-made models. Even though the new BabyPrem Baby Bedding comes with an awful chemical smell, you can breeze it and let it air take away the smell.

  • Spun-bonded polypropylene fabric
  • Breathable and Water Resistant
  • Anti-Bacterial Resistant
  • Non-Toxic Resistant
  • Highly Recyclable

#8. Biloban Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover

Biloban Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover

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By: Biloban

Here is another Biloban Bassinet Mattress Pad Cover made of natural 100% bamboo surface. Similar to the previous model, this pad cover also comes with a food-grade waterproof TPU layer perfect at preventing water spills and bedwetting. That’s not all! The cover is also breathable, absorbent, and crease-resisting to ensure it provides your baby with high-class comfortability and soft bedtime companion.

Its bamboo fleece surface has sound absorption and insulation performance, ensuring there are no ‘crinkle sounds when the baby moves. Its thickness and the fleece surface makes it the best choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. There is also an elastic skirt fitted around its edge to make it flexible and easily fit various types of bassinet mattresses. But we realized the sizing isn’t accurate, so pick the next sizing.

  • Waterproof, Absorbent and Breathable
  • Food-grade TPU backing layer
  • Wash Durable and Easy care
  • Noiseless fleece surface
  • Soft air porosity textile
  • Edge elastic skirt

#7. Colgate Bassinet Cradle Pad

Colgate Bassinet Cradle Pad

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By: Colgate

Another well-built bassinet mattress you can buy is this high-quality, durably-made Colgate’s oval bassinet pad designed to provide a firm, comfortable and supportive thick sleep and play surface for newborns. Unlike previous bassinet options, this Colgate’s bassinet pad can be used on either side. Best of all, it’s waterproof, tear-resistant, and quite easy to clean.

Furthermore, this high-quality pad does fit many popular bassinet brands and styles. It’s also GREENGUARD® Gold certified safe, passes all CPSIA and Flammable Standards. The durability if this pad is also something commendable; it features high-quality fabric that keeps it firm. However, breathability here might be a concern for some.

  • Oval-shape fitting many bassinet models
  • A waterproof, tear-resistant quilted cover
  • Extra comfort and support thickness
  • GREENGUARD® Gold certified safe
  • Easy-to-clean Convenience

#6. BROLEX Stretch-Fitted Bassinet-Sheet Set

BROLEX Stretch-Fitted Bassinet-Sheet Set

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BROLEX Stretch-Fitted Bassinet Sheet 2-Pack Set is yet another well-praised bassinet mattress we can confidently recommend to you. Thanks to the thoughtful construction, these stretchy crib sheets fit most standard bassinets cradle mattress. What’s more, it has a soft and breathable design that allows your baby to have an excellent sleeping and playing surface.

Besides that, the sheets have an elastic bottom allowing you to fit them quickly, generally within seconds. Another thing, the four-way stretch ensures the sheets stay in place throughout the night. The high-quality microfiber knit fabric used here is soft and skin-friendly; no chemicals or harmful dyes used. Cleaning is also smooth by hand and even by machine.

  • Effortless cleaning and machine washable
  • Thoughtful soft, breathable construction
  • High-Quality Microfiber Knit Fabric
  • Fits Most Bassinet Pads/Mattress
  • Flexible elastic bottom

#5. Dream On Me Foam Cradle Mattress

Dream On Me Foam Cradle Mattress

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By: Dream On Me

Dream On Me is a Foam Cradle Mattress designed to provide the utmost comfort for your precious newborn. With this mattress you can rest easy knowing it is constructed with quality materials and artistry for longevity and comfortability. The crib mattress also features a waterproof, hypoallergenic, antibacterial construction that works excellently in preventing mold, mildew, and odor.

Apart from that, the mattress does pass the 16 CFR 1633Federal Standard Flammability Standard and also GREENGUARD Gold Certified to ensure a healthy indoor environment for your baby. Cleaning is super easy, all you need is a wet cloth and mild soap, wipe it down, and it will be clean. The pricing, however, is a bit high and might require deep cleaning to remove the funny smell that it comes with.

  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial construction
  • Meets set federal flammability standards
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant cover
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Phthalate-free Foam

#4. Brolex 2-Pack Cradle Sheets

Brolex 2-Pack Cradle Sheets

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These Brolex one-size-fits-most Bassinet Pad/Mattress sheets are designed to impress with their soft fabric knit and breathability. Their maker, Brolex, ensures these sheets come with no harmful dyes or chemicals. They are unisex and available in two styles, an elephant and balloon print. Additionally, the veneers are machine-washable, and their snug fit ensures they stay right where you put them.

They come as a set of two beautifully designed sheets featuring thoughtful construction. The use of premium, ultra-soft jersey knit ensures you the sheets are skin-friendly, breathable, and also long-lasting. When it comes to cleaning, you do not have to worry as they are machine washable and also cleans easily. On the downside, the fact that these sheets use 100% polyester, it might make some babies sweat a lot.

  • Soft, breathable and machine washable
  • Cute elephant and a balloon print
  • Fits Most Bassinet Pads/Mattress
  • Thoughtful stretchy construction
  • Premium ultra-soft jersey knit
  • Elastic bottom

#3. cosmoplus Bassinet Sheet Set

cosmoplus Bassinet Sheet Set

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COSMOPLUS Bassinet Sheet Set comes with two Stretch Fitted Cradle Fitted Sheets designed to fit Bassinet Pads/Mattress. They offer the best and sweet sleeping surface for your little angel. The sheets are reinforced using a four-way thick elastic band, and the jersey knit is also stretchy. The design allows you to rest assured that it won’t snug, no bunching or ill-fitting, and won’t get loose.

Another thing, these sheets are unisex and will for sure complement any nursery décor. The set is also a perfect baby shower gift ideal to put a smile on a parent’s face. The use of premium quality microfiber knit ensures these sheets stay soft and breathable. The material also makes them skin-friendly for a comfortable sleep and dream. They are machine washable and easy to clean with hands.

  • High quality stretchy knit microfiber
  • Four-way thick elastic band
  • Ultra-soft and breathable
  • Perfect Shower Gift Idea
  • Universal Flexible Fit
  • Install in seconds

#2. Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress

Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress

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By: Big Oshi

Next best Bassinet Mattress is the high-quality Big Oshi Baby Bassinet Mattress. The mattress comes with a thick, soft waterproof 100% vinyl exterior ideal for preventing leaks and spills. The interior is made from thick, smooth, and breathable soft urethane foam ideal for keeping your young one super comfortable. Its oval shape allows it to fit almost all portable bassinets.

The best part is, apart from being soft and smooth, the mattress is also quiet to ensure there are no crinkly sounds to frighten or wakeup the sleeping baby. It’s a product made and tested in the USA to ensure it meets all the required safety standards. The better part of this is, the shipping is eco-friendly. The oval shapes make it fit in most bassinets but look a little awkward in a rectangular bassinet.

  • 100% waterproof cover
  • Eco-friendly shipping
  • Thick and soft foam
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Perfectly shaped
  • Easy to clean

#1. Burt’s Bees Baby Bassinet Sheet

Burt's Bees Baby Bassinet Sheet

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By: Burt’s Bees Baby

And in the first place, we have the Burt’s Bees Baby, a Bassinet Sheet with a premium design and construction. Apart from being the highest-rated product in our list, this model is also high-quality and long-lasting. It features BeeSnug 360º premium elastic band fitted for an extra safe fit. The sheet is designed with safety in mind with a fully encased design.

The premium elastic band along its entire bottom edge keeps the sheet in place safely to ensure the baby rests easy. It’s made using extra-soft and organic GOTS certified cotton, which is super safe, durable, and also machine washable. There is the use of soft jersey knit to ensure your baby gets the best comfortability. The sheets are available in a wide range of styles and prints for you to mix and match your favorite styles.

  • Super soft, breathable organic cotton
  • Premium bottom elastic band
  • Modern and stylish designs
  • Fully encased design
  • Extra fabric overlap

Best Bassinet Mattress Buying Guide

Mattresses are purchased to provide comfort in bed, especially at night when people sleep. When buying, there are certain features that you must keep in mind to buy the best bassinet mattress.

Material: Different bassinet mattress companies use different materials for their products. Cotton mattresses are excellent because they offer a high level of comfort for the baby. Also, cotton does not cause allergies and skin irritations on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Try to avoid materials such as polyester, as it is known to cause allergies and discomfort in the baby’s skin. There are many reviews of bed mattresses online, and parents can use them to find the best brands and other materials that guarantee the comfort and safety of the baby.

Size: Size is probably the most crucial consideration you should make before finalizing the purchase. Surfaces vary, and this means that sizes also vary. You must have prior knowledge of the size in which the item will fit so that, once you buy it, you do not have to return it to the seller because it does not fit, neither too large nor too small.

Firmness: Another crucial feature to look for is the firmness of the mattress material. Since your babies spend most of their time sleeping, you should ensure that the material used is firm and does not swell under the baby’s weight. It is known that the lack of firmness of the bassinet mattress is an essential cause of spinal problems. The surface must be firmly straight horizontally.

Cover: When choosing a mattress for the bassinet mattress, try to find those that have the best multilayer cover. Multilayer covers are known to stand the test of time due to a unique shape and an edge rod that prevents damage. They are easy to wash and do not allow liquids to drain. The breathers on the cover on a mattress improve sealing and allow freshness.


Buying the best bassinet mattress is one of the best gifts a parent can give his baby. With the right choice every time you enter a baby store, you not only get good value but also guarantee your child’s health. So, why don’t you use the information above to ensure you get the best bassinet mattress for your baby? Good Luck!

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